Saturday, November 3, 2012

Animal Crackers - Around the pens

Howdy -

Yesterday evening we got home from setting up the Antique Mall Booth just before the sun started to set, so I went straight out to say hello to everyone and snap a few photos while making my way around the pens.

First up... As soon as we got out of the truck, the goats let us know that they thought it was very close to dinner time. They are very vocal... here they are gathered to make sure we see that they are hungry.

Now as wide as some of these girls are, they shouldn't be hungry ever. (guess they could say the same about me, LOL) Some of the young girls are fat from eating so well... some of the older Ladies are very wide cuz they are VERY close to having their babies!

Hmmmm. Annie seems to be a bit one sided with her babies.

Funny some days they look HUGE, then the next everyone rolls over and they don't even look pregnant. Seems yesterday Annie was a little of both.

Speaking of rolling over... Raffie decided a little evening Dirt Bath was in order -

They do like their dirt baths... must feel good. Makes me itch all over, but they way they roll, shake and grunt they love it.

Handome man  - even if he is a dirty mess now.

Next I turn to the left and see Mr. Cleatus relaxing on the top of his hut. I know he would hate it me bringing it up to you, but I just adore the little curls around his face!!

He is a stunning goat, and even though we have more Bucks than we need, I am so glad that no one bought him last Spring when I ran ads. He is just too gorgeous, with his striking coloring, ice blue eyes and of course those rings of curls around his face! Peso is in the back ground reminding me that he is handsome too...

Next I make my way to the Adult Donkey pen, most everyone was busy chowing down on the rare November Green Grass. Flavio was curious about what I was doing. He came all the way to the fence to me, let me touch the end of his nose, she sniffed my hand and then trotted back to the grass line to his Mom. He better enjoy his Mommy Bella... this boy is just about to be moved over to the Fraternity Pen with the other young gentlemen.

And that is where I went to next... the Frat Pen. 

Found all the young guys but Sergio, standing and watching me. I think all of my animals know they are suppose to stand still when I point a camera at them - LOL  Good looking group of young dudes aren't they?

I then made my way to the Sorority pen to say hello to all the young girls. Some were too busy eating, then a few were to interested in nose scratches and sniffing the camera. Took about 10 photos and realized that they were just not into modeling yesterday.

Next up the Cat House - Yes, the CAT HOUSE. I had someone ask a week or so ago if they were still in the "chicken coop". And honestly, we did let them out a few weeks back to roam the farm, and "be free" but it didn't go so well. These are city cats if you remember, a bit sheltered spoiled kitties. They do not know much about wild animals and Big Dogs and coyotes that are around here. After one night... everyone but one was at the Cat House the next morning and wanted back in.

It seems that they love their House, they are completely safe, have shelter with big cozy beds inside. They have a covered porch and outdoor area to enjoy the good weather and stretch out in the sun when they would like. We left the door open to the house to see if they would come and go, but no, they felt secure inside their area, and when Teddy our standard Donkey decided that he would like to see what the inside of their house looked like and totally freaked them all out by trying to go in, we decided for their safey as well and keeping Teddy and the outside Dogs out of trouble we would close it. And they are perfectly content to live there - as long as we promise to visit them every day for some ear scratches and plenty of food and water of course.  So it is officially their house, the Cat House now. Hubby has promised to build me a new Chicken Coop as soon as we are all caught up around here.

Big Moe is the biggest love of the group. I would move him in the house in a minute if he didn't hate dogs so much and I didn't think he would climb and tear the house apart running from my rug rats.

Next up I went to say hi to the young men in the goat pen. But they were all at the other end of the pen... I did take time to stand and look at one of their huts... Don't ever think that goats are not destructive, especially Male goats!!  BAD GOATS!

 That is all I have for today, and yes I know... I know... I don't have any photos of the doggies this week. You are due a few I know. I took about 75 photos of the dogs, they were insane running from fence to fence and wouldn't pay attention to me at all. NONE of the photos of them were remotely in focus or even slightly worth trying to show off. I will keep trying - all the Goats screaming and Hee Haws were just too much for them I guess.

See you tomorrow!
HUGS and


Anonymous said...

My oh my, Flavio, what big ears you have! :) He & Cleatus are very handsome. I assume Cleatus is partly responsible for the partial destruction of the hut? Those impressive horns could do a lot of damage, I'm sure.
Love this week's photos & I'm glad the cats are ok. Have a great weekend.

Ellie Maggie said...

Raffie's dirt bath is a fabulous photo! I can't get over how Cleatus has grown and wooooweeee look at those curls! Flavio is my fave, has been from day 1, he looks so loving. The way they're standing in the Frat Pen reminds me of the gang in West Side Story LOL, are you sure they didn't break into song and dance?! Those cats know a good thing when they see it and they have a good 'mom' looking after them in you Michelle. Enjoy your weekend.
Ellie Maggie x

Helen said...

thanks for sharing those lovely photos and your story. Always a joy to read. Hugs

Rufus said...

Very handsome "boys" you've got here! I noticed that in the Frat pen, Pedro hasn't lost his "zebra" stripes on his legs. Noe looks like a kitty I had as a kid. Glad that the cats are happy, even if they don't want to roam free. Hope that you had a good day!

Kittie said...

Cleatus is gorgeous. What wonderful coloring. I lvoe your pictures.

Carol Dee said...

I am a day late! Good to see so many pics. :) Cletus is one very HANDSOME dude. WOW do those male goats tear up a shed... naughty. LOL
I really think the cats are SMART , they know how good they have it. ;)

Marilyn said...

We were away and then I am having some internet issues so I did not get to see this on Saturday. Is that Cleatus a fine specimen or what! Love Raffies dirt bath too... all great pics but those were two of my faves.