Saturday, October 6, 2012

Animal Crackers - It's been a long couple of days...

I cannot even express how tired I am. But it is a good tired, and worn out, hot, dirty feeling, had a great time tired. The last three days we have been going to a semi-local antique show. Show really isn't the word. It is multiple towns about 2 hours from here and the tents, barns, buildings and back of trucks are literally sprawling out all around and between all the towns. I don't think I could even guess how many people were there selling... or buying! We planned to go two days. You see we have to drive back and forth due to the animals. So that means very early up and getting home after dark. And long days in the middle. Then we had to go a third... you see Hubby made a purchase early Thursday morning. Didn't want to have to carry it and risk damaging it so the lady offered to hold it for him under the table. And as we were just miles from home that night... he remembered it. So a third day was added. And of course I found more that day to buy...LOL His fault right?  We had lots of fun, first day we went with some great friends of ours that we hardly ever get to see... I would say "old" friends... but LeAnn would yell at me... Right??? LOL We had a great time with them and laughed quite a bit. Second day was our "work" day... to find things for us to sell in the new "store". Third day... we just walked and saw and enjoyed the day, oh and picked up the package from the day before. But coming home last night... we were both just about done in. I asked Hubby how many miles he thinks we walked in the three days and he said the thought of even guessing made him tired. All I have to say is when I go to my weigh in next week I sure better have a loss!!!

Here is a photo from the ride home last night. (Please ignore my left overs from dinner on the dash...)

Yea... it was really fun driving home. The sun was really pretty here... thirty minutes before we were both in pain from the glare. But pretty here :0)

This photo does not give the magnitude of this thing... really not in the least.

As we were leaving I snapped a photo looking down the road. This goes on mile after mile after mile. And the tents and such go back into the fields row after row after row. SERIOUSLY you walk forever. We did three long hard days and still missed huge parts of it all. Didn't even make it close to three of the towns! You can find EVERYTHING there... from very expensive art, furniture, collectibles, crafts, clothes... I took a photo, then deleted it... but I actually saw a table with "used" false teeth. Complete uppers and lowers... LOL  ANYTHING you want, you can find there, and more. It was nice to go into some of the real "shows" where it wasn't blowing dirt and had air conditioning... and where you saw really fabulous antiques you just don't see normally available. But that isn't where you usually find the "great deals" But still fun to look.

Ok, now how about some animals? I snapped photos earlier in the week "just in case" it was too late when I got home. Good thing.

We went over to the neighbors to check on the donkeys. (they have been loose on their property to "eat down" her long lush grass) It warmed my heart to see them come down the road to us when they saw us coming. When I went over a day after we let them through the fence, they really had to be convinced to stop eating and come and say hi. But now they have mowed it down and have full bellies so some ear and hind end scratching was priority. The grass was a good 10-12 inches long... so you can see they have really done some serious grazing!

Flavio came to say hi... but not too close!

Kills me how this guy is so cautious! He is a handsome little dude isn't he? I can get some end of the nose scratches now... so he is working on it, and you can tell he really wants more.


She is really mellowing as she has grown up. She was a crazy girl there for a while. She has taken a nip or two out of both Hubby and I, she has made us deaf from her screams just as you get close to her. She has escaped the pen and then thought it was hysterical to run from us. But now... she is really calming down. She is pretty much all grown up though. She still gets long winter fur though. As a baby she got the nickname as Buffalo, she really had gorgeous long hair, that did make her look a little like a baby buffalo.

Olive Oyl saying "hi"

She is really growing up into a pretty little lady. LOTS of color. She is SUPER climb on you friendly once she knows you. Fun some days, not so fun when she comes out of no where and shocks you... (experience talking there... )

Alice says "hi" too...

This little girl has those stunning ice blue eyes. And she is a pretty black white and grey, and she has become quite sweet too. :0)

Ok, not a great photo.. a little blurry in fact, but so darn funny I just had to share it.

 Tuco (and Chica) have this bad habit of liking to lay next to the food bowl to eat. Talk about Lazy! Well I came in the kitchen the other day and he was having his dinner, and I asked him why he was so lazy while eating. I don't think he liked being called Lazy... He looked up at me and while chewing made this little grunting sound like he was answering me. I snapped a photo of him cuz it was so cute, the look on his face, and instead of the little pouty face I caught him in the middle of chewing.. and those teeth hanging out. It looks like he is this wild angry dog. He is SO FAR from that.... he is such a love that it just cracked me up when seeing the photo.  But just in case this is some sort of hidden capture of a inner personality.... I don't think I would mess with him while he is eating dinner, it is so rare for him to have the bowl to himself. LOL

Ok, I am done. It is late Friday night right now... much later than I thought I would still be vertical... I decided that writing it before I crashed into to bed was better than being late posting on Saturday. There will be no alarm set.. I am going to sleep late until I feel human again! Maybe even until 7 or 7:30am! Hey it is a "live" ranch... any later than that and the donkeys and goats will figure out how to open the back door and come in and drag us out to feed them their breakfast! LOL

See you Sunday for "Me and My Space"... wanna see a few things I found this week?
HUGS and -


Marilyn said...

Sounds like you've had a blast with the sale. We don't have anything like that here, nothing. We did go to BC this summer and went out to some sort of Farmer's Market but there wasn't more than 25 or 30 booths so it's hard to fathom miles and miles of them.
Funny Tuco! Our Wildee used to lay down and eat and it just cracked me up too. Those goats are so funny... they always seem so curious and I am always so fascinated by their eyes.
Love the donks too.

Carol Dee said...

Yes, yes, I wanna see what you found. My poor feet would not take all that walking. Sure miss my antiqueing time. Now it is one shop or two and I am done.
Tuco REALLY lookslike he doesn't want to share. Too funny.
Love those pretty girlie goats you have. Especially the blue eyes. hugs...