Saturday, April 20, 2019

Animal Crackers - Gorgeous

Howdy -

This little Girl is just too Gorgeous!

She really is a sweet baby - she loves to get her close ups... sometimes a bit too close...

Humor is for sure in this girls personality! Love her!!

I guess the big news this week has been step one in moving around and getting the pens ready for the Moms in the goat pen. So step one Frankie has retired into the larger pen with all the ladies. I was a little nervous at first, I didn't want our old man to get hurt trying to "be a man" and run around and hurt himself.

But he was released and after he ran around for a few minutes to smell and rub his own smell on a few huts and plants... he was bored and ate a bit then claimed one of the best huts as his new Man Hut. Old man is happy and calm... So I am happy and calm!

 Love that grin on his face... Happy Happy Happy!

Crissy... she decided to stay clear and watch it all from one of the igloo's. This girl is such a sweetie - 

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon yesterday - We had some pretty loud storms come through a few nights ago. Takes the kids a while to get back to normal after long stormy nights. So an afternoon nap under a shady tree was just what was needed.

Irene was totally asleep when I first went out, but then she yawned and then gave me that look like I had interrupted her nice rest. One snap then I moved on so she could get back to sleep. Pretty Lady!

As I made my way back to the house - I found Autie and Chica on the porch ready to go back in. They love to be outside, running from each side of the yard, checking on their goats, donkeys and chickens. And then barking at all the dangers.. you know Moxie, butterflies, cars on the road... But then after all the things are checked off the list... they are ready to head back in and get to the air conditioning, and their cushy beds. Not that my children are lazy and spoiled... nope.

Chica was a bit in the sun on the porch, but still a pretty shot. Still blows me away how grey she is going! She is my baby! 

Autie.. he had the shady section, fair though, he has 10 times thicker hair so the sun gets to much for him to deal with and even in the shade he was hot and ready to head back inside to comfort!

 Love my fur babies! They bring such joy and happiness!

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend  - Time with family and friends and hugs from those furry kids too!

HUGS and

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