Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So how many times to you have to say NO, before they understand the word NO?

Sorry I have no card today to share, the past few days have been so crazy and at times just plain stressful. But I thought I would share some of the moments with you...

You see we have been having some fun and yet hair pulling with the training of the puppy Autie...

First .... just how many times do you think it takes before they learn the word "NO"? and then understand that NO means NO even when I am not in the room screaming it at you?

You see this week has been Autie's NO week... Autie.. NO get out of the trash, Autie NO leave those shoes alone, .... Autie NO get out of the laundry hamper and dragging wet towels all over the house... Autie NO do not chew of the corner of the wall... the chair... the stairs.. basically everything he can wrap your little teeth around!

Yesterday was just one of those days... seemed like I said NO to him a million times, and the other half of the day I was telling Libbie to stop barking. As she is in her wow look how loud my voice can sound stage.

My week so far and it is only Wednesday... It started with having to call out the AC repair man, we had been gone most of the day on Monday - sadly our neighbor lost a new filly - she was still born, and after helping her deal with it and crying with her, we came home late that night depressed and tired to a stuffy house, as it had rained and warmed up during the day. So I turn on that magic button on the wall for some cool refreshing air to fill the house.. it is a brand new AC/Heating unit and we really are enjoying it! Except.. hold on here... the air that is coming out is not cool... it is worse than the air in the house! So we read the manual, stare at the outside unit that won't come on even with our pleading and decided we had not one clue as what the manual said, even under the "easy troubleshooting" section. So early the next morning after sleeping in a very humid stuffy house, I call the repair man. He agrees to come out sometime in the morning... He comes in looks at the thermometer, the looks at the inside unit and agrees that the problem is the outside unit.. (uh hello I knew that, as it wasn't coming on) We walk outside, him explaining all the different problems it could be. He sets down his tool bag, and literally touches the unit with one hand and it comes on!! NO LIE! My first thought was OMG... this is going to cost me a $200 call and he just touched the **** thing!  He did open it up and tried to see why it wasn't working, but it all looked in fine. Then he said.."I guess I just have the magic touch" I say... " and what does that Magic touch cost?" He laughed and said I don't think I can charge you to just touch it... whew.. an honest good repair man! I thank him and schedule a yearly cleaning and filters for the year.. (had to give him some business for the nice trip) wave good bye and walk in the house........

to my garbage contents all over the floor... again... Libbie under the table pleading to not get yelled at... and Autie standing in the middle of the room tail wagging as if to say "Hi Mom... look I got it all out of that big can again for you!"....

then the phone rings... Hubby is on his way to the drug store, having to leave work. Why I ask... and in the calmest voice he can put together... not knowing whether he should scream or laugh... Autie ate my shoe strings again.   You have to understand these are not very old shoes at all... and this is now the 4th or wait maybe 5th pair of shoe strings. And Hubby keeps them closed in the closet now to stop this problem. So we are really baffled at when this happened!!

As I hang up the phone and go down the hall to see why it is so quiet... I find Autie.. again that sweet grin on his face, wagging his back end... dragging my robe across the bedroom floor, now I have not one clue as how he reached it... I mean he is only a few inches tall!  And he was so proud that he had.. and that he managed to drag it with all his might across the room!

All of this and it was just barely 8:30am... LOL

Libbie chewed, Libbie had her moments really she did... but let me tell you Autie is really hard to get to understand, to train, to have any control at all... Sure he is adorable, and I have a hard time yelling at him when he turns that head to one side and wags that lack of tail at me... but he has to be taught right from wrong... and then it hits me!!! I UNDERSTAND!!! I know why this is harder than Libbie... I know why he is testing me... I know why!!!!   HE IS A GUY!!!! The world makes much more sense!! LOL

HE has had a few good moments don't get me wrong. We are so proud he has figured out the steps and no longer howls at the top of his lungs to help him down. And he has figured out now 80% of the time where the "potty" area is. (hey he is only 4 months old).

I will now get back to work, and get some cards made :0)

HUGS and-

(PS.   I feel I have to say... all of this is just venting and in fun.. Autie is really doing pretty good in "training" he is after all still just a baby.. and is still learning, he'll get the hang of everything. And he makes up for all his learning faults with is loving personality... he is such a sweet boy)


Kirsten Alicia said...

Good morning Michelle, it sounds to me like you need The Dog Whisperer, aka Cesar Millan. :) Get one of his books/dvds, visit his website, watch hime on the Nat Geo channel. I think I can safely say that, by now, Autie is no longer listening when you yell 'no' at him!!

Linda aka backroads girl said...

My 4 month old puppy--German Shepherd--female--is learning. Goes outside potty 100% of the time. She loves ice. When I get ice out of the fridge, she comes running, jumping up in anticipation. Then she sits and waits for me to give her a piece. I think it helps with the chewing... she is confined to the kitchen, so can't get to robes and stuff. We bought some spray at the pet store and spray the corners of the cabinets and she doesn't chew. Get Autie lots of chew toys, and teething toys that you can freeze and give him. He's teething now and that will help. Gabbi has 2 loose teeth in front, and I can see the new teeth coming in right behind them. He will learn, just takes time... as we well know :)

Hugs, Linda

Yvonne said...

That's a fulltime job you have!! It takes time but in the end there will be a good result. Hang on!!
Hugs, Yvonne

Cazzy said...

Our 4 year old dog still does the bin thing if the lid is open and it is full to the top, or if someone threw away a chocolate biscuit even though it was topped with a thick layer of dog hair from clipping them - yes that was all over the floor in two rooms!

Cazzy x

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

This card is adorable. I love the image (I have just purchased a couple of Tina Wenke stamps myself)- the gorgeous pink flowers set this card off beautifully - I have a 3 year old son and an old cat and really it is like having two children - as soon as one stops playing up, the other one starts - I fully sympathise with you! Michelle

Rufus said...

You got it in one, he's a MALE! They just take longer to train. (if they're a human male it can take a life time!) He'll get it eventually, just keep at it, no matter how cute he is!

TA Carbone said...

Michelle I laugh and then said "oh no" and then laughed. Your right their personality makes us just melt and he is still a baby. I'm sure there will be a day he looks and says "mom be proud of me" when he no longer does this mischief stuff, lol

aka TA