Monday, August 29, 2011

Happily Ever After

Did you think I had fallen off the earth again? Sorry I missed yesterday's Dust it Off post... was just crazy here. You see it was my Best Buddy Tracey's daughters Bridal Shower that I have been helping with invitations and decorations - and it was also a surprise dinner for my MIL's 80th birthday. Which by the way is today! Happy B-DAY Joyce!

So lots going on for me yesterday and I was a bit more frazzled than normal. First how about if I show you Tracey and I's Pride from the shower. Well other than gorgeous Brittany the Bride... I am sure Tracey was very proud of her :0)

But we did have lots of time in on this and it really turned out too cute!
Why didn't I notice that those hearts had spun around! But really it was gorgeous. LOTS of bling around each letter, and lots of different flowers, butterflies and such. We used Tracey's Cricut to make it, and then totally raided both of our stash to decorate. Don't even want to think about how many bottles of stickles... but oh so worth it!

I made part of her gift from me - I wanted something to put a gift certificate in. Not sure this was the best for a certificate, but it really ended up pretty...
 I found the instructions on one of my lengthy clicks through blogs... ever do that? I get so lost sometimes, but really enjoy finding new blogs! I got my instructions/tutorial from Ink Something 2 Blog - but do a search on Google for Drawer Box tutorial and there are lots of different ones - all shapes and sizes.
 I used Brittany's colors for her wedding. And the photo is from her engagement photos.
Gorgeous couple aren't they. Hope they don't mind I showed them off here ;0) I printed their photo on adhesive canvas - really a wonderful look!

From the shower Hubby and MIL picked me up to go for a quiet dinner on our way home. Just the three of us.. wink wink.... But once we got there - we lead her to the party room... where the family was! She was really shocked! Was a great evening. Three of her children, spouses, Grand-children and great Grandchildren!

Was a great evening - I think she really enjoyed it and that makes me really happy - she deserves lots of smiles with all her family - she is a super special lady! 
Have a great day! See you tomorrow for Spoon Full of Sugar and my MIL's Birthday gift.
HUGS and-


Heidi Brawley said...

AWE what an awesome box you made! What a surprise Bday dinner that was. How cool!
Heidi B

Heidi said...

Love the box my friend, and its so nice to see the photos. Its always nice to be with the family ♥

Hugs and love

Carol Dee said...

Fabulous gift box. Lovely couple. Your MIL looks proud and happy. Congrats to all...

Dee in N.H. said...

You have been a busy girl! Love the banner and the fab gift box too! Congrats and Happy Birthday to your MIL!