Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Animal Crackers!!

I must have spend over an hour taking photos yesterday afternoon - ok so most of the time I was just playing with the animals, but it was quiet and calm outside and everyone was just wanting some lovin -

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My baby Sergio (my orphan) was one of the first to come and see me. I can't believe he is over 6 months old now.. such a big boy and he is such a love. And his coloring is just gorgeous. He is solid black, and when clipped late in Spring we will see that, but his sun bleached fur is just red in the light.  I was messing with the settings on my camera, trying to learn how to use my camera and software better... so be patient with me as I learn and mess up photos please :0)

I then went and saw Lacey and Vicki... Well Lacey came and saw me... Vicki found something really good to dig up and was more interested in that - They are both starting to get those baby wides. They aren't due until summer - quick story about these two. Vicki was the donkey we went to purchase years ago. She has fabulous genealogy, daddy and grandpa have tons of nation wide show ribbons, and both were grand champions. She is a white with black spot donkey (remember black fades to red) and she has green eyes. But while agreeing to buy her the breeder begged us to take Lacey as well. They were born about the same time, and were the best of friends. Any time you separated them they both went nuts. So she made us a package deal and we took both of them. And I have never once regretted it. Lacey has given us some pretty babies, and truly she is one of the friendliest and sweetest girls we have. A bit tall... but breeding her with Raffie who is so little fixes that :0)   

I then saw that the "Three Stooges",  we call them that lovingly,  was back in the far pasture of our property. I love seeing them out there grazing. These three are our standard donkeys.. they have run of the entire property and are not penned like the minis. They watch over everyone and protect things. Teddy is the best ever at running off wild dogs or coyotes! I walked out closer to them and snapped a few photos. You can see that most everything is still dead.. but that the new spring grass is coming in, they love that new grass. This photo makes Valentine look so much smaller than Teddy and his Momma Cocoa, but really he isn't... hmm must have been standing in a hole. :0)

I then went back up by the house and played with the goats. Ok so I watched these three.. didn't play with them. This is our January babies.. C - H - A , Cathy Hank and Andy - they are wild little kids. Remember I wasn't home when they were born, they didn't have any hands on attention, as Hubby was working. So they just don't let us walk up and pick them up like the February Four do. OH well.. I have been trying work on them, actually held Cathy and Hank a few times. We are planning on keeping Cathy, but Hank and Andy need to find new homes in a couple of months. Aren't they cute, look at the boys little horns growing... :0)


Here is their Mom Lillie.. she was wanting attention, she is dying to be petted like we do Paintbrush and her babies... but she just is a bit skittish - like her babies I guess, she didn't have much hands on attention. So she lets us pet the end of her nose and then she runs off. Paintbrush was a show goat... so she loves attention :0)  Hopefully someday Lillie will trust us enough and loosen up! And I guarantee her next babies will be held a whole bunch!!
Speaking of held a whole bunch... my girl Lucy :0) One of Paintbrushes four. Hubby finally said out loud this week I could keep her!! yea!!! I was anyway but he said it too... She loves to be held, she actually will come to me most of the time, unless she is busy playing with her brothers and sister... loves to play you know. She rubs her head with me, and thinks it is funny to pull on my clothes. When I put her down she will paw at my feet until I pick her up again... Isn't she gorgeous? Just like her Mom. Her brothers, Ricky and Fred, her sister Ethel will all be going to live at a neighbors when old enough. So I will still get to visit them! But Lucy... she is staying right here!
Got a beautiful photo of Gato... you can really see her coloring in this photo... Stunning cat, I just wish she would leave me alone at night! She thinks it is just sooo funny right now to bite my toes, and claw my arms and face at 2, 3, and 4 am! NOT!!


My ham... I must have really taken a million photos of Libbie as a baby... cuz this girl knows how to pose! She goes through times where she isn't interested, but when she wants her photo taken she is a super model! She would have sat here an hour as long as I was snapping! LOL

Now Autie is a totally different story... I took a million photos and this is the only one that was worth showing! My blurry head dog! Moving constantly and really could care less that Mom wants to take his photo! Isn't he growing up fast???? He is a true sweetie. We have a while yet, but I just can't wait to see their babies!! I bet they are going to be adorable. LOL what puppies aren't! 

Well I hope you enjoyed Animal Crackers this Saturday... Sorry again for playing with my camera, lighting and software. I am determined I am going to learn how to use my equipment and start taking better photos!!! 

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HUGS and have a wonderful weekend!


Marley said...

How cute!!!! Beautifull pictures.. xx marley

Linda w said...

I just love how Libbie poses for you. Every picture is so precious. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

stamp on...

Diamond Doll said...

Awww fab pics once again,i just love the Libbie pose such a sophisticated look!!!! And Autie well such a cutie he is.
Thanx for sharing them with us.
Trish (-:

Yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing these pics Michelle! The Januari goatbabies are growing real fast! O my Libbie is a great model, if she wants :-)!
Wonderful weekend too! Hugs Yvonne

Dianne said...

AWWW, I love these pics. Can I come and play with you? They are all so sweet!!

Marie said...

Love your cat, being a catperson myself. Those donkeys always make me smile and the goats. Just cute as buttons. :)

NanaBeth said...

They're all just so gorgeous. Keep on snapping-we love it.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful, wonderful pics, Michelle. I never thought I'd say it, but I now think goats are cute. :) All your animals are SO gorgeous.

susan said...

I love Saturday because you show all the animals. Lucy loves to be held. That just goes to show us that EVERYBODY wants to be loved, even animals.

Jo said...

Love Saturdays Michelle, we are so lucky that you choose to share your gorgeous animals with us, thank you so much!!! Lovely cards too. Hugs Jo x

helen ... said...

I love all your animals =), thanks for sharing these pictures, they put a smile on my face =).
enjoy the rest of your day

Redlady said...

I can't work out which animals are the most gorgeous.
Then I realise they are all beautiful in their own way.
Thank you for sharing them with us.

Rufus said...

Always look forward to Animal Crackers Saturday! Yahoo for getting to keep Lucy! Libbie is a HAM. Everybody is growing so fast!

Cynde said...

Michelle love seeing all your babies! Glad to see how they grow and stay so healthy with all your love and attention!! Can't believe how fast Autie is gtowing up. Lucy is adorable!!! glad shes staying put. Nice you'll get to see the rest of them too! I so appreaciate your sharing all your sweet fur babies with us. Thanks!

Anita said...

Cute photos!

Jennine Chambers said...

What a great looking bunch you have!