Saturday, March 27, 2010

Animal Crackers ... ah Spring!

A glorious sunny afternoon! I do believe Spring has sprung! And all of the animals are really loving it!

First I am so happy - I have to show your what Hubby brought home this week... nope not another donkey, goat, dog or cat...  a wonderful huge Red Oak Tree! The tree in our back yard, which is now divided for the goats, Libbie and Autie - we have a very old large old not well old tree... that is ready to fall over. We have cut on it and trimmed as much as we can, but it is now time for it to come down completely. That is something we have not wanted to do, we need the shade in our yard - the goats really need the shade now. So Hubby planted it this week, and once we get a tree ring around the bark - we will open the pen back up around the tree... the goats will try and eat the bark and kill it if we don't get the tree ring first.

Pretty huh?
This tree will give some awesome shade in coming years!
Speaking of shade... we have planted quite a few trees around the property since moving here. Most are just outside the donkey pens... inside the donkey pens are dangerous for the trees... they get eaten. But just outside, they still get the shade. I love this shot of Lina and Pavo... they were enjoying the shade, not many more than two or three can here though. LOL

Needing the shade is Felicia. Man this donkey has some hair! Most of our donkeys I can brush out a few times and they loose all their winter fur - a few we shave just cuz it does get so hot here in the summer... Felicia is going to be one of those HAVE TO shaves... she will melt this summer. They say that long hair is really popular in she show rings up north - But not here in Texas! As soon as the nights are a bit warmer - she will spend time with the shears!

And look at our new baby, Alonso... I tell you this guy really is a stunning dude, and we have never had one so independent and adventurous so young! I look out the window and he will be all the way across the pen from his Mom... charging another donkey - most of the time it is Frio, but he has already learned that despite Alonso being the instigator of the trouble... Frio will be the one to get in trouble with Bella, Alonso's Mom... So Frio is keeping just a bit of distance, just until Alonso is a little older I am sure.

Feeding time in the goat pens... we got a new goat feed last week... mmm they really love it! This is Paintbrush and her 4 kids, aren't they getting big!  We have already sold Ricky, Fred and Ethel to a neighbor, so as soon as they are old enough to wean they will be moving next door. But Lucy.. my girl will stay with us :0)

I found myself spending all my time in the pen holding Lucy and loving on Lucy - she is so sweet and affectionate.  But since selling the other three, I knew I needed to work on some lovin' with them as well... Ricky and Ethel have taken to it very well - they are now just as friendly as Lucy - Fred on the other hand... well he is working out some man issues - he spends all his time trying to head but Lillies older kids.  Here is a close up of Ethel, she has really stunning gold eyes.

Here is Libbie and Autie talking to Annie ... ok so Libbie was yelling at her. I am telling you Libbie is really having some I am boss issues the past couple of weeks. She barks at all the other animals all the time, she won't listen to anyone or anything. Which has "Dad" and I ready to pull out hair out... or Libbies! She runs out the door every chance she gets and then won't come back in... AHHHH good thing she is so darn cute, it saves her most of the time. I keep telling myself it is a faze and she will grow out of it. Well she better!

Ok this is a bit blurry... but it was such a cute photo I had to share it. Don't you love how his ears are flopping up... That boy LOVES to run outside, I need to mow this weekend, and I hate to cuz he has so much fun jumping in the high grass... Once in a while Libbie will join him in the run, but most of the time she just stands at the fence barking at the goats... sigh...

Hope you enjoyed Animal Crackers.... Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are!

Hugs and-


Linda aka backroads girl said...

Yeah, it's Saturday, Animal Crackers! Love them all! Thanks so much for sharing. the tree looks gret, too!

Jo said...

Hi Michelle, fab piccies as always and how cute is Felicia with all that hair, I love her such a shame to cut it off!! Will it grow back like that if you shave her? Thanks for sharing, Hugs Jo x

Archies Mum said...

Love reading your animal crackers tales. You are so lucky having so many animals, but I'm sure it must be a lot of hard work as well. Looks like the weather is really nice with you (you lucky thing) x

Diamond Doll said...

Fabby Photos once again Michelle,Yes i agree Alonso is a cool dude and wow how much fur has Felicia a question for you what do you do with the fur? just wondered.
Thanx for sharing
Trish (-:

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hooray for Animal Crackers Saturday! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics Michelle. Felicia is definitely a furry baby!!

Rufus said...

Poor Libbie is just re-asserting herself as HEAD MOMMA. You keep bringing in all these other critters! Hope that she gets it out of her system soon, since I'm sure it is about to drive you to drink. What a great looking bunch of Animal Crackers this week. They are all just so stinkin' cute! Esp. the babies. Always look forward to Sat. Thanks,

Cynde said...

Great pictures Michele, as always! You are so sweet to post for all of us that love seeing your sweet ones! I cannot believe how much they have all grown. My goodness, it's a good thing only a few of your donkeys need to be shaved. Your new tree will bring you so much shade, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing, it always does my heart good to stop by.Hope you have a great Sunday together in this glorious weather.

Sue said...

I love Saturdays because I get to check out Animal Crackers! Your fur babies are just the sweetest things ever! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful fur family!

Becky said...

Awesome pictures. I just love hearing about your animals.

Annie said...

thanks for sharing Michelle, I love to see and read about your animal crackers!
hugs, annie x

Leah the Orange said...

AWWW!! TOO cute! and WHOA, the hair on that little sweetheart! i know *I* wanna chop all mine off in the summer, so i can only imagine how Felicia would feel!

thanks for showing the goats, too! they're one of my favourite barnyard animals. :)

Shelly said...

I sure do enjoy the Animal Crackers pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Caroljenks said...

What gorgeous pictures - as always :)

Alonso is just so cute! That little 'ears-poking-out
-of-hat' thing he has going on is fab!

I love to read your posts and look at your pics - What an idilic life you lead :)

Carol x