Saturday, May 5, 2012

Animal Crackers - MEET BABY FLAVIO!!

Yes... we have had a baby Donkey! Late Thursday afternoon Bella decided it was time for us to meet her son, Flavio. (Hubby named him... some old time race car driver or something)
He is one handsome guy! And doing great. Bella is a great Mom. She did so good delivering him, when I went out to check on her he was already standing and eating. This was about 45 minutes after he was born.
 Adorable or what?
This is Friday afternoon - Bella catching up on some eating, and he was following like a good little boy.

Of course I did get the Day One photo with "Dad"

While out snapping the photos of Flavio, I made sure to talk to Pedro. He has been the only baby boy for awhile. Wanted to make sure he knew we still love him and he is just as adorable. :0)

He is a sweetie -
Then I went over to the goat pen - We are in the middle of building something special for the goats, can't wait to show it off... but you have to wait until it is finished.

Until then how about two girls -
Betty Davis -

Lovin those blue eyes! Those Betty Davis Eyes... We have quite a few of the kids with blue eyes -

Gracie is another that is just stunning -

She is a keeper for sure! She really is a looker, love her eyes, yes, but that black and white is just gorgeous. I love those Gorgeous Black Boots she has :0)

While I was in the goat pen, my little buddy was waiting patiently in the shade for me....

He loves to watch all the baby goats play. Sometimes it just gets more than he can handle and he runs the fence and barks, but today he was just chillin' and watching. Ha...just noticed his wonderful vet tag... little boy is teething as you can see. If I was brave, I would show you the three walls that are missing sheet rock, the corners of the base board and the leg of one of the chairs. LOL It is so good that he is cute :0)

Hope you enjoyed this week. It is just too fun around here right now.
Have a great Saturday -
HUGS and-


Kittie said...

I love Gracie's black and white coat.

Marie said...

Such cuties! THey are all adorable!

Dee in N.H. said...

Awwwwww.....everyone is looking so cute! Flavio is going to be a real handsome boy!

Marilyn said...

All are sweeties but man oh man... that little Tuco can steal a heart, can't he?

Carol Dee said...

OH goodness, it is a good thing all puppies are cute.Our did the same thing to the furniture and a few corners.Grrrr.He is 4 and the damage has yet to be repaired!
Love the sweet new addition, too.Hugs....

Kirsten Alicia said...

Welcome to Flavio, he's a beauty with those gorgeous ears. And hasn't Tuco grown?? He's such a handsome boy.

NanaBeth said...

Flavio is gorgeous-a for real little stud muffin!And oh those darling little goats.I have to start looking for more land!

Helen said...

WOW, these are again all so gorgeous. Your photos are awesome. Love all those furry friends. Tuco is a real sweetie and Flavio and Pedro are gorgeous. Those Betty Davis eyes are stunning and B/W Gracie ..... I love them all!!! Big hugs to all

Anonymous said...

Hi You are so lucky he's fantastic and so beautiful he looks so different even in just one day.
Kind Regards From Sam (England)

febe said...

So sweet and adorable! :)

seo exeter

Niki said...

Flavio is gorgeous, love his color. Pedro is looking fine also.

Be glad Tuco is short. My black lab pup could reach nearly 4' up the wall. We replaced a LOT of sheetrock!

Heidi Brawley said...

OMG that baby Flavio is really Handsome!!! Congrats!!!! Loved all the pics too!!!
hugs, Heidi