Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Stormy Animal Crackers -

Happy Animal Crackers Saturday! Today I am going to show a couple of photos left from last week, and a few quick photos I took Friday a huge Storm was moving our way....
Here is the sky before I decided a morning out taking photos wasn't going to happen... I wasn't liking all the little spikes coming down out of the clouds... tornado looking... we don't get those here... but I didn't want to be out snapping photos and have a first :0)

Well Andy doesn't live here anymore... this is one of my favorite photos of him from back in March. Yes Andy has moved to his new home, I think he will be well spoiled there, and that is the goal from every new home for one of my babies.

His brother Hank has not been a happy camper this past few days. He has yelled for his brother constantly since he left. They were always together, so he is really missing him. But he still has his sister and all the other "kids" to play with.  Now to find someone to spoil Hank!! As hard as it is to get rid of my children, I can't keep them all..... especially the boys.
This is a photo from last week... my Rico. He is such a sweet boy, he is a rescue donkey. I had to take him, his past home was not good for him. And he was the perfect gelding friend for Miquel. We have had him almost since the beginning of our donkey start.
Another photo from last week - Miguel, such a great looking man. He was suppose to be our stud when purchased him years ago - but sadly he is sterile... found that out after 3 years.. sigh... but we love him dearly- his personality makes him a favorite despite he couldn't be our stud.
I wanted to show you photos of Vicki and Lacey... they are getting really close to delivering. VERY WIDE LOADS HERE! But "Dad" had just dropped a new round bale in their pen - so there was no time for cute face photographs. Nope.. just one as they were walking away -

Autie and Gato... they were really going to town. Now I must say here... no one was hurt, they play like this all the time. I think Gato really loves to play with Autie. He doesn't get as rough as Libbie does. But she plays well with both of them... but Autie knows when to stop.

Didn't get a real great photo of Libbie this week....

Hope you have a great weekend
HUGS and -


Marie said...

My God! How sweet isn't your cat! What a darling! Lovely photos this week as well. They are so cute,

Jilli said...

I love Saturday's at your place! That sky certainly does look evil, hope the storm wasn't too bad! Hugs Jillix

Jo said...

Fab photos Michele, the highlight of the weekend!! I just love Saturdays!! Hugs Jo x

NanaBeth said...

Rico actually looks sweet-what a lovely face. Love the pictures of Autie and Gato-Gato definitely looks happy.

gingerbaby said...

Really love these photos. They all look so sweet.Thanks for sharing them.

Rufus said...

Autie and Gato look like they were having the BEST time!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love.. with Rico... he is sooooo sweet. Pssst.... i'd better whisper in case my black stallion Robin is listening... he is so jealous ;-)