Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Me and My Space - Unmounted Stamps Storage REVISTED

Hi - I went through all the comments from a couple of weeks ago to see what you want to see me show off an talk about with my "Me and My Space". Seems like many have asked about Unmounted Stamp Storage. I have showed my storage before HERE But let me review it, and go into more detail.

I use these plastic boxes called Card Keepers - I believe they are Iris brand. I got them at Office Depot. Now... sadly they have gotten nearly impossible to find. But any box that you love will work - this system is made to work around the storage you like, whether plastic or paper boxes. Even those really cute inexpensive photo storage boxes would work really well. These boxes work for me, they stack, and they hold a TON of stamps. This is 6 of my 12 boxes that I have stamps in. YEP... 12... I know I have a million stamps. I store them by brand -  depending on brand... I get more detailed. Stampavie I do by artist, Magnolia.. is a mess. Just as I get them one in front of the other, they need to be better organized. Brands I have a lot of like Alota Rubber Stamps, they are by subject matter - holidays and such. I have 4 boxes of Alota, so going through those to find a stamp would be crazy if they weren't somewhat sorted. Love those Alota stamps :0) Then companies that I don't have a whole box for, they are sorted by brand with in the box by company name.
 Here you can see I label the sides of the boxes for what is in them.
 These boxes are wonderful because they come with plastic dividers, but if your box doesn't dividers are easy to make. And honestly... these are not so pretty. LOL
 So this one box is my Stampavie 2008-2009 stamps. Each artist in their divided slot. Now how do I put the stamps within these slots?
I created laminated pieces that fit perfectly into the boxes. Now I used cheap card stock, left overs from years ago of scrapbooking. After I measured to find the perfect size, I went out and looked at laminating machines. Yes, there are more than one of these machines. And after looking at the office supply stores, and then at the craft stores. I went with the Purple Cow Laminator from Hobby Lobby. For a few reasons. ONE - it was only 69.99... 50% off so I got it for $35.00 - TWO - it is a super easy to use laminator. Not a million buttons. Plug in, heats up light goes green when ready to go. I got my first Lamination sheets from Hobby Lobby as well - again 50% - but my last I got a big box of them at an office store while on sale. They all work. If you don't need many Hobby Lobby is cheap when they are on sale, if you need a bunch - go for the larger boxes of them.

Oh and you can also see... I love my stamps, they are used, and many are stained - but they keep on working. They are durable!!

I love this system for my clear and unmounted rubber stamps.  Here is the inside of one of my Magnolia boxes, you can see this system works great with EZ mounted rubber as well as the clear stamps.
OH... and here is another little hint. I love to mask my stamps when creating scenes. But if I am going to take the time to create the mask... I am going to save it!
So I take all my masks and I keep them in the top of the box, makes for fast work next time I want to create a scene!

My personal item for the week... I thought I would share a special piece that sits on one of the wall shelves above my desk.

When I met Hubby... he worked with his father, as a wood carver. They did amazing birds - from antique decoys to realistic bird carvings. This bird is one of the last that his father made.
Hubby had to get out of the "work" to get a job that paid our bills. That was nearly 25 years ago... many bills ago and a lot less animals to work with. He does amazing work, but with his list of "have to do's" he doesn't have any time to do fun work. any spare time is spent fishing you know :0) - I hope one day he will pick it back up and go back to his art. This one is special to both of us though, I loved it as soon as I saw it in his fathers work area.... it had to come home with me and be a part of my creative space.

Have a wonderful day!
HUGS and -


Tinchen said...

Eine tolle Idee von Dir die ganzen Stempel in diesen Boxen zu ordnen.
Meine paar befinden sich in Alben,denn bei mir sind es noch wenige Stempel die ich besitze,bin ja Anfänger.

LG Tinchen

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I love the bird, it is really beautiful. I think the way you store your stamps is very helpful. If I have some spare time I will start this kind of storage as well as my stamps grow out of the current box (become a little too much addicted). The use of laminated sheets is a very good idea; have lots of old cardstock and a laminating machine, so now only find time to clean up the mess. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Holland

Dee in N.H. said...

What a great piece that duck is! Gorgeous! Love your storage idea with the laminated sheets in the boxes!!

Carol Dee said...

I am still organizing my stamps. Love those boxes for cling stamps. Will loook for some.
Your FIL's duck is precious. My DH just took up woodcarving. 1st project was a very life like Mallard decoy . I was pretty amazed!

Gail said...

Great storage idea regarding unmounted stamps. I've got some of those boxes, but have been using to save the cards I make (easier to transport to craft sales) and to store cut card stock.

I keep my Magnolia stamps in the photo boxes and in the same bags as when I purchased them. I marked the stamps name and keep them in alphabethical order.

Country Mouse said...

Wow! What a great system, and what a great collection!!! :) I thought of you yesterday when I visited with some minature ponies. The papa pony suddenly gave me his back, I knew what that meant. I jumped back as he tried to kick me with his short legs. Lil' stinker!LOL

Maryann said...

Oh my god, and I thought, I had many stamps here? ha ha ha. But I sure do love the way you store them, and as I have both a laminator and lots of old cardstock, I just have to find some suitable boxes now and get on woth the project here. Thanks so ,uch for istening to what we asked for earlier. I really like this a lot. have a wonderful day dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike! I just did this in the studio for my stamps. I love my laminator! (even if i do work for purple cows.)

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike! I just did this in the studio for my stamps. I love my laminator! (even if i do work for purple cows.)

Jade Graham said...

I forget what all I have in it. Every so often, I clean off the work bench on which it sits and rearrange the drawers and their contents to be more intuitive, Plastic Divider