Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Me and My Space - My Metal Dies Storage Books

Finally - I have gotten photos taken of my Metal Dies Storage Books. I wanted to try and clean them up a bit first, but really... well they are just used so much that they are what they are right?

I have tried a few different storage methods for these dies, from leaving them in original packages - to boxes and a few others, nothing was right for me. This is working well right now and they sit nicely on my desk shelf and are used DAILY - 
These are actually recipe books from Pendleton. I found them on clearance a while back and really liked them. They are basically like a 4x6 photo album - with sleeves to hold cards for recipes. I took these cards and added magnets to hold up my metal dies!
I have tried to keep the names of each die written beside it.  Some are in the sleeves and some are just on the dividers. The more smaller the dies the more important it is to have in the sleeves. I move these books all around and so far.. knock on wood... I have not had dies fall out of the books.
The dividers are named for the style of die - especially with the nesties shapes.
 When short on magnets... I have been known to just cut out the cardstock the dies came in and just stick them down and use the double sided tape that they came on... lazy yes - works yes :0)
 Here are some of the Heartfelt dies - you can see here why I keep the dies like this inside the sleeves as well as the magnet - they really hold tight but just in case they are in the plastic.
 Again - more small dies..

And more small dies -
One book is all "other" dies - here they are mostly just in the plastic sleeves - and it works out well and makes it easy to see what I have - I just need to use these more instead of always going to my favorites all the time.

Hope this gives you an idea of storage for metal dies - Do you have something different? Share with me... might like your way better :0)

Now wanna see more personality in my room? LOL I don't think I have showed this before, if so it or "he" is gorgeous enough to show again!
Now I am not an active sports gal... sweating just isn't me... LOL but I do LOVE to watch baseball! ESPECIALLY the New York Yankees! I am a Texas gal all the way to the middle, but I do love the Yankees! Can't stand it during the year when baseball season isn't active. Nothing better than crafting at my desk while the Yankee's are on TV! And for me... my number one Yankee is my man JETER! No worries.. Hubby knows I totally have a crush on Jeter, he isn't to worried about it though - LOL Anyway I have lots of clocks in my room, wasn't planned... but ended up that way. Most all of them are handmade ones, but this one, well is just to make me smile :0)

Have a wonderful Wednesday - hope you had fun with "Me and My Space"
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Jane said...

Ooooh thanks so much for sharing your storage idea hun - I have been grumbling away about my dies being a pain(they're still in their packets)so needed an idea for them! hugs,Jane x

Ann Marie Governale said...

I buy large dvd cases called the "Super Jewel Box King" from Sleeve City ( The insert is removed and you have a large box for the nesties and other dies. I simple adhere a magnet strip and the dies are secured in a see-through box. I store them in a pretty basket (Michaels) and can "flip" through them to see the dies I want. I can store two sets in some cases (ovals) so they also save money. As for the magnet sheets, buy the "vent covers" from Home Depot for about $5-$6- you get three huge sheets that you cut and all you need to do is add tape. Last, for the Grand Dies, AC Moore has "Mill Cases" which are large clear cases for comic books. They were $11 for a set of 5 or 6 but they are now 40% off on clearance. I bought a bunch as I don't know if they are getting them in again. Again, I do the same- adhere magnet and place dies in the case. Stand up in the same long basket and can flip through.

Carol Dee said...

Love this system. Right now I have mine hanging on a large sheet magnet on the side of a large wood cabinet. Whenn I run out of space
I may look into these. TFS a great tip. Hugs...

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, this is a great storage idea. I have my big ones in CD-boxes in a greater box and the smaller ones are all together in a small drawer cabines on my desk. Need to go to everything before I have what I need. Might switch over to your system (when I have some time left). Hugs, Helen

Tracy said...

Wonderful system Michelle, I love seeing your storage on Wednesdays.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Diane said...

Wonerful idea! I store mine in a CD
wallet which I can bring with me if I go play somewhere!

TR said...

What great storage ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us.