Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CHA 2011 - Day three - you are just gonna have to let me blabber on here....

Now seriously - I may just get giddy here and you are just gonna have to let me have my little moment to blabber on about today!!!

For weeks I have been telling Stuart and Heidi (owners of Stampavie) that I just have to meet Donna Downey while here at CHA this year. We (Stampavie) have had some blog time and advertising on her blog and I have followed or "stalked" her stuff for a long long long time, before I really started card-making, stamping heck before I even was really doing much more than stickers and cut outs on scrapbook pages! So I have been teasing that I had two things I wanted to do while here. One Meet Donna Downey and two see Melody Ross again. I just loved her last year. Well we went in search of her yesterday and she didn't make it to the show. Sad - hope things are ok. But meeting Donna was like - a "dream" one of those things you would like to do, dream to do but never really do expect it... heck she is DONNA! Forget Martha Stewart ( sorry Martha ) but Donna is my kind of crafter - her aprons actually do get dirty and she even occasionally spills her ink or paint! And seriously I do think it is so cool they free spirit her art has, really inspirational. And cool to look at as well.

Well Stuart disappeared for a few minutes today. And when he came back he looks at me and says... in his Scottish accent of course... "Guess what - Donna Downey is going to stop by the booth"  Almost like hey it is raining out side. UH... really... NO WAY... and then sure enough guess who comes walking in the booth!!! Donna and her husband Bill!!!
 SEE it is really her!.. LOL I am such a dork I know, but just love this lady! I think it is cuz she is real. What you see on her blog is really her. I would like to think I am the same, but of course with out the huge fan club, product line and really cute clothes.
Here the four of us are with her. Diane, Heidi, Donna and Me. Just too too cool!

I did meet up with another great lady today - Mindy - she is a fellow DT member at Just Magnolia's & Hanglars.  Isn't it just the greatest when you get to meet up with people you get to know in blog land and you never think you will see in person. Really cute gal Mindy - so hope we get to meet up again and this time spend more time!

Only got out of the booth once today - and the only booth that really just jumped out at me and caught my attention on my short trip was the Ideology booth - WOW creative minds working up their booth design let me tell you!
Love Love Love the old looking cabinets with all of the small drawers - great display space and just really fabulous to look at. Now how I could snag one of these pieces of furniture and put in my suitcase I haven't figured out - but man I would love one!
This photo came out blurry for some reason, maybe it was cuz I was hurrying by cuz I was on limited time. GREAT use of that old cart and all those vintage suitcases! Maybe I could just leave my newer case here and pack into one of those?

But now this part of their booth... interesting, unique, different, and well... just a bit odd! But Cool too -
Love the chest of drawers - GORGEOUS... but the framed mannequin hands - hmmm. LOL

Ok - now I need to sign off and get some sleep. We open an hour earlier tomorrow morning and I am thinking the way I feel that hour is going to really feel much more than just 60 minutes!

HUGS and I'll try to snap more product photos tomorrow... just couldn't concentrate today... Did I tell you I met Donna Downey????


Kirsten Alicia said...

You blabber all you want, I can feel your excitement from here!! So pleased your CHA experience is proving to be so fantastic. Thanks for all the great photos. I was initially a little nonplussed by the framed mannequin hands too, but now I like them - they're weird, but in a nice way. Is that even possible??!! :)

Linda said...

I love your blabbering! I'm so glad you got to meet Donna. and for the record: YOU are a person I'd like to meet. I love your blog. And you are "real". and I have roots in TX, and my half/sister, whom I met for the very first time over a year ago...I'm 63... lives in TX. So... keep blabbering, friend!

Hugs, Linda

Helen said...

Just go on blabbering, wish I could be there as well to see all those nice things and meet some real crafters. Would be nice to bump into you as well and meet you, but I have to keep on dreaming as I am nowhere near LA. Wishing you some more good time. Hugs, Helen

redstamper7 said...

The photo of the four of you is wonderful! So glad you are having so much fun and meeting those we bump into thanks to the craftosphere. You are so much fun to follow, Michelle. Enjoy the warm weather!

Becky T

Carol Dee said...

These are great . Keep them coming. Continue to have fun, You are going to need a rest when you get home! Hugs...