Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Me and My Space - more cabinets and flowers anyone?

Just a bit late today huh? Sorry.... time is just flying by me this week. Didn't help that I had to spend all afternoon yesterday in a very crowded office to get my drivers license. Wasn't thinking it would take that long - 1/2 a day, but that was a biggie checked off my list, and I really didn't want to get pulled over with an expired license next week -

So late it is today, but better late than never right?

I thought I would show a few more of my "boxes" that are on my desk. I am loving these JetMax Boxes/Cube thingies for my storage. They are clean and well so far pretty easy to keep organized.

Here is one of the divided cubes. Now this cube came with the one shelf and then a drawer. I purchased two of them and used the two drawers in one and turned this one sideways for more standing storage. One side is my Papertrey Ink Card stock, handmade papers, baby wipes. 
The other side is what I am calling my junk side. LOL I have some plastic shelf drawers left over from my last system. I have some of my little thing stored here. Basically unorganized "junk". Tags, clips, forms, you know all those little things you have no idea where to put. I also have my Spellbinders Grand Nestie standing here.... I am sure I will have to find a new system for these larger dies, as one will grow into more sets I am sure, but right now... one is all I have :0)

Below this cube is my two flower drawers - I have shown in the past.

Next to these two are two different styles. The top one is three drawers (I'll show them off later, still working on these) Then below is a glass door cabinet. Love this one!
In this cabinet is where I have my Air Compressor and Slice machine. Safe from the cat chewing on the cords.. yes, I have had to replace the compressor cords - they don't work with millions of little teeth holes in them do they? :0) They are also safe from dust and such, but that glass door keeps them in my sight and mind - so I don't forget to use them from time to time!

 Now for my personal item.... it is personal and well it is storage as well! We all love our flowers for our projects right? I love to also use some of the pretty flowers from the floral department of the craft store. Well... why not enjoy them as well?
 I purchased a very inexpensive watering can from IKEA - then I collect all my flowers that I am using for that season and "store" them in the watering can on top of my cube storage. Pretty decoration as well as useful. Now from time to time I have to shove them back into the can... again .... The Cat likes to get into my things and she will pull out the flowers to play with them. Sigh... good thing I love that Gato so much - cuz she makes me nuts sometimes, her biggest thing she gets into trouble for in my craft area..... she likes to tear paper. Yep... tear paper. Not a good thing in a paper crafting room. So all paper stacks and paper has to be cleaned off my desk when I am done or she will turn them into confetti - Very sad when she got a hold of a brand new stack of glitter papers once. Hubby had to remind me how much I love her that day.....

Again sorry I was so late today - hope you enjoyed a peek into my craft room. Have a wonderful day and I'll be back on Friday with my Just Magnolia and Hanglar post!

HUGS and


Tracy said...

My cat likes to climb in the cupoard under my desk and curls up to sleep, then when she wakes she clambers out and drags everything out with her.
Love your cube storage.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Glad someone is getting organized. I start to do it, but never seem to finish it. Edna

Carol Dee said...

Gato would have a rit in my room! Always something left out. Love the flowers in the watering can. Great idea,hugs...

Kirsten Alicia said...

That's a great storage cabinet & the flowers look lovely in the watering can.

Maryann said...

I really wish I had some of those cubes too, as they really seems to be pretty effective to use for lots of things. I can think of many ways to use them and lots more things, they could work sooo great for as well. But hopefully one day, I´ll be just as sorted out as you are hun ha ha ha.
have a wonderful week-end and hope GAto will stay out of your papers. I have a dog, and he doesn´t like the papers, but boy he finds it amusing to play with my ribbons, and believe me, it can really take a long time, if he´s got hold of my boz and got it opened. Then there´s ribbon everywhere and I have had to cut quite some lenghts of, because I found lots of toothmarks in them too LOL. Sometimes our aimals really must feel lucky, we love them as much as we do ha ha ha.
have a great week-end hun.