Saturday, June 25, 2011

Animal Crackers - Goats and Puppies Oh My....

 It has been a couple of weeks of blessings, and heartbreak. Libbies puppies are starting to actually look like puppies, eyes are starting to open and the are beginning to raise up. Lucy's twins are bouncing EVERYWHERE. Fric and Frac are just too fun - Annie had her babies as well! She had triplets, they were all gorgeous and healthy - We named them Bo, Luke and Daisey Duke.
 Above is a photo of Daisy and Bo just after they were born. They are almost totally black. Bo is Totally black other than his little white toupee. Daisy is 98% white just a few white dots on one side. Luke, a buckskin looked just like his mom, and was totally the most outgoing and friendly. ....... was - on their 2nd day of life Luke found a way, we still have not figured out how, he found a way out of the pen, and with the heat of 103 degrees... he had a heat stroke. He survived for another day, I tried everything I could to save him, but he had gotten too hot, and died. I am so tired of loosing babies. These goats are just so darn fragile when they are newborns and with this heat. So now Annie's triplets are just two. They are doing wonderful, and seem to have that same adventuring nature, they are trying to run with the other kids, but Annie is MUCH more protective than first time Mom Lucy - Annie keeps her kids close.
 Here is Bo.... Cute little black baby isn't he?
 I did catch Daisy playing on that HUGE box... it is about 5 inches tall.. LOL Fric and Frac decided they wanted to play on it, there is a second box about 5 feet away. But no they wanted this box. Daisy is the only little girl out of these 4 kids. And I think she is going to end up in charge. They didn't that box even if they are a week older than she is.
Anyone up for a bowl of Fric and Frac?? How darn cute are these guys - They love to sleep in things, especially things that are not meant to sleep in.
Belle - is really turning into a gorgeous little goat. She still has those melt your heart ice blue eyes - I am so glad she didn't loose them. I tried to get a photo of her brother Denim... that dude is too funny. Never still and totally nuts! LOL I'll keep working on him.
 Miss Jill - my girl. A bit of a morning nap here, on the roof of the new section of their barn. She is obnoxiously friendly, and that is how I want my babies to be. But as I am finding there are just some that are not ever going to totally tame down. Jill follows us around and wanders between your legs while walking. She is an oops pregnant girl. So she is going to have a baby in the near future. I just hope she does well, and her baby is healthy. If he/she looks anything like her that will be a bonus.

Ok... puppies now...

Only one photo of them this week. But watch out.. Cuz they are coming into that stage where they are going to be adorable to photo!! Sweetie.. the larger white faced puppy, she is the first to open her eyes and is already pushing herself up and looking around. Precious.. the smaller darker one, is a little behind her sister. Another week or so and things will be totally different in our house - no longer worms in a kennel... real puppies!  They will move into their puppy corral in my craft room this next week -

And how about a SCARE! This is what I found earlier in the week in the goat barn with Fric and Frac about 11 pm... YES I totally FREAKED!!! And ran inside to get Hubby!
This is a RATTLE SNAKE - a very scary thing for us here, he had 6 rattles  - and was about 3.5 feet long. Was... Hubby took the rattles and head off. Rattles he saves .. ewwww... and head came off just to make sure he was dead. LOL We were very lucky he hadn't struck the baby goats, and we killed it before he did. It is so hot and dry here, we are on snake watch 24/7 -

Well hope you enjoyed today's Animal Crackers - didn't get any really good Donkey photos this week, and had so many goat and such that it filled up quick. So I'll work on new photos of donkeys for next week.

Today is the neighbors wedding - Should be a wonderful evening farm wedding, love country weddings! Hope you have a great Saturday!

HUGS and -


Yvonne said...

New baby goats! Congrats but also sad to read that Luke died. The puppies are starting to look like real dogs LOL. I freaked of the snake picture!! I hate snakes. Wish you a great weekend! Hugs, Yvonne

Chrissy said...

Gosh, I'm scared silly with worms, so if I saw a snake I'd probably drop down dead.
Gorgeous photos of all your kids and puppies, makes ones heart melt.

NanaBeth said...

So sorry for our loss.The little goats are just adorable!Fric and Frac in the bucket is priceless.
Our neighbors lost their rat terrier to a 6 1/2ft rattler about 2 weeks ago-so we are keeping watch too.Normally I am not afraid of snakes-but those critters are different.

okienurse said...

I keep telling my husband that I would like to get a little goat but he started trying to make a deal...if you move to Hayes, KS and live in the country you can have a goat. NOPE I want to stay in OK and still get a goat. I have noticed that when the goats have triplets there is usually one that doesn't make it. Do you think that there is something wrong with them making them weaker. They are so precious!! Love the puppies...another thing we are having a discussion about. I am glad your husband 'fixed' the snake...can't stand them. Thanks for sharing your fur babies with me! Vickie

LorraineB said...

I'm so sorry about Luke. Very sad. The kids are just too cute for words. The puppies are really adoreable. Yikes!! Rattle snakes!! I'm so glad you saw them before something horrible happened. I can't even think about that.

Carol Dee said...

Love those baby goats ... so CUTE. I know how hard it will be to get anything done when you move the puppies into the craft room. LOL.
SNAKE !!!! Eeeew. My cousin lived in WY and kept a hoe by the door. She would scout the yard and kill any rattle snake out there before the girls went out to play. She too saved all the rattles, too. *shiver*
Have a wonderful weekend, with happy healthy babies and NO Snakes. Jugs...

Rufus said...

All the babies are sooooo cute! I'm sorry to hear about Luke, wonder how the little dickens got himself out? Snakes are one thing, rattler's and other poisonous ones are something else! Ughhhh!! The photo of Fric and Frac in the bucket is priceless.
Thanks for sharing all the babies,

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I am so sorry for the loss of Luke. I know how you feel about loosing those babies; it is always heartbreaking. But all other babies look gorgeous. My am I glad that I was not in your barn; snakes are the only animals/ creatures that can scare me; this one for sure does. So lucky you caught it in time. Hope you had a great time at the wedding. Hugs to all your fur babies little and big.