Saturday, August 13, 2011

Animal Crackers - LOTS of Baby Gabrielle Photos :0)

 * Edited to Add: We need some prayers again here at Animal Crackers...... Gabrielle our baby has been pretty sick the past couple of days. Basically the heat and being a new born is too much for her this week. She is holding her own right now... praying that she gets stronger and eating more and can fight the heat and win!

This little donkey is definitely gonna be a Super Model! She is really getting into the posing for me! Love that! Gabrielle is stunning and looking like she may have her Mom's same pushy friendly personality - I hope so!

My new favorite photo....
I just love this photo!!!! The light, the angle? The way baby Gabrielle is coming over Mom Lacey's ear... I don't know... just love it!  But wait - close second this week...
Now you all know that we take traditional day one photos of "Dad" (Hubby) with the new baby. We have done this with every single baby born here. They are all similar, but the ones with Lacey... are always just too perfect! I swear she likes to smile and pose with them! She is even looking at the camera while posing up with the baby. It is too funny!
We were laughing at her and the way she poses for the camera when Hubby put the baby down and was loving on her. Well Mom Lacey wanted loving too!!! So she went in for her own hugs - Sweet photo isn't it. Oh my this one may have to be my new favorite.
LOL.... Lacey is a bit of an ox with her "loving hugs" and let me tell you she is strong as an ox too! Hubby nearly lost his head with this hug!! LOL
They are adorable - Mom and baby Gabrielle - I love them so!
One more close up! Isn't she pretty... even if all ears and legs at this point. Amazes me that when all these photos were taken she was only 7 hours old! Already making rounds around the pen and active. Just beautiful!

But as we left that pen... we found this across from us...
Little Yolanda - "HELLO.... I AM STILL ADORABLE TOO AREN'T I??"  Yes, Yolanda, a mess, shaggy and hot, but totally adorable! She needs more shedding brush done. It isn't good to remove the baby's fur even if hot - but we brush them a bit to try and remove the tangles of fur. Then she rolls around in the dirt and more are there. Once she loose her baby fur and can be cleaned up properly she is going to be a stunning little gal, with her dark face and markings. We still love you Yolanda... no worries there baby!
Turned towards the house and the dog yard, and goat pen I found Rhett like this...... Is there any more grain??? This one seems to be empty now. Don't worry... we have a few bowls on the ground for the little ones to eat out of so we don't make them eat on their tippy toes :0)
Now that both puppies are gone, Libbie has gotten real playful again. Her and Chica really have been tearing it up lately - loudly too I might add - They were running in circles here jumping at each other. Just a Mom and her oldest daughter having some fun!

And then there is my boy - 

Just how darn handsome is he???  Stunning boy when clean and brushed. Shame he gets so dirty so fast. It has been quite windy here in the evenings - he has that blowing hair cover of a romance novel look here doesn't he?? Snort.... snort! :0)

Well hope you enjoyed today's Animal Crackers! We have more babies coming through out the next month or so! I just can't wait!!!

HUGS and-


Jilli said...

Thank you Michelle for cheering me up on what has turned out to be a stressful Saturday morning. You've put a smile back on my face with your gorgeous photos! Hugs Jillix

Kirsten Alicia said...

I am shocked to read the addition to Animal Crackers today. Poor Gabrielle. I really, really hope this beautiful little girl is strong enough to make it.

Redlady said...

Will be saying an extra prayer for your baby Gabrielle.
She is beautiful.Let's hope she will be OK.
God Bless'

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. Will keep my fingers crossed for little Gabrielle. Good luck!

NanaBeth said...

Love and prayers are with-Gabrielle is such a gorgeous girl! And Yolanda is absolutely adorable cute-she looks like quite the ham too!

Carol Dee said...

I will pray for not only a stronger Gabrielle but for cooler temps for TX. It is TOO hot for everyone and everything. LOVE those photos of DH and the Momma and Daughter. Cute.

Rufus said...

This might be the best Animal Cracker yet, those pictures are just adorable! Mama, baby Gabrielle and DH, too funny. Will be hoping that it cools off some and Gabrielle gets stronger.

Wendy Swenne said...

Such lovely pictures. They made me smile, the ones with your husband and the baby and mother :D

I hardly post a comment, but follow your blog with my blog-reader. Love the pictures you put on your blog from your lovely animals.



Marilyn said...

Great photos and story Michelle! That is so funny about Autie's blowing hair looking like the cover of a romance novel... your very own Fabio of Animal Crackers!