Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines Day, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

I just love this photo... my Man and his manly Dog! I took this on our day trip this last week, just fills me with love to see this photo.

My first Donkey Day photo had to be of my standard Valentine... he isn't named for the day, but actually a Kevin Bacon character...

He is such a sweet big donkey - funny thing is Ted E. Bear just can't stand when you take photos of someone else, he had to walk into the photos. They look like they are squinting, it wasn't that sunny, but a bit breezy.

Then here is one of my gelded boys (the spot) Rico, he is a rescue donkey. Very timid, he will let us love on him, but on his terms and it took us months before he would let us even touch him. The girl next to him is Fanci - She is in with some of the boys, mainly because she won't let any of the girls be bred - that is a problem when you are trying to raise babies. She is a love a real people "person", we think we are gonna have to sell her though, we have a hard time putting her in with others, she needs a home with just a few donkeys where she can be the lead, and a great pet. She is a beautiful shade of reddish brown. We have talked about selling her for almost 2 years... don't know if we will ever be able to do it.

This is the same pen... you can just barely see the only other donkey in this pen Miguel with Rico and Fanci. I just love the huge Oak tree that give shade to this pen - it really doesn't look as big as it is in this photo.

And then a couple more photos of Libbie from the other day. I think she is getting the hang of this posing thing. Of course she was really tired, if she was her normal playful self she probably would not have sit so still.

Man she is cute!

So do you have a romantic dinner planned? We are staying in - to crowded... I think we are going Bar-B-Q... mmmmmmm

Have a great day - give someone a hug!

HUGS and-


Donalda said...

Congrats dear on your anniversary. How wonderful and just love seeing Donkey Sat.

Rach said...

happy valentines day, anniversary and a happy lots of celbrations... hope you have a good one. love the photo's..xx

Kirsten said...

Hope you & your OH have a wonderful day. I love Donkey Saturday, it's great to see the pics of your babies & terrific to see Libbie change & grow week by week. x

the whimsical butterfly said...

Happy V day to you all! the pics of your sweeties are ADORABLE! OMG those little blue eyes on that baby libbie! TOOOO sweet! I'm melting over here!

Suzanne said...

Happy everything to you and Hubby and thanks for taking the time to share donkey Saturday with us I am sure you have a busy day ahead!! Sue :o)

Dawn said...

I love your photos - just adorable!
Have a nice time with hubby enjoy your Bar -B-q


Heidi & Stuart said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you two, and very happy anniversary!

Wonderful photos Michelle, we miss the donkey's (and you two of course lol) sooo much!!!


Heidi and Stuart

Joan said...

Happy Anniversary - and wonderful photos. Love the blue eyes on the puppy!!!

retiredheather said...

Love the photos. The donkeys look great today and I love you hubby and his big bad manly dog...too cute. My husband and I raise Yorkies so I know how attached to a small dog a man can get. Thanks so much for all the photos.

Janna said...

Michelle, these are adorable pics!!! I love the pictures of your donkeys and the puppy is so sweet and cute!! What a doll!!! Wow! Hope your V. day is wonderful. Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate!


Kerry Phillips said...

Michelle I love to read your posts! You have the most adorable furry family members! I'm an animal lover myself and getting to see your sweet little donkey's and little miss Libby just brightens my day! I admire your crafty creations too. Thanks so much for sharing your photos!!

Helene said...

Happy everything Michelle and your DH.
What great photos. Libbie is a cutie..she's so fuzzy

Linda Crowder formerly of A Stroke Above) said...

I know now why I love your blog so much. You live the life I used to have. Enjoy each day, it can all be gone in a moment.....Thanks for sharing your life like you do.

Annie said...

great pics Michelle, and Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Valentine's Day! that BBQ sounds delicious, but it's a bit chilly here to even think about! hugs, annie x

ribenaruby said...

Couldn't miss out on donkey day, wow you really have spacious grounds and i really love the poses by Libbie.

Ila said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!! all these photos...and your little Libbie is just the Cutest!!...Hugs, Ila