Saturday, November 10, 2012

Animal Crackers - From the other side of the fence...

Howdy -

     One day this week I went out to see all the "children" and while out there I snapped a few photos. I started off with the dogs... You see I had gone out of the yard to head off to the donkeys when I turned back and realized that they all four were just sitting there looking at me. Now if I had been in the yard, they would have been running and jumping and would never sit still for photos... but since on the other side of the fence they were just all calm and sitting there watching me to see where I was headed. Of course Autie... he was bored as usual.

My Lover Boy - Slow, Calm, Sweet and yes Lazy Autie... Hard to tell in these photos but all the Doggies had baths the night before these photos... already had run and rolled in the yard I am sure.

Tuco was panting and tired - that little guy goes out the back door 110 miles per hour and has to see everyone, every corner and keep up with all the other dogs, the goats in the next yard, the donkeys next to the yard, the outside dogs running somewhere around and of course where we are headed. He wears himself out in minutes.. LOL

My little baby is pretty much all grown up... can you believe he is 10 months old!!!

Chica, she has gotten the nick name "licker" recently. This girl has gotten to where you can't bend down or reach for anything near her with out receiving kisses or a bath I guess from this little girl. It is like she is constantly wanted to tell us she loves us maybe? She is a happy little doggy and always right up front for attention, you can't get mad at her... well...

Unless she gets you in the face right across the mouth.. yea I know eeewww yuck. But she has gotten Hubby and I more than once recently while working on things for the antique show this weekend. But really... look at that smile on that happy face, you gotta love her :0)

Miss Libbie - Hubby has been working on a new Patio Walkway in the back yard. From the porch to the gate mainly. Miss Libbie, well as much as the other dogs love getting dirty and rolling in the dirt or grass. Libbie hates it. She gets her baths just like the others, but she is never "dirty". She is a Lady you know...

And she is loving the walkway... now she can head out, go down the steps and all the way to the fence to see the rest of the world and not have to get her feet in that nasty dirt or wet grass in the morning.  A real Lady I tell ya!

I then went by to say hello to the kitties in their house. A very rare sighting!!!!

I got all the way up to the fence and Fraidy Cat was still in view! 99 times out of a 100... before you are   anywhere near the cat house Fraidy, Scaredy and Momma Cat are all in hiding waiting until the coast in all clear before they emerge back out to their sunning. But on this day I guess the moon and stars were aligned and Fraidy just stayed in place... well until I snapped a few photos through the fence, once I went to undo the latch and go in... like the speed of light she was gone.

Tiny Sonia was grazing through the fence... Grass is greener on that side I have heard.

She is so pretty... and dainty. Such gorgeous coloring. We love this girl. Hubby has a real soft spot these tiny girls... what am I saying, he has soft spots for all of them, but especially the tiny girls.

This is when I noticed that all my photos were through the fence so far... so I just went with it and started to see who was coming to the fences to see me...

Sonia's older brother Jorge is awful cute too...

Yes, Jorge is Sonia's full brother. Sonia was Macie's 2011 baby... Jorge 2010. This guy does not have a shy bone in his body. Total attention hog for sure!  Jorge will some day make a great stud for someone one day... he is small, has that wonderful black nose and is a totally sweetie.

Then I smelled around to Frankie's pen. I totally love this guy - he has the funniest personality. Just wish you didn't smell him long before you ever get to his pen. Hold you nose though... it is so worth the smell for that face!

Comical with just a look ain't he? Yes... he only has one horn, and it will get knocked off at some point soon as it is loose. He rubs those horns on everything until they get knocked loose, and then he forget and knocks it off... but if you look close that one is already growing a new one. I always tell Hubby if I could get one wish I think it would be to have them talk... we love to guess what kind of voice or accent they would have... We have the most laughs guessing Frankies some days.

Sun was setting by this time.... Got a great shot of Coffee... Can you guess why he has the nick name Ears?

We are still baby sitting Coffee for the neighbors that bought him. He and Toffee actually. They were just fine next door on their property, but when we opened up the gate and let all the Ladies go back and forth to eat all that long lush green grass growing over there, it just seemed mean to keep Coffee and Toffee penned up and not have anyone to hang out with now that that the horses are living in their new home. So since they are no longer a danger as breeding Jacks, and are gelded calm boys now... they might as well get to boost their ego's and hang with all the hot Ladies right?  Seriously they do have bragging rights and love to show off to the other guys... just like all other boys.

Ok... on the fly now - Second Antique Show for us this weekend! We have a little bigger booth, and have taken more than twice the stuff! LOL yes... we have a very full booth for this show! I am going to try and get some photos before the show opens up this morning. OH ... and Hubby bought a "Little" something this last week... I have it at the show, and I am going to be just happy fine if it doesn't sell and I can bring it home... Sunday I'll show you, you are gonna love it, I know I DO!

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Ellie Maggie said...

Wow Michelle what a fab Animal Crackers this week, thank you! Too many to comment on them all but my faves are Lady Libbie posing on her very own new walkway, Frankie's fantastically funny face, and 'ears' Coffee!! Wishing you both all the best for a very successful booth this weekend, can't wait for photos. I know you'll do well anyway!
Ellie Maggie x

Marilyn said...

I agree with Ellie, this was a fabulous read today. Lots of pics and your descriptions are wonderful - it's like we get a glimpse of their personalities. Thanks!

Carol Dee said...

Great to see all teh critters. Good luck at he show.

Helen said...

Oh, I so love these animal crackers. Love the pictures of the doggies; your Chica is just like my Adyra, always kissing whenever and wherever she can get you. Love all other pictures as well. Have a great and successful show. Regards, Helen