Saturday, June 9, 2012

Animal Crackers - What a week!

Happy Animal Crackers Saturday! :0)  I took a ton of photos this week. First trying to learn my new phone's camera, and then well... just seemed like many of the animals last night were just wanting their photo taken! LOL That doesn't happen often, most of them are tired of my snapping photos. Especially the dogs! But I got quite a few good ones -

First how about my baby? Sandy is eating really well.. almost too well. She eats more than she should and I have to keep telling myself that she is a goat and will want more than she can hold. So I am really careful to watch how fast she is sucking down her formula. Also because we are having to get her stomach use to the formula... she has had some issues with it being too rich. I tired to switch her over to store bough goat milk and NO WAY... would have been less rich rich for her, cost me more but been better for her. But she wouldn't touch it. So back to the goat formula. She loves the stuff. I feed 4-5 times a day depending on how much she takes in. And we try to not feed at night. If she doesn't eat much right before bed, I will sometimes feed her when I take the dogs out in the middle of the night. But most of the time... she is good - but really calling out at the pen gate by 6am :0)
 Oh I wanted to point out her tail.... it never stops while eating ;0)  So all the photos I took, her tail was blurry in them all -

Speaking of happy tails....

Isn't the best photo as the sun was setting behind them... but seriously is this not the cutest photo or what? LOL This is a BUNCH of the kids just after "Dad" (Hubby) had put their grain in their trough... and yes those tails were going pretty fast too...

Here is a sweet photo.... This is Vera, Mel and Alice up in the 1/2 finished Goat Condo....(teaser for you.. ha... Hubby has been building a few new huts for the goats) Anyway, here are Daisey's kids all together. Really a stunning group of babies, all in one family :0)

Now I think I told you a while back that Mel was sold. Well.... once they came to get him - they decided that he wasn't quite as friendly as they would like. He is a bit skittish, especially with new people. So I took them to meet Popeye. Actually I didn't have to take them he was right there chewing on the edge of the little boys shorts. He is obnoxious friendly. And was totally ok with the little boy picking him and carrying him around, even if his legs were dragging the ground a bit. So they took Popeye instead. I was sad to see him go, but I know he will be totally spoiled and loved.... that is what is important.

We started two ads this week  - one for the babies. And then a separate one for Cleatus -

I so want to find him someone that needs a totally gorgeous stud. His coloring is amazing and those all important ice blue eyes. No calls yet on him... but I am still hoping. Now the ad for the babies... we have had quite a few calls and emails. Sold two more right off. Peggy and Luann both went home with one lady. She wanted friends for an aging, blind Nubian goat she has.  Then we have two more ladies that want... but are thinking it over. Still hoping we have more calls, I am thinking this weekend we will get more rings.

This photo just makes me feel so guilty. Wooly Mammoth Sonia...

Oh my most of the donkeys are really slicking off on their owns - I like that, one it really stresses some of them to be sheared. And two... I am lazy and it is a lot of work to shear them and have them look nice.  But Sonia... well she has her father's long hair. A popular thing with some mini donkey owners, but here in South Central Texas... not so good. So I think we are going to have to shear her pretty soon. Darn.. look at those legs, they are really tough to do....

Here is a shady photo of Vickie....

She is such a pretty girl.

And then one of her BFF - Eliie Mae -

This girl has the most amazing eyes... and eye lashes! Oh my if only I could have 1/2 of her eyelashes I would be so happy! Ellie Mae is also our screamer, this gal has a hee haw that just kills me. It is the loudest high pitch yell that sounds more like a child than a donkey. Love it.

I really worked hard this week to get at least one good photo of each of the dogs. I like to have "recent" good photos of my inside babies to have on my phone to show people when they say "What is a Toy Australian Shepherd?"

Libbie - I LOVE her photo! She did so good posing this week, and this may be my favorite photo of her in over a year!

Then it was Autie's turn... and just like any little boy...

(Shaking my head here....)  You gotta love him :0)  I'll keep working on a "handsome" photo of him, but this one captures his personality.

Then it was Chica's photo - this girl for a long time has been terrible at photos. She is always a mess, or too interested in everything else and won't sit still. But yesterday - She said.. if Autie can do it so can I!

Yep.. just so lady like isn't it?  But she does follow Autie and do most everything he does.

Then it was little man Tuco's turn - Got a million great shots of him. He is young and not bored with me yet, so he loves the attention of me talking to him while snapping away.... This one to me shows his personality best - I figure he was laughing at my photos of Autie and Chica -

What a ham -

Hope you enjoyed this week. I know I showed too many this week, sorry. I had a bunch more that I weeded out and will hold for next week :0)

Have a glorious Saturday and thanks so much for making time for Animal Crackers!
HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

You can NEVER show too many Animal Crackers photos!! This week's are all wonderful, but especially the one of Tuco - he's such a cutie. I'm glad you're getting new homes for some of the goat babies, I cannot imagine the cost of the feed bill. Poor Sonia looks very shaggy, good luck if you decide to get the shears out.
Hope you have a great weekend.
I almost forgot again - how is Gabrielle? I don't remember seeing any pics of her recently.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, love to check out Animal Crackers every Saturday. Gorgeous photos again. Hope you will find good and loving homes for the baby goats. Totally in love with the dog photos; they are all so cute. Great these pictures where they are sticking out there tongue. And well Tuco ..... he is just the sweetest puppy. Big hugs to all of your furry friends.

okienurse said...

Your fur babies are really cute this week! I think that Sandy is so cute crouched down on the ground like she is with that tail just going 90 to nothing and all the shakey brakey butts in the dinner time photo!
Sonia doesn't seem bothered by all the hair right now but come summer she will thank you for clipping her.
Libby is looking good with the weight gain and hair growth. Cute puppies! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing the pictures. Vickie

Marilyn said...

Thanks for another fab Saturday morning Michelle. Enjoyed the pics immensely. Feeding time was a hoot and the dog pics the best!

Carol Dee said...

Sonia is darling in her shaggy coat, but probably a bit too warm.
The goat but line up is pretty funny.
Love the dogs pics this week. Libbie llloks like a glamorous movie star! Autie and his tounge made me laugh out loud. Not only does Chica copy her Daddy she look much like him. tuco is going to be one HANDSOME Dude. What a face *sigh*
Big hugs all around.

Marie said...

Such cuties they all are.
Love n hugs

Rhonda Miller said...

How fun. I love all the pics of your animals.

judy anderson said...

I can hardly wait to visit in July.

judy anderson said...

I can hardly wait to visit in July.

Sharon said...

What adorable pictures! They are all so cute.


diane (cookiestamper) said...

Great photos! I especially like the one of Vera, Mel, and Alice...looks like they are smiling!

Niki said...

Great pics, glad you take the time to share. Wish I had room (and zoning) for a goat or two.