Saturday, May 8, 2010

Animal Crackers - A Couple of First and a few Favorites

Hi - Wow I got so many photos this week... too many :0) So you will see a few of them next week!
It has been a very long week... Between spraining my hand, the heat, shearing a donkey and an emergency with a donkey... whew... I am glad this week is just about over!!  My hand is just about all well... the heat - it is still here and I know it is just the beginning. But first up for photos - how about Felicia's first hair cut?

Her fur was so long, that she was really feeling the heat. So she was the first in line to get her shaving this year. We don't shear all the donkeys, many of them I can comb and they slick off beautifully. But some, are just thick they have to be sheared. I wanted to show a during and an after photo of Felicia. But well... she still isn't quite finished and looks well... really odd. It got dark, and we all got tired :0) She was really great, no fighting us at all, I think she knew she was cooling off as soon as Hubby started. And now she looks so little!
Rosie will be next for a haircut. She is our sick girl... been ill her whole life. She actually is doing really well - I know she looks pretty shabby, but really she is better than she has been her whole life. And because of that we are trying something to hopefully add to her life. The meds she has been on make her feel better, but for long term will do serious damage to her organs. Every time we have pulled her off of them in the past, even just for a day - you can tell. She suddenly is off by herself, laying in the heat and not eating. Well three days ago we took her off of them, and started giving her a strong liquid Glucosamine and Chondroitin mixture. So far... she isn't showing any weakness - we will see how each day goes. Man I love this donkey -

 Next... a photo says a thousand words right?

Yes.. if you are looking at this shot and wondering.... hmmm is that a donkey in their truck?  Why yes it is! We had an emergency this week - a scary one. Pepita, our tiny gorgeous little 4 month old little girl was hurt. We woke up early one morning to find her literally dragging her back leg and in pain. I don't have to tell you how scared I really was, we all know what happens to "equine" if they break a leg. And honestly I thought that was what we were dealing with. Because she was so young, we hated to put her into a large horse trailer all by herself, and honestly her mother is a pain to put into a trailer, she goes nuts... so we decided to just take the baby in the back seat of Hubby's truck.
She really enjoyed the ride, watching the cars going by us on the highway... as they were looking strangely at us - you could see it on their faces. "wow look at that large dog in that truck, uh hmm uh wait... uh that is a donkey!" Pepita also come to really enjoy those vents coming from the dash... mmm coooool air!
Because we did not have an appointment, we had to wait for the Doc to have a few spare moments for us to see how serious she was. They said we could drop her off and come back later, but uh no, this is one of my babies and I want to be here when he looks at her. So in a pasture behind the clinic we waited under a shady tree. Pepita was so good, she talked to the horses in the stalls and didn't really pull on the lead much at all. Despite the fact she has never spent any time with a harness or lead. You can see in this photo she is putting no weight on that back foot, but she had stopped dragging it at this time. Then by the time the Doc came out... she was walking on it. Go figure... children never show the sickness once you get to the doctor do they? She was diagnosed with Upper Fixation of the Patella - for you and me... her knee locks into place and won't bend. Surgery is one of the only fixes, but he thinks she will probably out grow it - it may never happen again, and it may and if it keeps happening then she will have to have surgery.  But it ain't broke!! And there is a way to fix it. I think, and hope, it was a one time thing... this morning she was running full force, lapping the pen with her two 1/2 brothers Alonzo and Frio. AH... kids!
My Libbie photo this week... this is one of her new looks... You may remember that I told you she is Miss. Protect lately, always on guard and barking non stop at times. This is the first of those barking fits.. the ears go up, the eyes get really still and focus, she is listening to something, making sure it is a normal noise. Yes... I feel so safe with Libbie protecting me, at least I have a warning before something happens ;0) And she is so beautiful with those ice blue eyes!

My sweet Autie - just ending the post with pure cuteness! Those big brown puppy dog eyes melt my heart -

Hope you enjoyed this week - and that a few of these gave you a chuckle. A hard week, but all has ended up well - Have a great weekend.
HUGS and-


Yvonne said...

What a week you had!! Can imagine you were relieved with the diagnosis of Pepita! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Have a good and quiet weekend. Hugs, Yvonne

Kirsten Alicia said...

Goodness Michelle, you've had quite a week! I hope things start to settle down for you. Thank goodness Pepita is ok, hopefully she won't need surgery in the future. She looked so cute in the back of the truck. This week's pics are terrific - as always. I've also been catching up with your cards - gorgeous, how did you manage with your wrist?? Have a great weekend.

Redlady said...

What a week you've had. So glad little Pepita was OK. Loved to have seen people doind a double take when she was in the car.'Love your animal photos and look forward to them eery week.

Archies Mum said...

That must have been so scary with Pepita, especially when she can't tell you what the problem is. Glad she is ok and if it happens again at least you will suspect what it is. Hope your next week isn't too bad for you, tho' I wish it was that warm for us in the UK (ha no chance) x

Rufus said...

So glad that Pepita doesn't have a broken leg! She's one of my fav's! She's just so darn cute. She looks so darling in the back of the truck. Would have loved to see the look on the faces driving past you! Great pic's this week, as always. Love to come see all the critters.

NanaBeth said...

The pictures of Pepita in the truck are priceless-thank goodness it turned out well.
I am sure all your furbabies hope you have a happy Mother's Day!

Caroljenks said...

Wow Michelle what gorgeous photos :)

I did laugh at the thought of those people passing your truck admiring the large dog, only to realise it wasn't!
So glad all was well in the end - and yep, typical child - make out you're a panicy parent by time it gets to your turn to see the Doc!

And Autie - aawwwwwww, melt your heart cute!

Carol x

Heidi said...

OMG I would have been hysterical if I had seen that, her dragging her leg. Poor little thing- but I must say I would have been laughing to see a donkey in the back seat of a car. I am glad that she is alright, or hopefully won't need surgery.