Saturday, October 13, 2012

Animal Crackers - HELLO?

Pattie Says... HELLO?????

Ha! She is feeling so much better now! Especially since she has put back on her weight she lost when sick (and probably a few more pounds) - She is back to her friendly happy funny self!

Jazz says me too... I say Howdy...

Good ole, Jazz... slow steady and ALWAYS ready for some ear scratches! oops only one ear is ready here -

Speaking of ears....

LOOKIE... here is Coffee! As a baby we called him ears, his head has finally grown in and they seem to fit better... still really long though. He is Patiie's son, we purchased them together years ago. Coffee now belongs to the neighbor... yes the one that moved and I told you loaded up all the horses and donkeys and took them to their new home. Well Coffee and his buddy Toffee - they decided that they were not quite ready to leave Texas yet and gave us some problems getting into the trailer the day we were loading up everyone. So we are donkey sitting them for now and they are living with all the Ladies. (Its ok... they are "safe" to be in with them)

Snapped this photo of Darlene to show just how sleek and trim she is!

Really she has really gotten so much skinnier. She has put back on just a few pounds with all of the neighbors grass the past month. But she is a healthy weight now. She was VERY wide before. Pregnant looking when not wide. She may be our "old lady" at nearly 20, but she is looking great!

Gloria and Angeline stopped for a pose for you -

Such pretty little gals aren't they? Angelina is one of our oldest babies. I think she is getting close to 5 now.... soon hopefully we can get her in with Raffie and have a little one of her own. She is a clone of her Mom, Macie and her little sister Felicia is a clone of both of them. Can't wait to see what "Lina" gives us.

Speaking of "sitting" .... Have I introduced you to Chevy before? I can't remember....

 Chevy is like family - well he really is family to the three outside dogs. He is their "Daddy"... Chevy lives down our road just a little ways. This dog has the most personality of any dog I have ever met. We were "watching" him earlier in the week while his family was out of town. The outside doggies love playing and running from our farm, to the neighbors, then to Chevy's house... then back again. Of course running all around and between the donkeys while doing it. I was trying really hard to get him to smile for the camera. This dog has the greatest smile ever - especially with those ears. Seriously he totally smiles!

Niner one of his kids... he can sort of get a smile going....

 Not sure how I can top that photo... LOL

So whats up today? Us... we are going to be running around crazy getting ready for the Antique show next weekend. Yep... we have signed on for a Booth in an Antique Mall starting November 1st. And then we signed up for two different towns Antique Shows - Next weekend then another town second weekend of November! We are so excited... not quite ready... but excited! LOL I'll make sure to take lots of photos next Saturday at the start of the show so you can see our booth! ;0)

If you happen to be in central Texas... come see us at the Comfort Antique Show, Oct 20th & 21st!

Gotta Fly.. we need to run into town for a few things. I need some price tags on strings, and safety pins.  Got a bunch on Doilies I don't want to stick stickers on. And Hubby needs a few more pieces of lumber to finish off our Corner display. Toodles!

HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, great to see Pattie looking so well. Have a great weekend.

Tammy Ortiz said...


I just adore your pets. You are awesome. I love your critters
Hugs Tammy ortiz

Marilyn said...

Great post Michelle! It's good to get an update on everyone and good luck with your sale.

Helen said...

THanks for sharing all the lovely donkeys and the dogs. Great. Wishing you a lovely weekend and good luck with your booth.

Carol Dee said...

The shows sound like a lot of work yet so much fun. Wish I could come!

Rufus said...

Great pictures, everybody is looking good. Wishing you lots of fun and sales at your Antique show, just make sure you don't bring home more than you took!

Ellie Maggie said...

Really good to catch up with animal goings-on. So happy to see Pattie well again. You've got a busy week getting ready for your sale so I wish you good luck! Looking forward to seeing your photos of the sale! x