Saturday, June 14, 2008

Donkey Day!

I have no card for today, I spent the entire evening cleaning and reorganizing my stuff. I work out of about 1/3 of our bedroom. I actually need the entire room with the quantity of "supplies" that I own. Hubby has the plans drawn up for an addition to our room that will be a craft room for me, but it has been postponed hopefully only a year. And it was getting impossible to work on my desk due to the piles, so I will spend the weekend cleaning and organizing.. yuck, rather be stamping! But I will be happier when it is done.

I have had a few request for some donkey photos.... yes NanaBeth here they are! =) I went out early this morning and snapped a few photos of the donkeys while hubby was watering and feeding. The lighting wasn't the best, it was early and the sun wasn't very high yet, but I did get a few decent shots.
First is what I am calling the Breakfast Bar.... This is Macey, Patti, Darlene and Jazz all lined up enjoying a new bale of Hay. If you listen really close you might hear some really good Donkey gossip ----
Then I caught the kids playing off to the side of the hay. Lina and Lola really do get along great and play pretty hard sometimes. This morning is was just some light "horsing" around.
Then I went to the younger pen, and found everyone just coming into the hay area to say good morning. This is JoJo and Bella . JoJo is a really dark faced little donkey, super sweet and very greedy for attention. Bella is also a really loving Donkey that has actually been a little moody lately. Hormones are really getting the best of her, as she is very pregnant. And being a first time Mom she isn't quite for sure how to handle all the things going on. JoJo is pregnant too, just not as far along.
Then I went to our third pen, this is Fancy Pants. She is really a funny Donkey... a trouble maker sometimes, but super sweet to people. She may be named Fancy Pants, but she wears the pants with what ever group she is with. So much so that she will not let any of the Jacks breed the girls, and she has a problem getting pregnant herself. We don't know if it is physical or if it is just the fact that she will not let the Jack do his business. We keep thinking she needs to be sold as a pet for someone, but we just haven't been able to actually sell her. I know ... too much heart, not enough business.
Well I hope you enjoyed a Donkey Day - and I hope to have my area done this by Sunday so next week I can get back to some fun stuff! Oh and for those that have asked and sent well wishes, my Sister came through great and was home last night. I am going to visit and take dinner over tonight. Have a great Saturday!
Hugs and -


Suzanne said...

What a great post to come back too all your gorgeous Donkeys.Haven't got time to comment on all the posts I have missed but I have had a quick look and they are all great as usual. Sue :o)

Ila said...

Great photos the "breakfast bar"!
I am due for one of these cleanings too....There are things in my small space that I simply can't find..many
Have a Great Weekend!!

Shary said...

Thanks for putting up the photos. They are fantastic. I love Lina & Lola, so cute.

ink'n'rubba said...

thanks so much for sharing the pics of the donkeys, those babies are so fluffy and cute!

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

What wonderful photo's of your cute donkey family. You will feel so much better once your craft area is tidy and like you find it hard as I don't really have a designated craft room. Hopefully someday we can have an extension too. Hugs, Nikki x

NanaBeth said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I had to go to Internet Explorer to see all the pictures but it was worth it! I'm completely in love with Fancy Pants.

Frances said...

Fab photos Michelle! Love the brekky bar and Fancy Pants sure does look like she's up to no good!

Godelieve said...

Thanks for sharing these fab pictures!!

TA Carbone said...

Michelle have any of these donkeys given birth yet? It sure looks like Patti and Darlene were ready to drop

I just love these pictures and your blog