Saturday, August 6, 2011

Animal Crackers - Little Miha has found a new home....... ;0(

I showed this photo during the week.. but thought I would share it again for those that missed it. Cuz it is the last one of our little Miha -
 Yes.. you read that right. Yesterday I got a phone call from a gentleman looking for a little girl. I was so torn, I really didn't want to sell her, as I have gotten so attached. But I know that we just can't keep all our babies. And she will bring love and joy to another family. We are very sad, but feel good about her going. Pout Pout

Autie and Chica are really going to miss her, but they do have each other. And honestly Chica has been a little down with the attention that the puppies were getting.
 So Chica goes back to being my baby...

 Got a cute photo of Gato our cat - She LOVES to watch out side from her Bed Lounge. Enjoying the birds, and goats from the comfort of a cushy bed and air conditioning.
I took this photo from outside - :0) Love that you can see the bottom of her little foot pressing on the window.

NO we didn't forget to get a photo of Miss. Libbie - she is in her skinny stage from the babies. I think she was about ready for the last one to leave. She still would tend to her, but wasn't letting her nurse anymore.
 She is such a super model. Now she can go back to just being the leader of the three - running the house and no worries of babies.

Do you love this photo I got of Bo or what!!! I leaned over the fence to talk to him. Now mind you he is one of the skittish ones and normally would bolt to talk to me from a safer distance.
But instead he just stood there looking straight up at me with those gorgeous baby blues! Sad he has to go off to the sale barn soon.... I hope he will go somewhere that he can pass on those gorgeous eyes.

The Girls pen was having dinner when I got to them. I just love that Juliet has bonded so much to these girls. We really wanted her to run with the other standards, but we just are not pushing her, she loves her "little" friends.

 Lydia is her bestest friend - she is ALWAYS by her side. Actually Juliet is by Lydia's side, as Lydia all though smaller is the leader -

Lydia's Mom is getting really close to having another baby!! I just hope she will wait until evening, or early morning. Her last two she has had in the middle of the day and it is just too hot for that now.
 As long as they are both healthy - we are happy. Lacey is a great Mom and has really given us some pretty girls. Well Raffie technically supplied the girl part right? But Lacey has done her part on good friendly babies!

Here is our wonderful spot Jack Raffie - many know him as my "smiling donkey" But he is a working guy here... and has given us many great SMALL babies. Most of which have been girls.
I just had to share one more... it was tooooo darn cute!

Hubby was getting hay to feed the goats. We don't use big round bales in with them. Well Raffie and his three girls here really was hoping that they were going to get some too.... Here they were just keeping a close eye on "Dad" But when he went the other way with they hay they let out a few "Over here - we want some too" yells for him. Then they went off to their round bale and had dinner. LOL

Hope you enjoyed today's Animal Crackers - And we hope you have a wonderful weekend!
HUGS and-


Kittie said...

Ugh! I can only imagine the heartbreak of letting that darling little puppy go. I know it is necessary but I'm sure that doesn't soften the blow of having lost your baby. Those dogs are so precious!


Aw. I know you will miss her. She has such a sweet face.
Loved all the photos and the last shot was really cute.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Every photo today had me going "aawwww"!! And yes, you will miss that gorgeous little girl, make sure her new family promise to keep you updated on her progress from time to time. Happy weekend to you all.

Dee in N.H. said...

Ha! Had a good giggle for the donkey butts! Great pics!

Carol Dee said...

Another wonderful visit over the rence! Love that they wanted more hay while they already had their own. Miha will bring so much joy to someone, too. Stay cool, hugs...

Rufus said...

I can imagine how torn you must feel. But as you said she's going to bring them so much joy...she's a real cutie. Loved the last pic of the donkey butts all lined up at the fence...they'd even alternated colors!

Cazzy said...

Oh wow, I have missed so much by not blog hopping lately. Love the photos.

Cazzy x

Cazzy said...

Nearly forgot to say well done on the bridal shower toppers.

Helen said...

What a cute images again. Sorry to hear you have to say goodbye to the gorgeous little girl, but as long as you know she will be in a loving home, I think you will be all right with that. You always get attached so easily to those youngsters. Hope your weekend was great. Hugs from Holland