Monday, August 30, 2010

Anyone need some tea? I did after making this!!!

Sunday was MIL's birthday, and I wanted to make something that was "her"... and I found this teapot at My Time Made Easy - I just love these templates, and I fell totally for this teapot template... now when I saw it, bought it and sat down to make it, then we had issues. Darn this thing was tough!! There are 2 teapots in my trash can! And this one, well it may not hold together for a long time. LOL

Seriously this thing aged me! And you can tell it isn't put together really well - the edges keep coming loose, and I used two different types of glue - my ATG and then also white paper glue. Sigh I wish it came out smoother on the edges, but I was happy it came out at all by the end of the day.
I used, scrap paper for the pattern part - And LOTS of green bazzil card stock. I used fancy pearl lace for the edge of the top, with a mulberry rose topper. My sentiment is from Stampin Up and cut out and matted with a Nesties.
I love the curly handle :0) It really was fun to make, once I figured out how to get it put together correctly. These templates are so much fun and make great gifts. MIL loved this, I just don't know how long it will stay all together -

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!


Lacey Stephens said...

Well it turned out beautiful! I only use scor-tape for 3-D projects. it's the only thing that will hold.

ona_i_ja said...

This is amazing. I love your work... love.. love!!!


Marilyn said...

Wow Michele, you really jumped right into that teapot with both feet! And what an end product - I'm sure your MIL will treasure it forever, no matter how many pieces it may be in. I'm so glad that you are not letting your accident rule your live, and you are getting back to everything you love! Keep up your beautiful work!

Annie said...

wow Michelle! an absolutely stunning gift for your MIL and I love the green and pretty papers. I pinch my hubby's modelling glue for 3d projects - it's a PVA but has a little something extra to make it stronger and withstand the impact of landing a model aeroplane! The glue is quite runny but dries clear so if there are mishaps they don't show.
enjoy your day.
hugs, annie x

Cec said...

We are our own worst critic and you should not be. This is a fabulous project and the fact that your MIL loved is the most important thing. You tackled something you knew would please her and you rocked it.

judy anderson said...

Michelle, I have similar problem with cardstock. Even sold one and had to reclaim it so I could correct the problem. Lauren thought my cardstock might be to heavy. So in desperation I used designer paper for the teapot and card stock for the deco. That one is still together. I also tape one side and put a glue dot on everyone of them little triangles.

Judi said...

Well, it may have been a pig to do, but it looks pretty darn good to me! Well done you, and after all your efforts, she'd better like it!!!


Judi xx

okienurse said...

So beautiful!!! I love it and it was so worth the toil and trouble!! I bet your MIL loved it! I have started using that pink bologna tape on almost everything 3D now. I tape and then go back and put drops of wet glue down or mine fall apart. Thanks for sharing. You are such and inspiration in so many ways!

Martinas Welt said...

Wow, wow, MIL will love it...she MUST love it! You have put so much effort in it and it looks gorgeous!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wow, Michelle, you definitely set yourself a challenge this time!! I'm pretty sure I would have given up after the first attempt. I'm very glad you didn't give up, because the end result is beautiful & your MILO will treasure it.

Sheri said...

Oh my goodness, Michelle. I wish I was your mother in law. The problem is how are you ever going to top it next year? It is stunning!

Carol Dee said...

Love the teapot. My 1st thought was to use a lot of score tape! Boy is that stuff sticky! Now that you have made onw I am sure the next on will go much easier, too.

Nancy said...

What a treasure - and thank you for the link to the template for it. I am a tea drinker so will have to make at least one of these. I agree that maybe the Scor-Tape is the way to go if you make another. Great job! It is SO nice to be reading posts from you again.

Marie Levite said...

Oh wow, this is absolutely stunning!!

Heather x said...

What a beautiful creation Michelle, no wonder your mil loved it, its awesome :)
I use bookbinding glue on all my 3-d creations, its super strong. I get mine from ebay :)
*hugs* Heather x