Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge - Father's Day and/or Edwin

Warning ... this weeks Just Magnolia and Hanglar challenge I found very hard this week! Just couldn't get into it at all.... I went through all my Edwins, and one I was SHOCKED at how many I do have. I think 99% of the had to have come in Kits... anyway, I found one that I wanted to color, the little sailor and the ship port window.

Colored with my Copics, then cut them out. Then I went through every piece of paper I own. Ok.. didn't really but I went through a whole lot of them. Nothing felt right, nothing even 1/2 way felt right. It sat on my desk for three days!! I just couldn't pull it together. Then last night I was down to the wire and had to do something, and just well... threw it together with scraps and pieces. They don't go well... but you know sometimes you just need accept defeat and move on -

So look quick and scroll on down.....

Sad huh? So lets just move on to the info - well there isn't much. I used scraps. The sentiment is a Magnolia sentiment that I stamped on light blue fabric tape. Then my dots... love those :0) Those are Viva Decor Paper Pen dots in dark brown. I used Viva Decor ice white for the splashes on the wave, and the gold for the buttons on Sailor Edwins pants buttons.

The other DT girls rocked this one so do make sure to pop over there and see their cards, then do join in for another great prize this week.... sorry I just didn't have it at all this week.

Little update about my phone drama..... Wednesday afternoon Michelle went totally babbling mad. The 100th "supervising tech" called me and assured me that he was going to fix my problem and get my phone working. 3.5 hours later on the phone with him he was done and had nothing else to try... but please give him a few days to think about it and he will get back to me. I hung up totally worn out and just plain ill. A little later another high ranking tech from my carrier called and he had just gotten my file and again assured me that he was going to fix the issue. Over an hour into the conversation.... well - someone else took over my mind and mouth and I basically turned the poor man inside out. Seriously over 4 months and now like 28 techs from both Apple and my carrier all assured me the same things and said that to give them a day or two and they would get back to me. NONE of them ever contacted me again. So... I basically told him that was it I was finished and hung up. Then I talked to my local store.... and then a customer service person... and 3 hours later that night I was at the store and shelling out more money to get a new HTC EVO 4GLTE - iPhone over.  I have to send it back to the company this week. Do you think they will notice a few shot gun holes through it?   OH... and my phone number ... the number I have had for like 18 years!!! ... Gone I now have some stupid number that I cannot for the life of me remember.  But you know what??? It is over. I have had my iPhone since January.... nothing but problems. And it is over!  And I am not in prison.. so far. But I have calmed down and moved on with life.  Life of baby goats that is. We ran an ad for the babies.... sold three and have a couple that are being looked at. Good homes - promise :0)  I'll talk more about that tomorrow in Animal Crackers.

Now - I need some therapy coloring - I am thinking lots of pink and girlie would really help me right now.

See you tomorrow!
HUGS and


Heidi said...


I so can understand you getting mad. We're having a kind of similar issue since we've switched over to have TV, phone and all via the internet.
Frst they couldn't even send the stuff to the right address but sent it to our old one where we didn't live since 3 years and I had called them for this, then they sent it but only sent the decoder for the TV the essential box for the phone was missing.
Then this came 10 days later and then our original phone number stopped working (even though they said it will stay) then all installed nothing worked and hubby has been hours on the live chat with I don't know how many tech guys. We've given the new phone number to parents family etc, only to receive another message 2 days later that our old number was working. So had to throw all over again. And now the video on demand where we've paid for doesn't work since 3 weeks and they just can't get it fixed and the tech guys even sometimes simply hang up on DH after a while.
How do they say...Keep calm and carry on LOL


Carol Dee said...

So sorry you could not resolve the phone issues. It really should not have cost you anything. Grrrr. I still think my PLAIN OLD phone is the way I will stay!
I will be back tomorrow to see all the cuteness of Animal Crakers. Relax , smile, hugs....

okienurse said...

Sounds like it bordered on a nightmare. My hubby and I both have iPhones...he has a 3G and I have a 4. Telephone coverage is so bad that I have a land line just incase! Switched over to AT&T UVerse phone, cable, Internet a few months ago and the other night a thunderstorm rolled through and knocked it all out including the phone so no mobiles and no land lines. I called complaining to AT&T and was told it "was an act of god" and there was nothing they could do!! I guess any excuse works!

diane (cookiestamper) said...

Awesome card, Michelle! I hope your phone issues are getting resolved!

Bernice said...

Oh what an awful time you've had with your phone - I can totally understand your frustration - it seems like these technical people have a list of things to work through and when your problem dosn't fit they don't have a clue what to do. Hopefully your new one will work perfectly!

Rhonda Miller said...

Your card turned out great. I only have Edwin the Pilot, I wonder what I can do with him.

I can't believe with that many techs nobody can figure out with the problem is. Ugh!