Saturday, February 19, 2011

Animal Crackers - And then there was one more... Juliet arrives!!!

Yep... this was the week we got to bring Juliet home! Hubby bought her a few months ago, she is Ted E. Bear's full sister. And when we saw her in the pasture down the road... well I could see in Hubby's face that we were gonna end up with another "useless" donkey. Useless meaning, that she would have no point to our "business", just a mouth to feed. And well... an adorable, cuddly donkey to love on!!
 Yep this girl arrived this week, and I fell instantly in love with her. We just thought that Ted was the sweetest full size donkey- his little sister is so friendly and sweet... Did I tell you she is sweet? She is really like a big dog and follows you around just like a dog.
Loading her up in the trailer wasn't to bad... we have done mini's that were worse... but she at first was saying no... LOL
Hubby is really in love with this girl... Here he is giving her a kiss on the end of the nose, to tell her we are gonna take really good care of her.... spoil her is more like it.
Now I am nervous here... I was worried that the three other standards were gonna pick on this baby... remember she is only 5 months old.. so she is still a baby even if she is a big girl.... Her brother Teddy comes to check her out... I am so nervous here....
Oh no worries anymore... Teddy may like to think he is tough and manly... but uh.. big baby is afraid of his little sister and runs like mad to get away from her!!
The rest of the day all three standards hid from little Juliet! Shaking head here.... oh my...
Seriously.. they are afraid of this adorable little girl!!! Can you believe it? Common guys she is a baby!!
The goats were interested but not afraid!! And the mini donkeys were all curious but not afraid!! In fact Juliet really was interested in the mini donkeys.. she had never seen donkeys smaller than her - we decided at the end of the day that we didn't want her to be by herself... since the three standard stooges where hiding from her - that we would put her in the girls youth pen and she is quite happy in there right now. We weaned lots of babies this week - Paco, Jorge, Felipe were put into the youth boy pen... and then Lydia and Marissa were put into the youth girls pen, and guess who Juliet has made friends with? Lydia and Marissa... the other two new girls in the pen are being nice and she is sticking close to them. Too cute - and I feel good that she had new friends her own age, even if they are much smaller :0)

And I didn't forget Doggie photos this week...
You would never know this little man was bathed and brushed just a few days ago would you?? He is still handsome - :0)
Chica's newest "big girl" trick... she likes to "climb" the tree in their yard.. LOL this is as high as she goes, but she thinks she is really high! Heck.. I guess when you are that short, that is high huh?
She is her Dad's little girl.. she loves chewing on sticks! even when still attached to the tree - I had a comment last week asking if we are keeping Chica.... well... I don't think we can let her go, we have gotten super attached to her. We have sucker on our foreheads... with our baby donkeys, goats and now Libbie's first baby... BUT NO MORE DOGS in the future... all future litters must go... LOL
And Libbie... Isn't this a funny photo of my little gal? I think I had told you that she has lost a lot of her gorgeous hair after the litter right? Well it is all growing back in and she is back to her "normal" weight, she is looking really good... but well... her hair is still kind of funny looking - and makes her look long and skinny... and what is with those ears looking so large??? LOL

Hope you enjoyed! HUGS from all of us here at Animal Crackers!


Cards By MI said...

Love your new donkey. She is the sweetest. :) Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos of your friends.
Love n hugs

Carol Dee said...

Sweet baby faces. Love how many fur babies you have there! Have Fun... hugs...

LorraineB said...

I just love it when you post updates about the 4 legged family members. It's my favorite thing. It really is funny that the other full sized donkeys are afraid of the new kid on the block! I'm glad she found some friends to hang out with. The photo of your husband with Juliet is precious.

Lynn said...

As much as I love seeing your beautiful creations, I also love hearing about and seeing pics of your donkey and goats babies. They must fill a big part of your heart.

Annie said...

thanks for sharing your fur babies with us Michelle! enjoy your weekend.
hugs, annie x

Brooke said...

I love hearing about all your fur babies. The new baby is adorable.

Helen said...

Oh my is this Juliet a cutie and a very huggable girl. If I were you I would keep Chica, she is also a cute adorable little girl (one reason why I will not start a litter - I would have a dog zoo in no time - can't say goodbye to the babies). Just keep you animal crackers going so we can enjoy.... Hugs Helen

Cynde said...

Michelle The new litle "Juliet IS so adorable. I can't believe all the boys, "Stooges" as you put it (cracked me up), were running away and hiding from her. Guess she'll be running the show out there when she gets bigger! How sweet you put her in with the babies her age, even if shes taller, Shes still a baby like they are, They are all so darling. Love the little Chica pictures too. What a nice big growing family you both have. Congratulations on your new addition!
Hugs Cynde

okienurse said...

your new donkey is such a sweetie. She looks so gentle even! I love Saturdays when you post on the critters. It is like snooping in on family goings on! Thanks for sharing Michelle.


Yvonne said...

Juliet is adorable! Can imagine why hubby bought her!! Look at those ears on the 'dad picture'. And the big ones are afraid... hahaha!Chica sure is Autie's little girl. Thanks for these lovely pictures Michelle. Hugs, Yvonne

Kirsten Alicia said...

Welcome to Juliet - I love the photo of Teddy running away from her! It's great that you're going to keep Chica, she is so cute. Libbie does look very skinny without her full coat, but I'm glad she's pretty much back to normal after the birth of her babies. Hope you're all having a great weekend. PS Love your blog's new look.

diane zechman said...

cute story and photos! Hope you are feeling much better now!

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