Saturday, May 19, 2012

Animal Crackers - grass is yummy...

Hey there - went out yesterday afternoon to snap a few photos... it was a gorgeous day, and most everyone was grazing... finding that perfect piece of grass or hay.

Olive Oyl was having trouble with hers

She kept trying to walk with it and eat at the same time, it kept spinning around and hitting her in the face. But she was determined. 

Like Mother - Like Daughter - Janet was having a little afternoon snack with her Mom Jill.

It is so good to spend time with Mom...

Found three of the little ones that thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence :0)
They are getting real close to not being able to do this... a few will get their heads stuck for a bit until they learn to lean down when going through and coming back. Their little horns get hung... most figure it out pretty quick, but a few... well we hear a scream or two then they get it.

Went on from there to find the donkeys. Most everyone was way out in the pasture enjoying the grass...  But I found a few ...
Jolene was heading up to the front for a drink of cool water - I had just filled all the water buckets, and they love the "new" water.

But wait... look how cute this is. Diego and Irene were sharing a moment.
This is a case of you scratch my back I'll scratch yours.. but I prefer to call it "Donkey Hugs".

Then little Leticia... shhh she was taking an afternoon nap.
The babies are so scraggly right now. Grown out sun faded but always adorable.

Then back into the yard, Tuco was resting a bit himself in the shade -

His copper coloring is really coming in STRONG! And new spots every day. The sad thing is that my little puppy... he is disappearing. Woke up one day this last week and his little face was long and skinny... where is that plump round puppy face? Why do all the babies grow up so fast????

I took over 75 photos yesterday - most of them where Libbie - Autie and Chica. I could not get a decent photo of them for nothing! Chica is always moving 100 miles an hour. Autie's face is always buried into the grass, the tree, the steps.. you get it. And Libbie she was posing and sitting so pretty for me. But EVERY time I snapped... she blinked! I swear I have 18 photos of her with her eyes close, or partially closed. I'll try again for next week...

Hope you enjoyed these. Have a wonderful weekend.
HUGS and -


Anonymous said...

I can't say it often enough - I love Donkey Saturday! Thanks for the great pics of your gorgeous fur babies, a special thanks for the photo of Tuco, my Saturday is not complete now without seeing him.
Hope you all have a terrific weekend.

Marilyn said...

Great pics again Michelle and I thoroughly enjoy them and the story that goes with it. That's funny with the goats sticking their heads through the pagewire and I love the 'donkey hugs'. And of course Tuco... that little guy was made for loving, wasn't he. How could anyone resist that face?

Carol Dee said...

I enjoyed my visit today as I always do on Saturday Mornings. TFS you adorable critters. Love Donkey hugs. :) Hugs to all...

PaperSunshine said...

Wonderful pictures, I have to say though, Tuco has the most gorgeous coloring I have ever seen! Take care,

Lori K.

Helen said...

What a gorgeous photos again of my furry friends. Love Tuco; he is so adorable. Know what you mean by taking loads of pictures and none of them is what you want; that's the way it goes with live stock. Hugs to my furry friends.

Rufus said...

Of course the grass is greener on the other side of the fence!! Everybody knows that! LOL Love all the critter pictures. Thank heaven's for digital, huh? You'd never take all those if it was film!