Monday, November 19, 2012

Animal Crackers - 4 Mom's - 8 Kid's 36 hours.

Wow!! I told you when they started it would be lots of babies at once! So it was a very tiring long weekend with the Formula One race. Was LOTS of walking, and I used muscles I forgot were there. I have been so sore, but thrilled to have gotten to go and actually see the race in person. Hubby is a HUGE F1 fan, and for the past 26+ years the TV is on for the live races, even if that meant setting the clock on a Sunday morning before the sun came up. But to see the race in person and better yet FEEL the race, was thrilling.  I took over 900 photos in the three days. We were exhausted when coming home, and looking forward to a hot shower a couple of aspirin and heading off to bed..... but then the goats decided that wasn't going to happen -

Scarlet went first, I knew she would as she was showing the signs earliest. I didn't get photos right away as it was dark - I tried to get photos this afternoon, and well the twins just didn't want to cooperate. These two are always on the move and poor Scarlet keeps loosing them and having to walk around the pen calling out for them.
I named Scarlet's twins (one boy and one girl) - Joanie and Chachi - and these two are going to be active little ones! I will work hard to get better photos for Saturday's post - Just need to set my camera for all my race settings again.. LOL  (Cleatus is the daddy for these twins)

Then last night really late, Chloe went into labor. She did ok with the first two, but then things stopped and she laid down like it was all over, I kept a close eye on her all night, and all day... mid day she was acting like she was in pain. She had a third baby that was stuck. So Hubby and I had to pull it ourselves as the Vet couldn't get here for hours. We got it done, and finally she is doing good and acting like a new Mom with her kids. Poor thing is worn out and sore

Hubby named her babies... Luke and Leia. They seem to be doing well, I supplemented some kid milk during the day, but they are now eating healthy meals from Mom. (Cleatus again for Chloes's twins)

In the morning while dealing with Chloe... Daisy decided she was ready - She did most everything all on her own, the best way. Now last time Daisy had quads - but she wasn't very big this time so we were not sure what to expect... but at least more than one. But nope, she just had one BIG baby!

He is a cutie.. Big but a cutie! Hubby named this one too ... Tonto - Seems to fit him! (Peso is the Papa for Tonto)

Now ... as I was typing this and uploading my photos I took a second to run out and check on everyone.... yep..... as I head towards the pen I hear new noises. Rhett had already had hers!! I get through the gate and around the pen to find her cleaning up three little black and white babies! All black and white with blue eyes it looks. And I think two boys and a girl. Not 100% yet as it was so dark. I'll check better tomorrow and get photos then as well. My night time photos just are not coming out well lately. 

So 4 Mom's - 8 kids's - 36 hours!  Three more Mom's to go!!!! 

HUGS and 


BethW said...

Wow!So glad moms and kids are doing good-they are certainly all adorable!

Marie said...

Congrats to all the new babies. Best of luck with all of them.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Congratulation to the new moms. So many cute new little goats! Great! Have fun with them.

Jay Jay

Carol Dee said...

YIKES, that is a lot of babies in shrt time. Do all of babies have Dad's blue eyes? I hope so. He is soooo handsome. ;) Hugs...

JoanieMc said...

All so very cute! Love reading the stories. So glad toy have one named Joanie lol and almost born on my birthday the 20th. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Shelly said...

Congrats on all of the darling new babies! I hope you get a chance to catch up on your sleep soon. :) Hugs!!!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on all the new Kids and such a cute little Pillow box. Hugs Lisa xxx

Ellie Maggie said...

Congrats! Beautiful healthy babies, nothing better. Hasn't Cleatus been 'busy' LOL! His babies have gorgeous coffee colourings.
E.M. x