Sunday, October 14, 2012

Me and My Space - The T has been freed! And a few Dolls...

Hello - Oops... missed posting this morning didn't I? We flew out of here so early, and in such a tizzy that I forgot a few other things too..

So I am just doing a new post for today and sharing our excitement of the day. The Model T has finally been freed from the Trailer and is sitting in its new garage. Ok, so the door has not been hung on the garage yet, but that is "suppose" to happen tomorrow. And we had family here today to help Hubby roll, push and pull and get it in its new home.

Here is Hubby... his first time actually behind the wheel.

It was really exciting to see it come down the ramp and out of the box trailer.

Thank you to Hubby's Brother and Brother in Law for all the help. I don't move fast enough any more to get out the way if it were to "get away". And knowing my track record I would probably fall and break something. More than likely something on me...

It is so pretty... The red is not correct... one day we will do the total restoration... but for now we will just get it running and enjoy it.

Sad thing is that we are so crazy busy getting ready for the Antique Show next weekend that Hubby really has no time to "play" with it this week. But I am sure he will find a few minutes here and there to tinker with it... after all he has been waiting over a month to even sit in it! BTW... the color is not correct, but pretty much everything else is totally original 1913. Now the top is not on it here, and now that I look at the photo... the front bumper is not attached in the right position it is just sitting up on the bars... but I think we all can still see how beautiful it is.

Ok... thought I would also show you something I was so thrilled to find for the show.... My plan was to maybe sell two and keep one... LOL But we will see.

These are stuffed dolls from Fabric Art Mills. They were produced around 1900. I love them. They are large, I think the two in the back are like 28 inches. Each of them have very old clothes on them. But they are printed with nice "under garmets" as well.  I will take all three to the show. And see if anyone else shares my love for them. When I showed them to Hubby... he said wow cool... And then said you are selling all three right? I told him I wanted to keep one maybe. He said.. "Well I kinda think they are creepy..."  Really??? Creepy????  I love them. What do you think? LOL

Have a wonderful evening...
HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

Love the car, but I'm sorry, I'm with the hubby about the dolls. Tell that old school buddy of mine hi!

Marilyn said...

Wow, that's a fabulous car... I love those old cars and who cares if it's red! Sorry Michelle, I'm with hubs on the dolls but you know, if it's something you love and it makes you happy, keep the one you want and who cares what the rest of us think. I've not kept or not bought something I wanted and I spend so much time on wishing I had... so now I just do!

TA Carbone said...

Well Michele it seems I am the only one with you. If I had a choice of keeping it one it would definetly be the one in the front. Maybe because of the color but that is my choice for sure to keep or maybe buy :)

:) TA

Anonymous said...

The car is gorgeous & when it's been returned to its original colour etc., it will be STUNNING.
Unfortunately, I'm another who agrees with your hubby; the dolls are creepy to me. But then, I was never a doll person, so ignore my phobia.
Have a great week.

Carol Dee said...

The model T is wonderful. I bet hubs is really itching to get to work on it. Looks to be in pretty good shape to start. The dolls are *interesting*! Not too creepy. LOL. They are in fabulouus shape for a fabric artical of that age. Good Find. Have a wonderful week. Hugs...

Jóna said...

Hi Michelle :)
I haven't been on any blog visit for many months, so I have much to catching up here. This car is awesome and I just love old cars, and this one is very special in car history. Congratulations to you and Hubby :)

The dolls, they are old and therefore interesting, but I don't have any memories of dolls like this so I am neutral in the matter :)

Lovely to visit you again,
All the best from the freezing/boiling/shaking island in the North Atlantic Ocean

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, love the car; can't wait to see when it is completely restored. I have to agree with hubby I am not too fond of the dolls either, but it is important if you like them. Regards.