Sunday, October 21, 2012

Me and My Space - Show Booth!

Thanks for understanding and being so wonderful with my short post by Tuco yesterday :0)  I guess my brain was just a tad fried and it was late so I was a bit goofy typing up that post. I'll be honest, I am not much better tonight.

It has been a very long day - but our first day really was great! A lot of fun, work, talking, and a bit of freak outs from time to time.  I had all our products entered into the software on my iPad. Went to ring up my first sale... nothing was there. Yep. all gone. Then I worked through it and entered in the purchase... went to print the invoice... says there was no printer found. I was really close to screaming it is right there!!!! Good thing everyone was so calm and nice. But it all worked out - and it was a wonderful day.

Ok.. Hubby took photos for me of our booth with his phone, mine was hooked up to the iPad for charges.

So here are photos of our first booth -

We are the first booth on the first isle on the right - Here is the view coming onto the isle. We "Had" lots of stuff early in the day. Sorry for the glare - they had the door open behind us for a time.

This is the tiered tables on the left - the steel trucks / toys and my 1850's Joel Ellis Doll carriage... well it was mine .. wink wink

Center of the booth...

Ahhhhh.. the door is pulled down and now you can see things a bit better... This is looking to the right of our booth. Hubby built the corner walls to be able to hang things and give us a good end to our booth. We have four of his brothers painting hanging this show -

You can also see my Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty Circus ten on the end. Was ticked pink when I found that!! The shelf on the back had just lots of all kinds of things. Toys, Doll furniture, Pottery, Yelloware and kitchen collectibles. A little for everyone!

OH... and the "Creepy Dolls" ( you can see them in a couple of the photos...) Well Hubby will sleep well now... all three were sold to one lady who just went nuts for them. So he won't have to worry about them staring at him any longer... until I find another one :0)

Hope you like our booth photos... I am beat, I am going to schedule this to come on and pass out. That alarm clock is gonna off real soon -

HUGS and have a wonderful Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the booth looks fantastic, I would have wanted everything! Well, except the creepy dolls. :) Hope you get time to rest today.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Wow your booth looks fantastic! Sound like a good start.

Jay Jay

diane (cookiestamper) said...

Looks great and sounds like you had a fun, successful day!

Ellie Maggie said...

Wow how great your booth looks! I wish I wasn't stuck here in the UK, I would have loved the chance to take my time looking at everything you're selling. You did so well with your sales (once your ipad behaved!). Hope today goes just as well, if not better! Put your feet up for a lovely rest when you get home. x

Carol Dee said...

I see several fun things I might have been tempted to purchase... Good thing I do not live close enough to attend! ;) The booth looks sunny and well lite and in a great location. Hope you had much LESS to bring home. Hugs....

Shelly said...

Your booth looks fabulous!!! Well worth all your hard, tiring work. Hubby's wall looks excellent. Great idea! Love it!! I hope you had a lot of sales and were able to have a good time too.