Saturday, June 4, 2011

Animal Crackers - Still very Hot and Dry and no babies yet,.

Hi - we are all melting here. You may just get really tired of me complaining of that, but it is looking like it is going to be a really scary hot dry summer here. Still no rain.

Shade is a valuable space around here.
We have planted trees all round the pens. Some of the pens have large Oak trees to hide from the sun under. But the youth girls pen, they have two barns and three small trees to get shade under. But this is the favorite - I think it is because from here they can see the drive and the goat yard... And it is the closest to the water buckets too...
Marissa and Lydia have the best spot.. deep under the shade, next to the brush. These two have always been the bestest of friends, and great 1/2 sisters.

Jazz came over to see me in one of the adult pens. She is starting to really show her pregnancy. She still has lots of time, I hate when I have really big girls pregnant in this heat. We try and schedule things but sometimes it just doesn't work... like Macey from last week... yep she hates the heat. Jazz... she is doing ok. Stay out of the sun and drink lots of water!
The heat doesn't seem to be getting to little Yolanda yet... she has figured out that you do you rough housing and running early in the morning and just before dark. I love to open up the shades in my craft room and watch her run in the evenings... she is just so cute. Snapped this photo of her trying to get my attention, while her Mom was rubbing her head on her daughter. Looks loving... but it was just necessary to scratch an itch. LOL

Here is Lucky one of the youth goats. He is "safe" now that he has been clipped. NO worries of him being a danger to the girls in the pen. He is a looker though - But if we find someone wanting a pet goat.. he is gone! Goats will soon be popping out of the pen I tell ya!
Actually I really thought we would have some baby goat photos to show today... Annie the one in the center is just about to explode! She is so large and her milk bag is ready to go. Any time now I am sure. But Jill and Lucy will be after her... So yes there will be LOTS of babies :0)

Hubby got some gorgeous wildflower photos this week on his phone camera.... these are a rare wildflower to see in our area, and we were shocked to see them on the side of the road the other day while running errands.

These are Texas Blue Bells -
Bluebonnets - Indian Paintbrushes and Buttercups can see all around here, but not these Blue Bells. The purple colors of these were really intense. And just a small grouping of them on the side of the Farm road we were on. We were flying by on our way into town, when Hubby slammed on the brakes and did a turn around to go back and see them up close. They were a cheerful bright spot in a very dry area near a rail road track. Blessings come in lots of small ways too you know :0) Sometimes you just have to slam on the brakes and turn around to see them and appreciate them.

No Doggie photos this week... Maybe we will have new puppy photos next week? Libbie is still holding out - no babies yet for her, but she is really waddling, and has her sweet nesting bed all ready to go so we should be close... I hate the stress of waiting!!!!! And little Chica is doing great from her surgery. She had a couple of sleepy moody days there but she is now back to her happy, licking self now. She will be able to stay my puppy now forever.

Have a great Saturday - and I'll break into the normal week posting as soon as any type of baby arrives here!

HUGS and


LorraineB said...

Thanks for the update on all of your furkidss. I love seeing the photos too. I hope you get some rain soon so things aren't so dry. The wildflowers are gorgeous!!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thanks for this week's updates & photos Michelle, the flowers are very pretty. I can't imagine how your pregnant ladies must be feeling at the moment. Hope they don't have to wait for much longer.

Carol Dee said...

Love the flower pics. Those expectant Mommas look miserable in the heat. Can't wait to see all the new babies. :) Hugs to all...

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing. Oh these poor mama's to be in this heat. Over here it also dry and warm; I guess we all could use a bit of rain. The flowers are gorgeous, can imagine hubby put his foot on the brakes, I would do the same. My children always say mum is going behind needs to make some photos of flowers or little butterflies again! Hugs from Holland and hope the babies will come out quick and safe.