Saturday, May 12, 2012

Animal Crackers - Lazy Days

Hi -
Well we have mud. Lots of mud. I didn't get to far out yesterday to get photos. The sun was out yesterday and it was actually a beautiful day after Wednesday and Thursdays rain. The animals are tired of rain, especially the babies, they don't understand it, and don't like it at all. My spoiled rotten doggies... they don't like to go outside when it is raining. They stand on the porch and whine. OH my they might get wet... poor things. But then when the rain is over it is just fine to go flying off the porch and splash, roll and get totally nasty. Don't understand them...

But now to photos - when I went out late yesterday afternoon everyone was enjoying the warm evening sun. Bella was taking just a bit of a nap before dinner, I am sure she told baby Flavio... don't leave from under this tree son - I am going to rest a while.

We are way behind on the bonding with Flavio this week. All the heavy rains kept us from spending as much time outside like we normally do - so this week... double time Flavio loving! 

While checking on the goats I found this ... How precious is this photo?
Brothers Starsky and Hutch taking an afternoon nap before their dinner - Hutch is going to be really hard to take to Auction.... Not that he is super friendly, but he really has the most unusual fur! It is much longer than everyone else's, and his coloring is really pretty. I think I will have to work on Hubby to let him stay in our keep for a little while pen. 

Here is a photo I got my with my phone yesterday morning. I came around my truck to hop in and run to town, and Ted was laying right next to my door. Still a little wet from the night time rain... 
Hubby and I were talking about the donkeys this week. We love them all you know that. But we were discussing personalities. How they are all raised exactly the same, and yet some are obnoxious, and others are sweet and loving. Some are not afraid of anything, and a very few are skittish. But of them all... Our Standard Donkey Ted E. Bear - he is the most trusting, and friendly. He is slow and usually calm and quiet. Loves to greet visitors, especially if it looks like your vehicle may have something good to eat in it. Oh he has a temper, and is an unbelievable guard donkey. I have actually witnessed him chase, and nearly squish a coyote. He is the everything a Donkey should be. Perfect! 

Had to show these two photos off my phone as well...... Just have too..... 
Tuco ... this is how he sleeps. Seriously. How stinking cute is he? But it is in his genes to sleep this way... you see his Dad loves to sleep the same way - 
Yep... my little men, they like to sleep with their bellies up - feet sprawling everywhere and yes, snoring just a tad.... Love them. :0) 

We have been on watch for two goats this week - 
Alice gave us a bit of a scare earlier in the week. She got really sick one day - and in case you don't know, when baby goats get sick if you don't catch it really quick and under control they can die in a matter of days. So as soon as we saw that she was ill I started the meds, and vitamins. I am happy to say I think she is doing fine now. But just in case I am trying to keep a really close eye on her. 

She is a pretty thing isn't she.

Then there is Lillie... we are keeping a very close eye on her..... any guesses why ?
Yes, our last pregnant goat - she is starting to show the signs... her milk bag is HUGE and it looks like the babies are moving into position. So anytime from tonight to the next couple of weeks! LOL

Hope you enjoyed my lazy animals this week. Sometimes they are cuter when sleeping than awake you know...LOL
Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics Michelle, thank you for sharng your fur babies with us. I love the photos of Tuco & Autie, they are the cutest.
I've been up for hours, so now that I've had my Animal Crackers fix I can start my day. Have a great weekend.

Marilyn said...

Oh my... is Lillie having 10 babies? She looks that big and they are going to have to have short legs to get to that milk!
Wonderful pics again... you can tell Tuco and Autie are very secure dogs and totally know how safe they are by the way they sleep.
Thanks for another great Saturday morning.

Carol Dee said...

I could us a lazy day! THe critters got it right :) Love the cuddle brothers pic.

Rufus said...

Had to come catch up on my favorite critters. Love the pic of Starsky and Hutch! Autie and Tuco make me laugh. Ted E Bear is a big sweetie!
Thanks for sharing all your fur babies.

Helen said...

So totally love them all, the doggies are my favourite; one of my ladies is sleeping in the same way (and also outside when she is enjoying some sunshine). Hugs