Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Sarah Kay Lantern -

Yesterday it was my turn to post on the Stampavie DT Blog - I just had to share it here too you know!

Hello – today I have a project to show you that has NO paper involved. While shopping last week, I found this inexpensive lantern on a sale rack… for some reason filling the glass windows with Sarah Kay’s popped in to my little head. And I love how it came out in real life. (Things in my head do not always come to life as I see them)
Now how did I do this? I love Letraset’s Safmat Self-Adhesive Printing Film! Have you see this stuff before? Totally cool – a transparent film that is ink jet printable! I colored 4 Sarah Kay images, scanned them into my computer, resized to the same sizes as the pieces of glass in the lantern, printed and stuck them to the glass… that is it!! Super Simple and a totally personalized Lantern. Now I must say here… I am not planning on lighting up the candle inside “in real life”. I think I am actually going to hang this lantern in the window of my craft room and just let the light glow through. I did light the candle for the photos.. and it is gorgeous, but I have a fear of lit candles in my house. A cat and three dogs, and the word fire comes to mind. So I will let the sun do my lighting. But here are more photos with the glow of the candle.

On these two sides I used Precious Moments and Isabelle with Puppy Coco.

The front and other side are Juliet in the field of Nasturtiums and First Kiss.

Here is the lantern with all the lights off….

Lately I have been looking at my stamps in a different light… pun intended.. LOL  – Our favorite images do not always have to be the same size on the same papers. We can do all sorts of things with them – Do  you use your stamps in different ways? Let us know!

Hugs and!


Maryann said...

WAUW this is sooo gorgeous Michelle. I just sooo LOVE, what you´ve done here. It´s simply an outstanding job done here.
I have used my stamps for many different things over the years, f.ex. on clocks and boxes very often and in different wallhangings and minialbums, so Iuse them in many different ways, and have also often stamoed the images and either enlatgd or reduced their sizes, if they didn´tfit too well as they were.
You did an awesome job here and I just love it.

Craftyanny said...

oh wow Michelle I'm gobsmacked!!!
Love this, it's stunning and as you say so personal. A fabulous piece of crafting.
You'll need to look out for those small battery operated candles to use
Anne x

Anonymous said...

WOW! Your lantern is probably the most beautiful creation I have seen. It is awesome with those adorable images. You are so very creative..
Thanks for sharing with us. I need to look for this film paper you used. Never heard of it. But after seeing this beautiful creation, I'm sure I'll remember the name..


Jane said...

Oh Michele hun this is just incredible!! What a fabulous idea - I'll have to look into that Letraset stuff!! hugs, Jane x

Judi said...


Judi x

Kittie said...

This is fantastic, Michelle. Get battery operated candles to put in the lantern. I am so impressed.

Chrissy said...

Stunning, just beautiful. Love the images, what a fabulous idea.

Carol Dee said...

This turned out beautiful :) I know my images in my head do not always work IRL !!!
I saw where you can use your rubber stamps to make impressions on sugar cookies before baking. Did something like that years ago.
I have stamped and colored on shrink plastic and made charms. With the right ink you can stamp on fabric. I saw some real cute onsies.
Have a terrific Thursday. Hugs...

Marilyn said...

Fab-U-Lous Michelle! Very clever and creative and so, so perfect!

Ida said...

Wow this is beautiful. I agree with those who suggested the Battery lighted candles for a safe glow.

Martinas Welt said...

Oh my God Michelle...this is absolutly breath-taking!!!!! One of the best things made I have ever seen on Blogs!!!! Fantastic!!!

Country Mouse said...

Wow!! This is so beautiful! Instead of using a candle you could use those little tea lights that run on a battery. I've seen those used...much safer. :)

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh wow, this is fabulous.

TA Carbone said...

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this. Wish I could find things like this and the birdhouse you did. We don't have a Joann's like you have, ours is a tiny store with material anf sewing machines only. Your amazing.


Rufus said...

What a clever idea! This is lovely, and as somebody else has said you could put one of those battery operated tea lights in it, that way you could enjoy it without worry. Very creative and soooo pretty!

Toucan Scraps said...


Toucan Scraps said...

Michelle, have you (or anyone you know) tried putting the samfat directly onto a wide candle for a "stamping on candle" style.

Paul @ Letraset said...

It give such a great effect! Thanks so much for sharing this Michelle :)