Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Me and My Space - Messy Desk.. how about a Stampvie Blog Candy?

Well I have been literally buried under my projects on my desk. I have had lots of projects due for Dt's and I have been honestly playing with a new toy and just not been as organized as I should be. You see... I jumped off my wagon and went to look at readers, and laptops - I have been saving my pennies wanting a new laptop and then lately I have really been wanting a reader. So I merged my wants into one item and now I have to learn a whole new world. I got me an IPad2! And this post is a sort of test for me to see if I can actually accomplish things on it besides playing games and reading. So here I am on it typing up my blog post... and it all seems to being going well.. lets try a photo....

That was hard..... LOL I do believe I am going to have to take me some online classes on how to work this thing! But I think you can see the photo and see that my desk is a total mess!
Lets try another photo and see if I can do it a second time... how about some BLOG CANDY?

Heidi at Stampavie was very nice and supplied me some stamps to share with my readers - These are two stamps - One is a brand new release Laurence Collection "Explorer" and then one of our favorite Sarah Kay's "First Kiss" -

To win these two great BRAND NEW stamps - just leave me a comment on this post - how about letting me know what you would like me to show and talk about on my ME and MY SPACE post on Wednesdays and then next Wednesday I'll do a random number generator for a winner. World Wide - so no worries there.

This was a tough post.. LOL So far I have been working on it for over an hour and I don't think the photos are loaded correctly. Guess we will see when the scheduler pops it up huh? Anyone out there use an IPad???? HELP where can I get some lessons? My main problem with this post is I can scroll in the Compose screen.. and the photo thing is not loading the photos the right size and letting me re-size them. I will figure this out!!! If you know though let me know huh?

HUGS and-


Maryann Laursen said...

WOW I´m the first one here today?
I think, your desk looks absolutely normal ha ha ha. That´s how my desk looks most of the time too, and that just means, we´re working isn´t it? he he he.
Next I can say, that this post looks fine from here and the photos looks fine too, and is a good size, so no problems from here for sure.
I can´t help you with your toy, as I´m a total invalid, when it somes to electronic devices LOL.
But I know, that these stamps here are just awesome and I would soo love to win them, that´s for sure. I LOVE Stampavie stamps and have a nice collection of them, but none of these he he.
I would like to see more about good ways to store stamps and dies, as I always think, they´re in a huge mess, as I´ve got more of them. I´ve tryed many things, but not found a really good way of storing them yet, so all ideas of that would be so welcome here. I love your posts about your space and watch it everytime and have also tryed more of it.
Have a great day hun and hope, you´ll sort your new toy here out soon ha ha ha.

Chrissy said...

Well, everything has come up roses this end Michelle. The photos are perfect size, clear,no problems at all.I think you have done fabulously well, I take an hour for a normal my normal computer.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, your post & photos look great. I am sorry but I can't help you with your new toy; I even have trouble with my mobile phone and its touchscreen. I like it the old way with buttons to push. These stamps are gorgeous. I always love the stampavie ones; have already a few of them, but these not yet. Would love to win them. What about you and your space? I think you showed us almost everything what's going on in your craft room. By the way this is also how my desk looks most of the time, so don't worry, it means we're having fun ;-) I am not sure what I would like you to show us next time. I guess I leave it up to you what you would like to show us next time. Hugs from Holland, Helen

Petra said...

Hi Michelle,

looks like you are having fun with your new toy.
Your table looks fine, you should see

I have so much trouble storing wooden stamps..I dont have the shelf to show them...

Have fun

okienurse said...

Congrats on getting the iPad2. I hear it is awesome! I would like to hear more about how you build your cards and why you decide to various things, ie sew or not, paper pierciing etc. Thanks Vickie

Dee in N.H. said...

Oh my, no help from me with the Ipad, too high tech for me! LOL! Your post looks great though. Glad to see you are normal with the work mess! LOL! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Everything showed up and the post looks great so I think you've got at least that part figured out. My desk has been looking like that for a long time now; either I have time to stamp or clean up.... so I stamp! Best wishes with's either great or just so annoying. Hopefully it's the first for you!
Beth Greco

kendell said...

Your new toy has produced a great entry on your blog. I love seeing all the projects you do. My table can get worst than yours. I love the stamps you have on offer, I'm afraid I don't have any like them. Your cards always look great so is there any secrets as to how you get everything matching etc. Thanks Kindest regards kendell

Larisa said...

very nice photo of your desk))) I wish I was there ))) Sometimes I am really upset I have just a few scrap materials and I have nothing to show on Wednesday.. ))) Love your blog!
Hugs. Larisa. xx

Karen McAlpine said...

