Saturday, March 20, 2010

Animal Crackers all counted up!

Animal Crackers Day!!   I am so glad I got photos taken during the week! The weather has been glorious this week! Sunny and warm! But today... cloudy, thunder storms and cold!

As I went out one afternoon this week... I found Ricky and Fred, well doing some Sun bathing! Fred had already made his way in, and Ricky was on his way!  Now as funny as this is... this is their water pail! LOL  There was actually only about 1/2 inch in the bowl....

Ahhh... oh my sun bathing really does feel so fabulous!  I know they were really enjoying it, so I put off filling their water - so they could enjoy their afternoon swim... can you swim if there isn't room to turn around?

Speaking of watering... How many donkey heads can you get into a water bucket?  You would think I had let their water run out, and they were dying for something to drink. But nope they had two buckets.. they just love the cold running water :0)

This photo cracked me up... We have new hay bales in the pens this week. Frio and Darlene were eating a late lunch.. heck Darlene eats all day so I don't know if it was lunch or not. But I found it really funny that her son Frio wanted the exact grass that Darlene was trying to eat. Had to be the best piece if Mom wanted it!

Jazz was taking a little afternoon snooze under the shade of a big oak tree - mmm it was warm and wonderful - wish I had a hammock out there, I would have joined her!

And now the new baby!!! Alonso and his Mom Bella - I am telling you this is the fast little dude we have ever had! He is so ahead of the curve of what he should be doing! LOL we came out Wednesday night and he was literally doing laps around the pen! Only 24 hours old! And this is why Hubby named him after a race car driver! LOL  here is is already copying Mom and grazing.. adorable!

How is this for showing how big my new Big Shot Pro is?  I put it on the floor and Let Autie check it out! Then I got to thinking... does this show how big the Pro is or how small Autie is? LOL

This is Autie... saying .. "No Mom I am a BIG BOY!"

Libbie saying ... "Yea Right... just remember I am always in charge!"

I had some one ask how many animals we have - so I counted them up! LOL actually I didn't have a count in my head. So here is what we have: 3 Standard Donkeys; 30 Miniature Donkeys; 11 Dwarf Nigerian Goats; 2 Toy Australian Shepherds and 1 Cat -  ahem...  donkeys and goats "In the works"  :0)

Whew no wonder my feed bill is so high each month! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend.

HUGS and


TA Carbone said...

Another great Saturday of updates and wonderful pictures. Thanks Michelle, really look forward to this every Saturday.


Marie said...

Wonderful to read as always. Always bring a smile to my face to read about your crowd. They are so sweet! Love the sunbathing boys.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thanks for the stats, Michelle, I was going to ask you how many of each you had, cos I can't keep up!! :) The pics are terrific; Alonso has stolen my heart, he is just so gorgeous. I am astonished at how big your new Big Shot Pro is. I looked from it to my CB & back again & found myself thinking, "wonder can I persuade someone to buy the Pro for me for Christmas?"!! I won't hold my breath. :) :) Hope you all have a great weekend.

Linda aka backroads girl said...

So does that mean you're a "stay at home mom" to all your critters?

Love the pics. Every week, you're the first blog I look for!

Hugs, Linda

Redlady said...

All of your babies are beautiful.
Each in their own way.

Redlady said...

All of your babies are beautiful.
Each in their own way.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the nice pictures and stories Michelle! Love the one of Fred and Ricky in their bath :-)
Alonso is sure doing well, he's already jogging! Nice weekend to all of you! Hugs Yvonne

Annie said...

I'm late coming to check you and the fur babies out this week! looks a darn sight warmer in Texas than over here - shame our Texan relatives didn't bring some of that sunshine to the wedding!
hugs, annie x