Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sorry for the second post today... I just couldn't wait to share some news and some candy!

We have some exciting and sad news...

The sad news is Tilda & Co / Sarah Kay Challenges are no more, unfortunately there has had to be some changes.

Donna has needed to merge both the blogs together to free some time up for herself. The good news is we have a brand new challenge blog Magnolia Vs Stampavie.

We hope you will join in the challenge each Sunday (as before) The blog is now partnered with Stampaive so you can use Magnolia Stamps, Sarah Kay Stamps and any other stamp made by Stampaive including the ever so lovely Rachelle Anne Miller Designs (these must be the ones made for Stampavie – check out the list on the challenge blog if you're not sure which stamps can be used).

The blog will go live on Sunday with the first challenge on Sunday.

Donna has given us some fab Blog Candy for each DT member to give out which she has kindly donated from her craft store Crafty Krafts So you like what you see in the photo? Want to get your hands on this yummy candy?

This is what you need to do: Firstly please only enter one candy draw – there are 5 DT members and 5 lots of Candy up for grabs, but only one entry per person.

The candy is open to all, and Donna will post worldwide. You have until Saturday 1st November 10pm to enter.

1. Place a link to the new Blog on your blog, you can grab a Logo here
2. Post about the new challenge blog on your blog and link to it
3. Leave a comment on the new challenge blog with a link to your post and mention which DT candy you have entered. (That would be me :0) ... MichelleO)

Each candy is different to it's important to state which draw you have entered. Donna will then use a random number counter on Sunday and go through all the Designers blog comments and choose one winner from all the entries on that blog. We are looking forward to you joining in with the challenges on the new blog.

I so hope you will all join in the new and improved site... Now two of our favorite Challenges in one!

HUGS and don't forget to keep checking the new blog... it should go live any time...


Cynde said...

Michelle I would love to enter your blog candy drawing! The new site looks great! Should be a fun challenge to do and to see the artwork from! Thanks as always for the inspiration you give.....

hayward69 said...

What sad news but hopefully this new blog and challenges will be really enjoyable as a wider range of stamps can be used. I have put a link on my blog so hopefully the news will get round and the enjoyment of making the challenges will continue.

Jayne xx

Annelies said...

I love challenge so I'm looking forward to this new challenge blog with mixed feelings. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

A Stroke Above said...

I can't put a link on my blog, as I closed it yesterday. Just took too much energy from me and it is at a premium right now. My energy that is. So I did want to at least say thanks for telling us about the news and the resulting new blog from a sad ending. I wish everyone the best and I will check out the new blog soon as I can. Hope the little donkey makes an appearance soon. You are burning the candle at both ends! Linda Crowder, Ferris, TX USA (It is fun to see where everyone is from!)

Anonymous said...

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