Thursday, November 15, 2012

High Hopes - Another Donkey Card :0)


Today I have a card that Hubby asked me to do. Yes, every once in a while he ask me to make a card for one of his friends. This one had to be on the edge funny. Cuz this guy is always kidding around and cracking jokes. So of course I had to do a Donkey card... and one of my all time favorite for this "type" of card is High Hopes Brayden's Backside....

This guy is so cute. I started with a kraft card stock base, dark brown card stock mat and then two patterns of paper from Simple Stories Generations stack. My loops are Martha Stewart Loop border corner punch. I sewed things down, and then found some brown satin ribbon to go around the card. Since this card was for a guy, I decided that a bow was just about all the embellishments I should do. Brayden is colored with my Copics. Sorry... I totally forgot to take a photo of them as I was hurrying to get the card done so we could mail it.

Now I did the inside as well... and please don't be offended ok? But this was for an adult man with a wild sense of humor. So I created a sentiment on the computer for him.

He called last night to tell us that he got his card. He was laughing so hard and totally loved it. So it was perfect for him. Again.. hope it didn't offend you - all in fun.

It is nice sometimes to create a card special for someone that is totally them and just for fun. It was great to hear how much he liked it and have him laughing so hard over it.

Hubby and I spent most of the day yesterday getting official. Well the Antique business official, we have been official for 26 years... LOL   We headed into the big town and to the courthouse downtown. I stress going downtown, parking.. paying for parking, getting in the courthouse with all their security just to sit in a chair and wait til our number is called to get our business name filed. And that took about 5 minutes. Got out of downtown, then to the bank... yes a long while there too, but not quite as stressful.  But now it is all done! Whew! Seems like a waste of day, I would have much rather been out antiquing finding things to sell... but we have to be legal right? Now we can really get serious and get to selling lots of antiques!

Now to get things going for the day. I think it is a stay at home getting chores done! Much needed day for sure. Plus I am really getting a little jumpy over the goats. There are a few out there that just look totally miserable! They are going to pop for sure, they are so big! But no babies yet. Hopefully soon as they just make me hurt all over watching them. They can't stand, uncomfortable. They can't lay down, uncomfortable, they can't sit, well I think you get where I am going. They are just not happy campers right now. I am so hoping to see some happy bouncing babies soon!!!!!

Toodles for today -
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tilly's crafts said...

fantastic card Michelle, just love that image - and the sentiment!
Kim x

Carol Dee said...

Yes, I would say the card was perfect!

Good Luck in the OFFICIAL antique business. :)

Ellie Maggie said...

Loving the custom-made card, it's great! Congratulations with your 'official' business, wishing you much success. Fingers crossed for the expectant moms...
Ellie Maggie x