Good job! I have been having one of those crazy kind of weeks too. My space was a total mess... I finished up an order of 35 all occasion cards and had to jump right into DT stuff. And, been having troble with internet browsers. Whew! I could really use some candy. I love all the Stampavie designs. Would like to see how you store scraps. I try to keep mine to one basket and sort by color in folders. Thanks

ednamburgess said...

What a desk! Looks a little like mine. LOL Can't seem to work and keep neat too. Oh well. Wish I could offer some advise on your new toy, but have trouble working my own. Thank heaven I have a nephew to help me out. Whatever subject you choose I'm for it. I guess picking paper and colors is my hardest challenge. Edna

Country Mouse said...

HI did a great job with your Ipad2. I have an Ipad (1) and just love it! My hubby bought it for me for my bday and it's my all time favorite toy!

I guess I'd like to see and hear about what inpires your creations. Like sketch ideas, what embellies to you ever get into ruts?!LOL

Thanks for the chance to win these 2 stamps!! They're really cute!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Stamp Storage! I feel burried as well, but I'm not ready to give them up yet, lol. I would also love to see any copic coloring tips you have. I can never get enough tips. Love this blog candy!!! I'm no help with new techno either, just keep playing with it and push a lot of buttons, lol.

Gail said...

Looks like to me you're handling your IPad pretty well.

I do love your stories about your animals and they always show your love for your critters.

How about an article on your favorites tools, stamps, etc?

Di said...

Hi Michelle, your desk looks perfectly normal....your post came out fine using the look great at this end. Guess I have to jump on the bandwagon and say stamp organization/storage as well...always a problem here, never enough room! Thanks for offering this great blog candy, as well.

NinaN said...

Ooooh, I have been coveting that Explorer stamp! I would like to see your paper storage. Have you shown that yet?

Carol Dee said...

That is a messy workspace? I am too embarresed to show you mine! Love the chance for some sweet new stamps, thanks...

Heidi Brawley said...

AWE your desk looks fine!!! messy is creative!!! lol I have had WAY messier then that! lol lol
How do you store your Designer Paper?
Have a great day!!!
~Heid Brawley

Terrie said...

ok, the fact that you can post to your blog on the ipad is one more resason why I want one so very badly... congrats your post looks great on my winxp desktop ancient dell computer. :) I always like seeing your craft space, how about critter storage -- my pups so want to be in my craft room but my entire room looks like your desk so often that there is no floor space and they hang in the hallway. happy crafting Terrie

Tracy said...

Hi Michelle,
I think you covered most angles for storage, and they are good ideas too, but i'm interested in how do you catagorise your stamps in there storage, I started to store mine by topic but then did some in brands e.g. Sarah Kay, now I can't make up my mind which way to do them.

I love the stamps you have on for a candy, thanks for a chance to win.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says - good luck with your new "toy". The post and pics look fine to me.

BethW said...

You know me-the more animals the better-but even thought most are minis I think you'd have a hard time fitting them in your space.I'd like to see something about how you take your pictures.The pictures of your cards are always so good!

Peachy Wessels said...

New toys are fun, but not when you have a deadline! Who would think that it would take so long just to get up and running! Well, that is technology for us. No wonder that I hate opening up the boxes on new things! I don't see any difference in your pictures and it is nice to see that others have messy desks too! Good luck!

Rufus said...

You think that's a messy desk??? Oh my, I'm NEVER showing you what mine looks like right now! I think that your pictures look quit normal, but then I wouldn't know a thing about your new toy, but they tell me that once you figure it out they are actually easier! Love that Sara Kay stamp. Thanks for the chance at it
Good look with your new toy!

Ardilla said...

Oh, I like your desk, it looks great to work and having all near at the hand :)

Have a great week!

Tkat said...

lol technology!!! :p love it and hate it! :p good luck with ur new toy ;)

thanks for the chance at ur candy :)

Jannette said...

Have fun with your new toy. I have to say my desk looks a lot like yours right now. LOL. It's just what happens when I'm working on a project. Thanks for a chance at some great candy.


Heidi said...

Even if your desk is messy it doesnt matter: it still looks like lots of fun Michelle- besides, what good is it if you have the wonderful spot and don't use it.

As for what would be nice to see: well I am going to say storage of bling, scrap papers. Maybe a little "spot" on your favorite tool, or some "reviews" on new tools/products you get.

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