Saturday, May 1, 2010

Animal Crackers - Its getting HOT out there!

Wow... it is already getting hot outside! I think it almost hit 90 here yesterday... and most everyone was trying to stay in the shade. Including me....

What can I say about this one? Well... lets just say Frankie was loving having Lillie in his pen - we moved her over and she is coming into season... Frankie was sad to have Annie leave, but once he saw that Lillie was going to visit, he was happy and forgot all about Annie -

This guy is really stunning. It is a shame he is so skittish, he is getting a bit more interested in me, and wants the attention the little kids get - I need to find a home for him and his brother Hank...   You need two stunning little guys in your yard?

Ricky... hmmm I think he was trying to eat the alfalfa... but was really ending up wearing more than he was eating. He is REALLY friendly - loves to be scratched behind his horns - what man doesn't though -
Our newest baby Alonzo - named for a race car driver - it so fits this little guy! He is always running and trying to get his 1/2 brother, Frio,  and 1/2 sister, Pepita,  to race him. He always comes in first despite the fact that he is so much younger than they are.

Gloria... I can't believe how grown up she has become. She is a stunning red/brown color. Still very playful - you can't leave the water hose in the bucket around this girl... she picks it up and tries to spray all of her friends -
We have a new family living on our property. This is a very old bird house that was here when we moved here almost 9 years ago - nothing has ever been done with it. It is way up in the air and there ain't no way I am getting up on a high ladder to fix it up - I hate ladders! It is always on Hubbies list of things he wants to do... but more important things always come up, you know trees falling, fences coming down trivial things. But this little birdie seems to very happy to have her family living here.

Libbie... she has really been on high alert the last couple of weeks, every little tiny noise she barks and runs from window to window. And this is not a regular dog bark... it is one of those high pitch make your ears bleed barks. Wonderful when you have a headache... But we still love her - how could you not?

And Autie... he is getting so big! Almost grown up and this boy loves to run in the high grass! I really need to mow - maybe I'll get the energy this weekend now that it has dried out from all the rain - Isn't he adorable? Love those flopping ears! He almost has the "Flying Nun" look doesn't he.. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs from all of us!


Marie said...

Such funny goats! They are so adorable. My Saturdays always starts with a smile when I read about your crew.

Redlady said...

Just love them all but look at the lovely little face of Alonzo. So cute.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! more fabby furry pics! please send some of your warm sunshine over this way - ours has all gone! love the cards you have made recently, I've just been too busy with doggy stuff to leave comments on each one.
enjoy the weekend.
hugs, annie x

NanaBeth said...

Adorable as always-Autie almost looks like he's airborne!

Rufus said...

Alonzo is such a cutie! Everybody is looking good this week, not that they don't always! Love the flying nun look for Autie! It's hot, hot, hot here. It's still 80 and it's after midnight!

Heidi said...

Oh my Alonzo is getting so big, I just love his face.

Caroljenks said...

More gorgeous photos Michelle - Alonzo is just too cute - I so wish I could meet him in person :(

You're blog is just the best - I always feel so much happier after reading your posts and looking at your gorgeous pics - what an idyllic (but very busy) life you live.

Carol x