Saturday, August 28, 2010

Animal Crackers Saturday and Visit One to the Ocularist Done!

Whew... I am so glad that my first appointment at the Ocularist is over! I know it is strange,but I have dreaded that part of this whole "thing" more than anything else, even the surgeries! Dumb huh? I think a large part of it was the total unknown of what was going to happen, and that idea of making a mold of my eye. But it wasn't bad at all... just took a few minutes, and really other than feeling really really strange, there was no pain or even that uncomfortable. So the mold has been made, I go back on Thursday for the fitting and positioning. Then on Saturday the eye coloring, this takes a few hours. I have to be there so she can match my good eye, I will leave for a couple of hours, then return later in the day to pick it up. Done over and behind me. So things are moving well!

Now how about some Animal Crackers?

We have a couple of really wide donkeys here... Patti is really large and when I took this photo the baby is really leaning to one side - you see it? Her left side here is much larger and higher than the other... This photo makes her look much skinner than she really is - she is realllllly wide!

Maybe not as wide as Macie... LOL we stopped on our dirt road and chatted with a neighbor yesterday. He is a really nice guy, we love having him as a neighbor. He asked us about that wide donkey he sees across the field between us. And as he is saying "That Wide Donkey" he holds his hands as wide across as he can spread his arms.. LOL I call Macie one of my Dinner Table Donkey - - when she is pregnant we could put a table cloth across her pull up chairs and have a meal. Well other than the lumps of fat... but I won't talk about that or someone could point mine out as well.. ahemmmmm

How adorable is our newest baby Felipe? He is really sweet - and looks just like his mom Jazz. It takes two people to love on him though - not to hold him still, but one to love on his Mom so the other can love on him! Jazz really adores attention, so she sort of, well... shoves him out of the way so you can give her 100% of your total attention. Gotta love her!

And gorgeous Lydia, she is just getting so big! They grow up so fast don't they? She too looks just like her Mom, Lacey. And reminds me of Lacey's first baby, our sweet Rosie -
Speaking of growing up fast... Frio and Alonzo are ready to leave. I know it just kills me to say that!!! They are being sold to a neighbor, so I can visit them ;0) We were suppose to take them over a couple of weeks ago, but our times just never met up, so I think Sunday we are going to try again - I dread it as both of these Mom's really do cry a lot when you take their babies from them - will be loud around here for a few days or more!
How is this for one cute baby? I think I took 24 photos to get this one. I love digital cameras! Stunning little dude isn't he?
And just as stunning as he is.. Libbie is beautiful - she was really calm here, a rare thing for my triple A personality girl, but she had just woke up from a nap on Daddy's lap.

Well hope you enjoyed this weeks Animal Crackers- and I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - Hubby is working today, I have to work part of the day, then the rest of the day I was thinking I may try and get ahead on some crafting. I have been looking for some new Christmas papers, haven't found any locally at all - so if you know of the latest and greatest holiday papers and where to find them let me know, I am just not finding any that I love this year! Frustrating!

HUGS and -


Annie said...

Hi Michelle, it's good news that everything is going ok with the eye stuff. and that donkey, wow is it possible to go any wider! surely she must be due any day now .. .. brings tears to the eyes just thinking about it!
hope you find some festive papers you like and I look forward to seeing what you get! enjoy the weekend.
hugs, annie x

Marie said...

How wonderful that the eye making thing is kind of smooth and not so bad. Have to be great to have that on the goe.
Love your dear donkeys. They are so adorable.
T/C and hugs,

Carol Dee said...

Ohhhh, I think you need to come visit me in IA, my favorite little paper craft store has lots of papers coming in. Reminds me I need to start thinking Christmas and go check it out.
Cool news on the eye. I always found it interesting that they have ARTISTS to match the new eye to the other. SO, you may have it in a little over a weeks time. :)
Darling Animal Crakers. Poor Macie, I know all about getting BIG with baby. LOL
Have a wonderful weekend, hugs...

sharyn davis said...

So wonderful that your eye visit went without a hitch. You are just amazing and an inspiration to others! I'm so happy all is well.
I know that dogs have a keen sense of smell, so would donkey's too? I wonder if the moms can smell their little ones when moved to you neighbors farm. Just curious!

Rhonda Miller said...

I'm glad everything went well at the ocularist. It's amazing what they can do with that little piece of plastic. They do such a great job at matching them to the other eye that most of the time you can't even tell it isn't real.

Wow, looks like you'll be having some new little ones soon. I just love seeing all the pics of you animals. TFS.

Nancy said...

I am so glad you got your first visit done and over with and that it wasn't too bad. The donkeys are just adorable (as are the sweet dogs).

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, I'm delighted your visit with the ocularist went well. It's fantastic that it's moving along so quickly for you.
Terrific pics as always; I can't imagine how Macie & Patti must be feeling, carrying all that baby weight around.
Have a great weekend.

Jane said...

Ah, thanks for sharing your pictures of your gorgeous donkeys hun! So glad to hear your appointment went well and there was no pain. You're such an inspiration hun, big hugs, Jane xxx

Net said...

Aw I love seeing pictures of your beautiful donkeys! I love the wide ones, it reminds me of the donkey I had when I was a little girl. That was a wide donkey.... he was a boy though!

Irena said...

Lovely photos.
I hope you are fine.
Hugs, Irena

NanaBeth said...

Audie is a little stud muffin for sure! Poor Macie-she must be miserable to begin with and then the hear. Hope she delivers soon.

Cazzy said...

You are one very inspiring brave lady, and I love the donkey photos too (and the dogs).

Cazzy x

Heidi said...

Michelle- well I am glad that 1st visit is over and it sounds like you have a BIG week planned and it will all come together quickly. Glad to hear your spirits are up.

As for the donkeys- well I feel so bad for those pregnant ones. It has been in the high 80-90's here in Michigan so I am sure it is hot for them...... poor gals! And that new one, told my hubby I still want one of those babies! LOL- he thinks I am nuts.

Take care and have a good week sweetie!

dawnmarieg said...

Aw that is fab news Michelle about your eye, I hate when you have something hanging over you that you are dreading, so glad it has went really well. Wonderful pics of the furry's, I really feel for the pregnant ladies, with the heat over in Texas, it's starting to get a wee bit cold here now, think I'll need to win the lottery and move over. Really glad you are doing so well, you have such strength of spirit and are an inspiration.xx