Saturday, April 13, 2019

Animal Crackers - Peaceful Furry Family

Howdy -

This week has been a bit of re-coop for us. Hubby came home from our antique show with a "cold" and he needed a slow time, we both were exhausted so when you come home and drive into our gate the peaceful view makes you just feel good and feel happy.

Feel it? Nothing can calm me and lower anyone's blood pressure like sitting and watching the donkeys graze in fresh green grass. Hubby and I sometimes drive through the gate, close up and sit and just watch. Peaceful... 

 I have spent lots of time loving on little Miss Penelope. She is now going thru her teenage attitude.. LOL

She loves to bop around act all grown up and then take off at a million miles an hour. This week she will come to me when I have grass in my hands. She either eats it, or plays with it. In certain moods she loves lots of scratches and rubs. Then out of nowhere bam.. she bops off again legs kicking all directions.

I thought this photo showed off how happy our old man Black Jack has been.

This happy trot towards me And if you look really close I think he is even smiling. He is happy with his Ladies living in his pen with him. He may be our old man, but he is young at heart and happy with life right now.

 Bitsy was enjoying a little afternoon sun and stayed still for a close up.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. But I think she is beautiful. And a sweetheart!

We said bye - bye to Willie this week. Was sad but happy he was going to home to be a pet with another little goat for a family. He will be spoiled I am sure.

I didn't snap a photo of him before he left,  he was a shy guy, but handsome for sure!

We will miss him... but we have too many boys here and some have to go to new homes to be happy.

Hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend, Hubby and I are sticking close to home and doing some spring cleaning outdoors possibly. Time to get the goats moved around  and get ready for more babies coming soon. I can hardly wait!!!

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

willie is so cute, I am sure the new family is going to love him lots. Your place is so pretty all in bloom and green this spring.