Saturday, June 23, 2012

Animal Crackers - Ready for my Close up

Hi! Animal Crackers day. I got quite a few shots this week while outside working. Don't tell Hubby... as I am suppose to be holding or waiting for him to return with a tool... and I do from time to time wander off to talk to a few of the children.. oh and snap a few photos.

I showed this on my Facebook page this week... I have laughed every time I see this photo...  I was trying to get a photo to show the size difference between Bobby and Hank. Bobby has been sold already, but we still have him waiting for his new home to be finished.

I will be perfectly honest. If they don't come back soon... I am going to be so attached to Bobby I won't be able to let him go... Really he screams personality with those huge ears, big eyes and pink nose. OH and I love that little black spot on his bottom lip. And Hank... well you know Hank will never be going anywhere - he is my little joy. We have been discussing keeping him for a future Buck. :0) Can you imagine lots of little Hanks and Hankettes in the future!

Speaking of close ups... Tuco has started his terrible twos... he isn't posing this week. Nope he actually got a little spanking this week - totally tore another corner of the wall apart. Darn good thing he is so cute...  He was more interested in getting close for attention than a good photo this week.

I did get a great one of Libbie! This reminds me of a 1970's photo... Why do I want to start singing have a Coke and a Smile?

Ok.. I know I am a dork, but I see those 1970's lounge around in the grass Coke commercials  - She sort of looks like she is smiling... man I wish I knew what she was thinking about.

Dogs... Here are "OUR" dogs... these are the neighbors dogs that we take care of. They use to actually LIVE next door. But now.... well they live with us now.  There are three of them, two sisters and a brother.

Nally -

I love all three of them really I do... but Nally and I have a special bond. I named her... she was a teeny little thing, and she was so sweet and had the calmest adorable personality... Her beginning formal name "Personality"... and then she just fell into Nally - She sleeps on my front door mat every night :0)

Then Moxie -

Moxie usually sleeps just out from the front porch, or under the house. I don't have a clue how many times Hubby has fixed the hole in the under penning of the house... Moxie.. she insist on a door to get under  - We don't get mad though, all you have to do is call her over, she is super loving, and I SWEAR... she has the funnies smile you have ever seen. I have tried to catch it on camera and haven't yet.. but I am going to keep trying.

Then Niner -

The "big brother" He is the most active of the three. The most obnoxious too. But only because he is so friendly. If you watch him during the day, you can see... he makes the rounds. Check the front of the property... the gate... MIL house... the Barn... each pen... And also the neighbors. Then at the end of the day - he sits out in front of the house. If there is any noise, he barks. Yes. Took me a while to not want to throw things at him and get use to it. But he thinks he is guarding us all, so you have to give him some credit. I don't care what time you look out there, most of the time he is sitting up or at least laying with his head up listening and watching.  Well unless it is raining or cold... then he takes cover under the house with Moxie... and barks from under the house at every noise he hears... just lovely....

You see... under the house it echoes in the house, and then that starts Libbie barking, then Chica... then Tuco and then finally Autie has to get up and give a few barks just so he doesn't appear to be lazy. It is so much fun to live in my house.

I use to totally freak about the dogs being here. Donkeys do not like dogs. And I just knew that they would get trampled. But I think they have made peace with the donkeys. They stay clear of them... and the donkeys leave them alone. But once in a while there is a little tension.

Nally wants to cross the little boys pen... Ramon is saying no, go around. They stood like this for minutes... Ramon is young, and doesn't quite have the respect yet....

Since Nally is standing her ground and not going around... Sergio decides to let her know his opinion on her crossing his pen.

Yea... don't mess with Sergio.... She decides that going around is the best thing to do.  Now Sergio is a good big brother, he didn't let Ramon know it was his look that did the job. Ramon thinks he was in control... :0)

Then one more photo... Hubby just had fed dinner. And the donkeys usually always break up into the same groups to share piles. These four share really well together and don't argue over dinner.

They are always in their pairs... but these two pairs are good together. All sweeties -

Hope you enjoyed this week. A little different photos - LOL  It has been a hard week around her. Most of our time has been with the goats. Selling... Separating... Weaning... and now breeding. It is VERY loud out there.  At any one time someone is calling out - it is starting to quiet down just a bit. Some cuz they are getting use to things.. and two some of the loudest have lost their voices. Just kills me... Right now Gidget and Vera both are totally hoarse. They sound awful! A day or so and they should be back to normal tones.  Now that things are settling down I hope to get some good photos of the goats this week... the babies are really starting to show their colors and personalities - and the Moms are trim and look good. We will see if they let me have a good shoot one afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend.... Today is clean up day. And also working on a few more goat houses. Always a lot to do here! Sadly there is always a long to do list, that never has a ending. But we do love it.

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Hank is so little! And super cute too, glad you're keeping him.
I hope you don't get tired of being told how wonderful the photos are every week, because I'm definitely not going to stop.
Hope your injury has healed, have a great weekend.

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing. Love reading it.
xx Marie

Marilyn said...

Hank is like a little doll! Love the pics of your other three dogs, didn't know you had them.
Another great Saturday morning... thanks Michelle.

Carol Dee said...

Oh my goodness, it must be very loud around your place at times! The barking would send me over the edge. I am always yelling at hubby's dog and the neighbors to SHUT UP. Hank really is tiny and so so sweet. Hugs..

Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says..

Great photos! I always look forward to Animal Crackers to see what the animals have been up to this week! Thanks for sharing...

Pat K said...

Hi Michelle, I can't start a Sat. without checking Animal Crackers - finally realized I wasn't a follower - had you bookmarked long b4 I started my blog. Thank you so much for sharing all your "family". Wish I lived next door....oh! I don't, then I'd never see my dog :) Hugs, Pat K.x

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, what a great photos again. Find the one of Tuco very lovely, those sweet eyes; can fully imagine you cannot get angry with him. Good luck with the goat houses, hope you will get some nice pictures coming week. Hugs from Holland.

Linda w said...

Michelle thank you for your weekly photos of all of your families. I so look forward to Saturdays and viewing all of the animal antics and things.

gettin' inky...

Anonymous said...

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