Saturday, November 17, 2012

Animal Crackers - Roar!!! HUh?

No I did not see lions yesterday. Nope.. we were at the Circuits of America's F1 practice. And most all day it was an enormous roar, the ground shook, and then every time some would talk to you it was HUH? what was that? And we were wearing ear plugs! WOW those cars are loud! But exciting and fun too! We have a two more days... today is qualifying and Sunday is the actual race. I just hope I make it. I am so sore! We must have walked a 100 miles, from parking all the way around the track to our seats, then out to get lunch and around the track then to the parking again. I have no where that doesn't hurt. Just hope that today isn't as much walking...

Now it took us so long to get home it was dark. And I didn't take many photos at all this week cuz I am STILL waiting on baby goats!!!! I just knew when we got home there would be new kids in the pen. In fact Thursday night I got up twice in the night to check on them. Sadly I passed out Friday night and couldn't get alert enough to walk out to their pen... but they were good. Maybe today is the day.

One photo of Jill... she isn't on my on call list. Hasn't shown any signs of being close and most of the time doesn't even look that wide. Now she did not look huge last time either, and she had three. So who knows these goats keep me guessing all the time!

Snapped a good photo of Gato too... we were having a talk. A serious discussion. I was explaining to her that she cannot climb and sleep on my boxes of antiques. She is going to crush something, or turn it over and break something.

I guess you can tell by the photo that she really wasn't too concerned about my worries. Her house, Her box and I am lucky to be able to live here and take care of her. The life of a cat.... to be so lucky.

Now please don't be upset, but that is it for today. I know not much. But I KNOW that we are gonna have goats right away... and then I will pop a Animal Crackers post in a extra post for the week.

Hope you have a great day!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Gato is beautiful. I love cats. :) Surely miss having one.
Poor goats being so close to delivery and waiting.... Babies soon.

Ellie Maggie said...

What a fabulous position for the F1 race, we'll be watching it live tomorrow evening here in the UK. We miss our cat who allowed us to look after her for 18 years and Gato's expression is priceless! Fingers crossed for babies...
EM x

Martinas Welt said...

Oh are on the F1 raceground?! Great!!!!! I will follow the race tomorrow! Have been to one race myself, when we still had a cicuit in Austria...long time ago....hope to see more exciting photos next time!! Woohoo!!!

Bernice said...

Cute photos - our cat sits with her front paws tucked in like that - I thought it was unusual as our previous cat didn't do that!

Rufus said...

Fingers crossed for baby goats and your hearing! As for Gato, you know the saying cats have've got it right you're lucky to live there and take care of her every need! Enjoy your weekend,