Saturday, November 24, 2012

Animal Crackers - It's All About the Kids!

OH my has this week been all about the Kids!!!! So this last weekend was the Formula One Races here... we had tickets for all three days. I knew and had been telling Hubby that the 8 Mom's to be would all wait until then, and when I was dead tired. And that is exactly what they did. I showed you a few photos earlier in the week.

Scarlet went first Saturday night - she thankfully did it earlier in the evening so I could get some sleep for the race on Sunday and the last day of a million miles to walk... Scarlet had twins, Joanie and Chachi. Then on Sunday evening Chloe went into labor, she had two... and then after hours with her we finally decided that there had to be one more, and we had to pull a still born. She is doing great now, and is back to queen of the pen Chloe. Her kids are Luke and Leia -

They are very independent, and active most of the time. But I caught them napping here...

Rhett then decided it was her turn Monday - She did wonderful and especially since she had triplets. Her first baby last spring was a single much easier to keep track of and control. Three... well she has had to learn to corral and control them... LOL  Her kids are two boys and a girl.  Peter, Paul and Mary.

I have a thing for Peter... he really loves to be held, and he is a real looker!

Not that Paul isn't handsome too!

 I have no clue where Mary was... odd thing is that these kids love to all mix up. They sleep in one huge wad of kids, and they run and scatter and play. When a Mom calls... her kids separate out and head over to her. But other than that they are all one big party! 

Then Lucy decided that she wasn't going to let her baby sisters Scarlet and Rhett have all the attention with their kids so she went into labor. And within about 30 minutes delivered triplets of her own. Two girls and boy... We named them Charles, Lady Di and Camilla  -

 All three of these are just too cute. And very sweet. Lucy is a bit more controlling of her kids and these three stick closer to Mom and usually are not far from each other.

Adorable huh?

Tuesday night we had dinner plans with friends from high school. We don't get to see each other very often, so we look forward to seeing them and catching up and laughing a lot! About one hour before we were to leave... Jill decided that she wanted to take up some of my time and deliver two sweet little girls.

Jill did great with the first one, but the second was a bit tougher... and she was worn out. Laverne was up and walking all over the place within minutes of being born. Screaming the entire time. Shirley... was smaller and quiet when she finally arrived. Oddly, Jill was so concerned about the active loud Laverne that she forgot about Shirley for a bit. She did finally get the two together and fed them both. But she never did clean up Shirley like she normally would have. I decided to wait and give her a chance as that is such a bonding time and went on to dinner. But when we got home poor Shirley still wasn't fluffy and pretty. So I took her inside and gave her a special warm bath in the bathroom sink. I think she really loved it. And now we have a special bond :0) She LOVES to be held and cuddled. Don't worry though... Jill gave her another bath once we got back outside and she still is totally caring to her daughter.

Then before we crashed for the night on Tuesday - Belle decided that it was now her turn. She gave birth to baby one easily and cleaned her up and fed her right away.

Confused us as usually they don't clean and feed until all the babies are born. And Belle still had a some size to her so we thought there was more to come. A while later she started up labor again... and pushed and pushed... nothing. We checked and yep... there was one there, but coming the wrong way. And not only that but with legs all crossed up. We couldn't help with the baby at all. And believe me Hubby and I both tried. The only thing we could do is comfort her and wait till closer to morning and call the vet. I stayed outside with her all night. About 4:30am I just had to go in for a little while. Hubby went went back out at 5:30 and somehow she birthed the baby... along with a third, that seemed to have wedged up next to the other. Both were still born and poor Belle she was totally exhausted. Took her a couple of days to recover to herself. That and a some vitamins and lots of TLC. She is doing much better, and is totally a great Mom to her little girl. Sweet Pea.... I held her a ton that first couple of days... and the nick name I use for lots of babies, well it stuck on her.

This was too funny to not share - I was in the goat pen quite a bit this week. Especially with Belle - All the dogs were very interested in everything that was going on. And all the bouncing kids... well that just drives them totally nuts. LOL But here they had been watching Belle and her baby, and feeding time. They were there for quite a while I guess - Chica fell asleep and Autie.. well his head must have been really heavy to hold up don't you think?

 Too cute...

So that is seven Mom's in just four day!! Seven Mom's and 14 kids!! Now I only have one Mom to go. Annie - She is as wide as the barn! I snapped a photo of her Thursday that seems to be her laughing saying -  "I held out the longest! ha ha!"

 She is getting close though. Hopefully she won't wait until late in the night. I really do need to catch up  on sleep this weekend. But whenever she is ready I'll be there!  I am so glad they all did wait through our crazy month, December should be much calmer and that means I can spend LOTS of time bonding with everyone. There is NOTHING more fun than sitting out in the middle of a bunch of hopping, jumping, wiggling, bouncing kids! I am thinking I may spend the day doing just that :0)

Hope you have something fun planned -
HUGS and-


Lisa said...

Fab post Michaelle. Loved hearing about all the Kids, my little boy was fascinated with all the pictures. Hugs Lisa xxx

Ellie Maggie said...

Thanks for the fantastic post full of fab and cute baby photos and info. Sad about those that didn't make it, but good to know the moms recovered well. Enjoy your 'baby' weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of such gorgeous babies. It's sad for the ones who didn't survive, but I'm glad the mums are doing well.

sassy said...

what a fab post a great read indeed although my heart sinks where there has been lost babies but many have pulled through congrats to all the new mums..superb piccis a joy to read they are all doing well sassy

Marilyn said...

There cannot be anything cuter than a baby goat... well, all animals are cute when babies but I really like these little guys! Sad for the ones that didn't make it though.

Carol Dee said...

Look at all those sweet babies! :) Looking forward to wtching them grow.

Scrap 4 Fun said...

Stumbled across your blog and was very impressed with the mix of papercrafting and animals. I live on a farm in Australia and tend to mix my blog up with paper and animals, it adds interest......Gayle