Saturday, May 30, 2009

And we still wait....

Well Vicki really put us on alert this week... but then decided that she didn't want to have the baby yet. So everything is back to "normal" until she decides she is ready... Gotta love Donkeys they make sure we stay on their rules!

How about this handsome man... Black Jack. One of our studs - he really is a gorgeous donkey, in his older age he has a few "war" wounds from doing his "job". You can see a few of the scuffs on his face. He has more on his chest - I am going to try and get in there this weekend and do some brushing on him to remove some of his sun faded matted winter fur, he likes getting brushed unless one of the other donkeys come up and then it just isn't cool... I guess it isn't manly...
This is a photo from Black Jack's youth... he was a show donkey for a while - see I told you he is a handsome dude... Look at that black color - what a stud. He really does produce wonderful babies..... so handsome.

Cheyenne was enjoying some of the new grass coming up from the rain we had last week. It is so wonderful to see things growing and green! It has been so long! You can see she is starting to get pretty wide herself... but she has at least two or three months yet. She carries her babies better than Macie or Vicki... but she is a little bit larger donkey with longer legs.
Lacey is looking so good, and is really a good Momma this time. She does allow Cali to have lots of room and run the pen on her own... guess she feels safe with everyone in the pen. But when she is ready for Cali to settle down... she snorts and stomps her foot, then a unhappy Cali returns to her Mom.
And you knew I had to show another photo of Cali... she loves to have her photo taken... she really likes close ups... well she moves towards the camera anyway.... she is so pretty. Even the neighbor commented this week how funny she looks running the pen and how independent she is, and really a stunning donkey out there. I didn't show the full body photo of her... Mom needs to clean her up first - she was a "mess".... babies just lay down wherever they feel like it, even if it isn't where you are suppose to lay down.

This is how I found Libbie when I came back into her yard. Look at that concentration! She is really into bugs right now. Forget her getting to business when I take her out after dark - the June bugs have come in and it is just more than she can handle... she forgets what she is out there to do and chases and barks at bugs. Here she had some sort of beetle that was moving really slow in the grass... she stayed like this forever.
This is when I finally got her attention... I think I yelled "Libbie" about 20 or 30 times before she looked up...... too funny!
I think it is getting time for some Candy... so this week I'll be posting something - I am getting really close to that 75,000 mark... so I want to put something good together.
Hope you have a great Saturday!
HUGS and-


retiredheather said...

Cali looks so perfect! Love Libby's concentration our dogs do that as well...I used to wish some of my students would do the same thing with their school work!

christina d said...

Love the donkeys. Libby has gotten even cuter, if that was possible. Can't wait to see what you do next.

ribenaruby said...

Beautiful pics, thank you for sharing!

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

Once again, Thank you for sharing these wonderful babies with us. Cali is GORGEOUS. I just love that furry face and soft furry looking ears. Yes, Black Jack is such a hanndsome dude. I can see why he was a show donkey in his youth, stunning boy. And Libbie, LOVE that look of concentration. I can just imagine what she was thinking watching that bug, LOL. Man, Animals are so much fun :) Have a great weekend Michelle. Oh yeah, can't wait to see what the candy is, how exciting, like Christmas.

ms.cheryl said...

YES MAM that is one FINE stud.he cleans up well as they say. I miss all that frisky snorting and running in the mornings. I had to stop with my horses, arthritis took all the fun out of it.
I gave you a vote yesterday, got my fingers crossed for us both. enjoy your weekend, ms.cheryl

Linda w said...

Thank you for sharing all of these pictures of your babies, old and young. How long is a mommy donkey pregnant anyway? Just curious.

thanks much

TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle thanks for these updates. You can't imagine how I look forward to them and after having a couple of rough depressing days your pictures and story at least put a smile on my face


Ila said...

Fabulous photos Michelle!!...I always enjoy the donkey pics...and Libby reminds me of Buddy the way she is so focused here. Buddy loves to watch the birds...and he is very quiet...whereas otherwise he barks at anything and everyone!!...Hugs, Ila

Donalda said...

Oh just love the photo's dear. Well hopefully soon you will be having another little one around. So love the Sat Posts.
You have also uploaded some gorgeous cards since my last visit dear just love them all. Still working long hours and 6 days so am still being a bad blogger. Hugs dear

NanaBeth said...

Cali is the prima donna for sure and Libbie just keeps on getting cuter and cuter. You are blessed.