Sunday, November 11, 2012

Me and My Space - Show Booth 2

Howdy -

 Promised to show you photos of our second Antique Show booth. These are not good at all. We had a wider booth this show and I couldn't back up far enough to show you the entire booth in one photograph. You can also see into the neighbors booth a tad... but at least you will get the idea. :0)

To the Left -

It was also sort of dark when I took it... sorry. But I think you can see that it is pretty full. Totally love the  Handmade Texas Child's bed we found, perfect display for some of the older dolls and the 1850's Doll carriage. Hubby's corner wall really helps anchor our booth. This time I took quite a bit of my Transferware, Flow Blue, Feather Edges Pearlware and Children's Creamware plates. Lots of Dolls, I think I told you that I was lucky to purchase quite a few from one ladies' collection a few weeks ago. Toys, more Toys and then a few more Toys. The large General Store Coffee and Tea Tins really get attention too. oh.. and then my new "little" item that Hubby got me :0)

To the Right of the booth -

We put the antique Schoenhut Animals and the Circus Tent up in the back this time. One I felt it was a little safer, and two... we were totally out of space. More toys, you might see a couple of my tin toy washing machines on the shelves. I love those things, Hubby thinks it is funny to tell people that I seem to love the toy washing machines but have a problem finding our large real one.. ha ha. Kitchen tins, Yelloware, Baby plates, Furniture and then Hubby added in a few pieces of Indian War collectibles, have to have a few things for the men you know. But honestly... I think more guys get a kick out of some of the toys than the women. LOL

Larger booth by a little, but it seems smaller and tighter to get around.

Ok.. now a little better photo of my "little" present -

How stinking cute is this donkey. This was a quick photo I had snapped the day we found it. Honestly I never imagined that Hubby would buy it. I mean I knew we both totally adored it. But it is HUGE. I showed the one with Hubby looking at it so you could see just how large. We honestly think it is bigger than most of the "real" minis. LOL

So what is it?  "She" (we named her Sonia cuz she reminds us so much of our little Sonia) She is a New York Macy's Store Window Display from the 1940's. She is paper mache, but is pretty stout, with a wood frame under neath. I don't think anyone should actually ride this rocking donkey, but it is actually pretty strong. I just love her face. Those eyes just melt me. I nearly passed out when Hubby said we had to have it. Problem... it wouldn't fit in our truck. Oh the bed.. but no way was I letting it ride back there. So the kind man we bought her from delivered her to the show for us, that way we can take her home in the closed in box trailer with all the other things at the end of the show. I probably should have just let her stay in the trailer during the show. But I felt sorry for her being locked in there all by herself. So we just let her stay in the booth with us.  So where am I going to put her in the house? Well that is a really great question!!! When I figure that out I'll let ya know, cuz we have talked and talked about it, and everywhere we come up with she is either too tall, too long or not safe there. So we will keep working on it... but she has a home for sure!

Better run - lots to still do tonight (scheduled my post to come on as we are heading out so early) Hope you have a great Sunday -

Hugs and -


Carol Dee said...

I see why you had to have the rocking donkey. She is just adorable. Great booth, hope you have a really good day.

Helen said...

What a great full booth. Love the rocking donkey; it is cute!

Ellie Maggie said...

Yes this booth definitely looks jam-packed with goodies galore! I spied that rocking donkey and knew that was your present, but I am grinning from ear to ear that both you and hubby wouldn't leave 'her' in the trailer 'on her own', bless you both...aaah that's so sweet and I totally know where you're coming from on that one. What a fantastic display, I hope it was a success (and profitable!).
Ellie Maggie x

JoanieMc said...

Thanks for sharing all the goodies. I wish I could be there to really see your collection. Oh, the donkey stole my heart too, just too stinking' cute. Thanks again for all the stories you share. Hugs