Saturday, March 13, 2010

Animal Crackers - Sunshine!

Saturday!! YEA Animal Crackers Day! Friday afternoon I so enjoyed taking photos out in the warm Spring Sunshine! 80 degrees and everyone was enjoying it! My only worry is how fast the grass is growing around the property.. oh my time to start mowing! The only thing I don't like about Spring.. mowing!

How about some animals?

Rico is up first. He is such a stunning spotted guy. The lady we bought him from had gelded him, so sad... but he has been a wonderful friend for Miguel (in the background)  - We had to geld Miguel a couple of years ago - he was just a bit too aggressive, and wasn't giving us any babies - so now both Rico and Miguel are well.. useless to us. But we can't sell them, they have been a part of our family since the beginning of our donkey venture - so they aren't totally useless... they do give us lots of love :0)
Angelina "Lina" is next - It is so hard to believe that this baby of ours is almost 2 years old! She has her Mom's (Macey) beautiful large eyes and very short legs.. She is on our for sale list. That may be hard :0)
Cali she has a very sweet quiet personality - her and her literally little sister Mirta are always side by side, and other than being about 4 inches taller than Mirta... they are about the same in personality and colors.... Raffie my smiling donkey is their dad... and man does it show!

 Frankie.. well he didn't want to pose for me, nope he was showing me he is the man.
Raising up on his hind legs and trying so hard to butt me... ok so he isn't so smart, as the fence was between us.. oh well he is a looker!

Feeding time for Paintbrushes 4 kids... ok so it is a bit of a struggle for all four to eat at the same time... LOL  Paintbrush decides when the fight is over and walks away, usually dragging one with her.

Ricky was her first born.. he is truly the looker of the four - his coloring just amazing and I just love all his tiny spots on his nose and ears.

Bribery works wonders! I took about 20 blurry photos again this week of Mister Autie.. I gave him a Cookie, and off he went to lay down and eat it... still at last!

Libbie could have cared less about photos this week... she was hungry :0) 

Hope you enjoyed Animal Crackers this week! I am excited... Having a craft day at my house again this Saturday! Maybe we will take breaks from laughing and "talking" long enough to get some projects done this time! LOL

Have a wonderful Weekend! And don't forget my Blog Candy! (Link is on the top of my side bar)

HUGS and-


Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, wonderful pics as always - I love Ricky's huge ears!! :) I'm sure you will all have lots of fun today.

Annie said...

love all the pics Michelle and enjoy your crafty day!
hugs, annie x

Marie said...

Such a funny guy your Frankie! Adorable cute as well. He looks like he's having a blast! :)

Linda aka backroads girl said...

Love Saturdays and Animal Crackers! Great pics, and glad the weather is getting better. Warmed up a tad here in FL! Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, Linda

NanaBeth said...

Wonderful as always.I bet it is hard to let go of any of them!

Rufus said...

80, oh that sounds so nice! Frankie may not be the smartest goat in the pen, but you're right he's a looker! Handsome devil. Cali is just the cutest. Makes me want to rub her nose. Glad to see the little terror will hold still, even if it does take a bribe! He's soooo sweet looking. Love Animal Cracker Sat!

Cynde said...

Michele I don't know how you get so much done! I know your always busy, but how do you not just sit and watch all those adorable critters? I hope you can see them from where you work! They are all so darn cute! Autie is really turning into the little Man now. Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

Julia said...

All your babies are all so adorable. The babies are sure getting big, & mom so cute, too. Cali looks so precious, it is a sweet picture of her. You can tell Frankie was sure showing his stuff, lol. Angelina & Rico look so cute, looking towards you like hi mom.
Hope Autie is starting to get the meaning of "no", lol. I just think Autie & Libbie are so sweet. We just lost our baby girl of 16 yrs. , & it is so hard. It is amazing how close you are to the babies.
Anyway, hope you had a great craft day, & even if no actual crafting gets done, it will of been a great day just having fun chatting & laughing.
Julia B.

paperscissors said...

frANKIE SURE IS A scene stealer!

Yvonne said...

Thanks again Michelle!! Love to see the animals having fun in the sun! Hugs, Yvonne