Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hangin 10 with Surfer Ian!

Yes, today is day two of sneak peeks from The Greeting Farm and Club Anya! And today we are out in the ocean Hangin 10 Dude! Meet Surfer Ian - he is a dreamy or what?

Now when I saw Surfer Ian I knew I had this one piece of paper - and was so excited about using it! How perfect is it!!! But then panic set in - if I cut it to put it on a card I don't think the "wave" would look like a wave anymore - just wouldn't have the feel.... So I stared at it for a few days - now that really didn't help but I just couldn't cut the paper up. Just about when I was getting to a point where I could wait no more - I looked up and saw this file box sitting on my shelf. I have used this box to hold misc. stamps that I don't use very often. I have been cleaning out these boxes and giving them away and putting all my stamps in my plastic boxes. Well I have one box left - this one. The pattern paper was just a bit to large... but WOW there was my wave box. So I put this together and once done was so happy I hadn't cut that paper! Now what it will be used for now I don't know, I may give it to my nephew - I don't make many "boy" things -
It was hard to not put lots of embellishments on this - but I kept telling myself that it was for a guy - and that the wave and Surfer Ian was the focus. I used a really cool metal ribbon for the bottom border - On the lid there is dark blue card stock - that I punched the bottom with a scalloped border, the ribbon reads "wish you were here" then I cut out the Words "Hangin' 10 Dude" with my Slice and the new Teen cartridge. I was dying to put some big Hawaiian flowers and stuff on it but Hubby stopped me and said no.... LOL

You just must visit Club Anya and see some of the other DT's Handsome Surfer Ian... REALLY CUTE! And pop back tomorrow here... one more Sneak peek and I just LOVE this one - I soooo wish I could give you a hint today - but I would get my hand slapped LOL... so just come back please!!!

Air Conditioner update...wasn't good news... yep we need a new unit, inside and out - sigh! Told Hubby I may have to have a Craft Sell and clean out my stuff to help out with the cost! I am not going to craft without A/C... much less sleep - Thing is he didn't laugh when I said that, I am just going to let "the joke" go right now, as I was kidding... LOL!

Donkey update: Vicki is still very wide.. so we wait for her, Lacey and Cali are doing wonderful! She is an adorable little one and just too sweet. And Rosie is doing SO much better this week, the meds are working again! We took in Alfalfa last night for that pen, she was feeling so much better and happy to see the bag of fresh green alfalfa that she spun around bucking and snorting until Dad got it out for them - was thrilling to see!

Hope you have a great Wednesday -

HUGS and-


Janna said...

Oh I am so glad you did not cut this paper!!!!!! It is awesome and totally amazing!!! You are a genius! I would have never have thought of this idea but it turned out incredible!!!!! The coolest card ever and I think we all have a little crush on Mr. Ian! LOL!

Sorry to hear about the air conditioner! That is awful! But definitely a neceisity and I can't wait to see the new donkey's when they come!


dawnmarieg said...

This is just fantastic Michelle, how well does that paper go with the stamp. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

the whimsical butterfly said...

This is so adorable, Michelle! I'm glad you didnt cut the paper too! Your nephew will LOVE it! He is just such a little hottie, our surfer dude ;) Thanks so much for being such an awesome Guest DT member-you are so creative!!

I totally hear ya, too about embellies...I have the HARDEST time making boy cards w/out flowers, LOL!!!

WickedPixie said...

I love this! That full sheet of paper is just perfect! It looks like Ian caught the BIG dream wave that (I assume) all surfers are hoping for! :-) Traci

Nicola said...

Great idea. Love the box the paper was perfect for it.


jacque4u2c said...

This is beautiful! Your coloring and details are amazing!

Kelly Schelske said...

Fabulous Michelle, surfer Ian is fabulous!

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! I love that surfing dude and how perfect is he for here in Cornwall! mind you, it's quite a few years since I was in the waves, but I still enjoy a paddle in the Atlantic Ocean from time to time! hugs, annie x

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Talk about the perfect paper for an idea! This is just very cool.