Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dust It Off Sunday - My pretty little round box!

hi  - first a Gabrielle update. She is doing ok... the heat of the day is still getting to her, but she is hanging in. Actually she has spent some time in the bathroom... yes in my house. We had to get her cooled down, So that is a first, I have jokingly said that I would bring them in the house to take care of them. But when the Doc says that is the best treatment, then all sanity goes out the window and I bring a donkey in the house! Now her Mom has to stay outside, so in and out the baby goes to get food from Mom. Each day she is a little better... so hopefully we can get through this and she gets stronger and can fight the heat after a few days or week or so.

Now on to my Dust It off Sunday post - this time it wasn't my image I dusted off. No while sorting out some of my "Junk" on the shelves, I found a cute round wooden box. I must have purchased it on sale at some point.. LOL don't remember. But I decided it was time to decorate it! This was an opportunity to use my new paints too!

So I pulled out my paints. I started to go with something to match my craft room. But then for some reason, I decided that brown and white gone vintage would look better. I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio Semi-Gloss Blank Canvas white, and Sable Brown and painted the entire box.
 Then I started thinking about how I wanted to decorate it. I really loved using the Stampavie Penny Johnson image "Bird Cage", But it was too small - so I decided to use the Claudine Hellmuth Studio multi-medium Gloss paint as a image transfer. I stamped the image, copied it larger to the size of the lid then used the transfer to put the image on the box. Love this! Images can be any size we need them! I lightly colored with Copic Markers to add just a touch of color.
It needed more - after trying many things - I settled on Stickles Distress Brown glitter. I dotted my way around the top. Love that - While it was drying I moved onto the base. Laying on my desk was a scrap of the Martha Stewart Jumbo heart punch.

WOW how dramatic is that! So I punched out enough to circle the entire base of the box and then glued it down with the Gloss paint. WOW... then it needed more Distressed Stickle dots! After it all dried, I inked it all over. Then put a second coat of gloss paint -

Hope you enjoyed my little round box. I sure had fun making this one. I got messy with my new paints, finally used one of those impulse purchases on sale "to decorate", and got to enlarge a image I love and have Bigger fun with it!!

Have a great Sunday -
HUGS and-


♥ Sonja Bekker ♥ said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm so glad for you that it's getting a little better with Gabriella!!
And your box WoW so Adorable!!
I would put it on my table for showing of!

Hugs Sonja

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, it's great that Gabrielle is holding on, bringing her into the cool of your bathroom was an excellent idea. I hope she gets stronger in the coming days & that the weather cools down for all of you.
The box is GORGEOUS! I love the image on the lid.

LorraineB said...

I hope Gabrielle is feeling better. I'm sure with all the care she's getting she'll be fine. I'm sure she's loving being in your bathroom. I would have done the same thing. Anything for animals.
I loved that box. I have a "thing" for boxes and pretty tins.

LorraineB said...

PS it cooled off a little today in NY but even hot here is cool compared to what you're getting. We're having torrential downpour all day today and I wish you were getting some of this.

Pop's Cards said...

hey sweetie this is just stunning, hope your babies are growing bigger now hugs x x x x

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, glad to hear that Gabrielle is doing a bit better, still keep my fingers crossed for her. I love the way you made the box; when I am home again I must need to do some cleaning up the mess in my room as I know that I also have all kinds of things which can be decorated. Hugs from Holland.

Maryann said...

I just love your box here, it´s so gorgeous. You really did an awesome job on it, that´s for sure, and it´læl look gorgeous anywhere with these colors here. Really beautifgul work hun. Keep it comming.

Carol Dee said...

The punch band is very striking around hte bottom. Pretty little box.

Rufus said...

Glad to hear that Gabrielle is holding her own. I can just see her in the bathroom, thinking hmmm, this floor is different, what's that thing over there? Where's MOM?! But at least she'll cool. How's Mom taking you making off with her baby?
Sweet box! Bet you had fun with that.

Mad Moose said...

oooh this is just too cute! I love it! x