Saturday, May 29, 2010

Animal Crackers - Meet Lacey's Baby!!!

YEA!!! We have a new baby on the farm! Lacey had her baby at 1:30 AM yesterday. I went out to check on her at 1:35... missed the "actual" birth by just minutes... but was soon enough to get in on the bonding. I took a whole bunch of photos.. but they all turned out yucky and dark... so I was up and out at first light Friday morning to snap lots of photos :0)

Enough jabbering.. to some gorgeous baby photos!!!

 Now I know I say this with EVERY baby... but seriously, this one is GORGEOUS - her eyes are stunning, and she has the same beautiful coloring to her as her Mom - a pretty brown, cream and touches of red flair.  And she has her Mom's personality as well.. VERY outgoing and super friendly.

 You can see here... she is a "mini me" of her Mom - too cute!  ( she was still just  a bit wet here can't wait to get some really fluffy photos )

And of course we had to have our traditional Dad holding the baby photo...  I just love this one!

And as always the Maternity Window was full of all the other ladies in the pen. They all want a baby too... Vicki (the one on the right) is really really close herself. I am just hoping she waits at least 10 days so we can leave Lacey and her baby can have their time alone in the Momma pen. But whenever Vicki is ready we will made it work :0) 

How do you like my Autie photo this week? This boy is like me... he HATES to get out of bed in the morning...  so Autie and Mom are always the last up in the morning, so we have some quality lovin time each morning... he is so sweet.

Libbie has her quality time at night - she comes to bed and loves all over us and cuddles. And when done she leaves and gets in her bed until she gets cold at night. She has been a little under the weather the past couple of days, Autie too...   Maybe now they will believe Mom when she says "Do not eat the June Bugs..."

Hope you enjoyed this week! Now I must sign off and go and love on Lydia :0)

HUGS and have a great weekend... oh and don't forget I draw the winner for my Candy really soon!


TA Carbone said...

Congratulations on another beautiful gal.

aka TA

Jo said...

Gorgeous photos Michelle and congrats on another beautiful baby. Hugs Jo x

Marley said...

Ohhhhhhhhh the new one is soooooooooo cute!! Beautiful pictures xxx Marley

Yvonne said...

Congratulations with this gorgeous new baby! She looks realy cute, just like her mom! Thanks for sharing these pictures Mischelle! Yvonne

Jolita said...

oowww, she is really cute!
Congratulations with the newborn!!


Sandra said...

AWWW,, she is sweet!!!

Leah the Orange said...

WELCOME, LYDIA!! she's a stunner, Michelle! love seeing the new babies of spring (and anytime, really!). congrats on the new addition, and hello to your lovely pooches, too! :D

Marie said...

The sweetest donkey face seen so far. She looks so smart, and adorable. Best of luck to you all.

NanaBeth said...

She is just gorgeous and that is a face to die for-she looks so darn sweet! That picture of Autie is a classic-the dapper, debonair man about town. Thanks again for sharing.

Jilli said...

Awww i'm so jealous! I know it must be really hard work looking after them, but what benefits! Jillix

mydogOzzy said...

Oh Michelle I am so jealous! I love watching all of your families. I enjoy and look forward to your posts each day. Thanks for the hard work and for sharing. Your puppies will soon realize that Momma is always right. Til next time. Hugs :0

Diamond Doll said...

Aww Michelle,Lydia is a cutie.and Autie new photo is fab.
Trish (-:

Shirl said...

What a precious photo! Lydia is absolutely adorable and a real mini me of her mommy.... hee hee..

Rainmac said...

Awwww how sweet, thanks for sharing such wonderful photos xxx

Rufus said...

How SWEET! No wonder you want to go love on Lydia, I mean how cute can you get??? Love the one of her and Daddy! I'm with you and Autie, NOT a morning gal! Great pics as always.

Sandra said...

Hi Michelle,
these little darlings are so incredibly sweet!
Love hte photo of Autie! :-)
Hugs, Sandra

Annie said...

Congratulations on your New Arrival! I am all behind catching up with you again .. .. I see you have been keeping busy! Have fun!!
hugs, annie x

Susan said...

soooo adorable!! CONGRATS! excellent photos...Dad looks proud :) why no Mom pics??? Get in there lady!! :)