Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Me and My Space - Metal Die Storage - almost perfect... almost

Today I'll show you some work in progress... my metal die storage. I think I have told you that my binders that I was.. WAS... so happy with gave it in. I had too many dies I do believe in one binder. Sigh... can you have too many metal dies? Ha! Anyway, so I have been trying to figure out a new die storage. I think I am really liking this system.

First to show you where I am storing things.This is my Cube that sits right in front of my work area on my desk. Very easy to get into often. The door opens down and ....
This is what is sitting inside. The blue CD box is my dies. I'll show the inside in just a sec. The gorgeous floral box is one of the set that my great friend in France Heidi sent me - and then to the left of that are a couple of larger dies that don't fit into the box, and a couple of sentiment Close to My Heart sets, and a couple of punch out sentiments. All tidy....First inside the floral box. I store my "liquids" that need to stay upright. The glues that I showed off last week and my odorless mineral spirits. Nice to have it all safe and sound here.
But I know you are wanting to see in my Die box. I will say I have worked with this a little over a week, now, and I am really liking this... except... I do think I will keep my eye out for better CD envelopes. I think I saw some heavy duty plastic ones a while back.... may do an upgrade later, but for now this is working really well.... Each set is in its own envelope. I will probably do some dividers with shapes and Labels and shapes -

There was a problem with a few of the taller sets and the borders. The taller sets I have just put to the back and the borders - well I put a piece of magnet in the top of the lid... ta da!

So each envelope has a piece of chipboard in it, with magnet on it, then slipped into the envelope. Then the name of the set and number on the top. Everything is safe here too... no chance of loosing some of the smaller dies to falling off when moving around.

I know me - and you will probably figure out that I always re-organize. Everything gets re-done at some point. I out grown one thing and move to another system. But that may be part of the beast of crafting right?

Something personal now - This really isn't a cute warm and fuzzy personal item. But a sentimental one -

This table -
You are saying "What a table?" This antique table sits in the center of my craft room. The sides fold down to save space, but most of the time they are up - and honestly it is usually covered in junk. My landing space you could say. This table is wonderful - yes a great place to work on larger projects - spread out a bit. Wrap presents on, do shipping, a place for friends to scrap at while here playing in my craft room with me. And even a bed for Gato from time to time. I love this table. A practical table. But it also holds lots of memories.

This country table was Hubby's grandmothers table in her kitchen. When we got married it came to us, and followed us around in the tiny apartments we first lived in as our kitchen table. In our first house we painted it country blue to match the totally classic pink, cream and blue colors of our first kitchen that was ours. (HEY it was the 80's... and yes I also had the white ducks in my kitchen... it was the 80's again) It is still painted that blue. And it matches pretty well in my craft room now. When I was looking for something to put in my craft room as an extra work space, this table came to mind. We have never gotten rid of it. And it sat in storage in the barn since we moved here - I am so happy it sits in my room now. It is a "Vintage Memory" that I enjoy in my space.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday - and I hope you enjoyed Me and My Space -
HUGS and -


♥ Sonja Bekker ♥ said...

Hi Michelle

Lovely your grandma's table it's really
Vintage and so cool hea^_^
Alot of dies WoW
How I would love being a FLY
In your craftspace haha

Big hugs

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh I just sooo love these showa of your craftroom. I´m always on the look for great storage ideas too, and we´ve actually been discussing storing of my nesties a lot here lately, as I have got quite a lot the last year, and just can´t find the best solution. I have tryed a lot of different ways here lately, but none of them seems to work properly, so this is definately one I´ll take a closer look at too. But the problem is always the big dies isn´t it? And they have to be easy to acces too. This looks great, thanks sooo much for sharing all your iddeas with all of us.
I also love that little vintage table and can sure understanad, wy you love it that much.It´s a real treasure, that´s for sure.
Have a wonderful day hun.

ednamburgess said...

Love the table and your room is coming along nicely. I try on mine, then stop to make cards and it all goes back to a mess again. Oh well. edna

Carol Dee said...

I have maybe 10 die sets. (Just getting started!) And am looking for storage ideas. THANKS. This looks like it will work with room to grow :)
I love your table. My in-laws had one like it and gave it to my son when he bought their house. I will kick some butt if he ever throws it out!

Janette said...

Love your storage idea's Michelle,but I love that Table even more, it brought back memories of my Grandmother, she has one like this in her tiny kitchen, I only wish it had travelled with us through time, keep it always it's gorgeous.xx

Nancy said...

Your grandma's table is fabulous - I love the color! Your storage idea for metal die is just wonderful, as is the cube with the drop down front.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the magnet pieces that you put your dies on? I am still looking for my "perfect" die storage system.


Tracy said...

A great way to store your dies, fab idea.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Anonymous said...

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