Saturday, August 27, 2011

Animal Crackers - Meet Baby RRRRAMON and Baby Sonia!

My post is a little late this morning... sorry... but I was waiting for the sun to come up and get out there to take photos of Macies Baby!! Yes she had her baby in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3:30 am and went out to check on her just in time for her water to break - run in and get Hubby and back out to see her born :0)

First up is Jazz's baby -

I am not for sure how to spell the baby's name the way Hubby says it.. his name is Ramon. Hubby every time he says it has a heavy accent and rolls that "R" for 20 or 30 seconds... How ever you say it, he is one handsome guy!

 He is a blackish coloring - with a visible cross on him. I think he is going to look a lot like his older brother Carlos - He has his attitude for sure! Friday afternoon - just 24 hours old and he was already driving his Mom nuts. He would run to one side of the pen - then just as Mom would catch up to him... he would snort, kick, buck and take off to the other side. You could just see Jazz's face saying... boy if you don't settle down and stand still I am gonna...... LOL

We of course got the traditional day one photos with "Dad". Hubby just loves this tradition. He has had his photo taken like this with every baby born here. Need to do a stroll down memory lane and show off some one day when I don't have any new photos to share.

 I got one photo just after Ramon was born ... first standing and then first steps. Mom was cleaning him up and knocked him over just after this ....

Now Macie's Baby -
She is a TINY little thing! Then again all of Macie's babies are - Her name is Sonia -

 Too stinkin adorable!! We were shocked when this little dark baby popped out. Macie has had three babies, and they were all grey duns - Jorge the last one had a dark face, but a grey dun. Angelina and Felicia are both carbon copies of their Mom. And now... Sonia - totally adorable. I think I said that... LOL
 She may not have her Mom's coloring, but She has her Mom's GORGEOUS face. We have always said that Macie is our beautiful donkey. Her eyes are just stunning, and have so much well... beauty - and it looks like little Sonia is gonna have the same eyes! She isn't quite as dark as her two day older 1/2 brother Ramon... has more light points and reddish tones.

Love this photo...
Was snapping photos of Macie and Sonia and looked up and saw Jazz and Ramon in the background. Isn't going to be long before these two are lapping the pen together and "donkeying" around. LOL Ramon already is... Macie's babies are usually much more reserved... so we will see in time.

And yes - had to have Day one photo with Dad -

Macie is always close to where ever her babies are. She is SUPER protective. Just ask Yolanda... she has gotten her back kick notice to stay back. That will wear off in a few days then everyone can sniff her and get to know her.

I wanted to show off Lacey and Gabby.... Yes, they are still in the back yard. Gabby just can't kick this afternoon fever thing, I am really getting worried. She acts perfectly normal.... just keeps running that darn fever -

Have a great Saturday!  I am off to hug baby donkeys!! How will I ever get my list of things to do done today???? 
HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia said...

A huge welcome to the new babies, they are gorgeous. Lovely photos of them with theur Dad. If I had the room for a donkey, I would want Sonia for sure. Gabby looks so well, but the temp thing is such a worry for you. I hope it settles down as she gets older & stronger.

Marilyn said...

Thanks again for a fab Saturday morning... such sweet babies! I hope that temperature of Gabby's straightens out... she's as cute as a button!

Carol Dee said...

Need help? I would love to come over and hug on Donkey babies so you could get your chores done!!! LOL. Too bad I live so far away :(
Everyone looks great. Happy and healthy. Hope things begin to cool down, especially for the sweet little Gabby. Hugs...

Marie said...

Such cuties they all are. Such lovely little creatures. All the best to the little Gabby. Poor little thing.
Love n hugs

LorraineB said...

Beautiful!! You guys are so lucky. I would love to be there with them.

Helen said...

What a gorgeous babies again. Give them a big hug from me. Can imagine you worry about Gabby with this fever, keep my fingers crossed for her. Hugs from Holland.

Rufus said...

What fun! Love the first day with Dad pictures, esp with Macie right there to make sure he didn't drop Sonia. Also the pic of Macie and Sonia with their faces together! Oh she's a beauty for sure, love the coloring with her white nose and rings around those gorgeous eyes. Gabrielle is looking even cuter, if that's possible. Just wish she could lick this temp thing. Rrramon is going to give Jazz a run for her money that's for sure!